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  1. I still consider patching weapon reloading to work as it is supposed to be.
  2. I believe we have it with PhP7.1 running.
  3. Watching old demo files can require old versions. Otherwise you can delete them.
  4. Type into server console, when you are connected to server: adminaddadmin yournickname 100 Then you can do rcon by entering in chat $anycommand Full rcon. Requirement is Steam client.
  5. Wasn't that only a command of Manuadminmod?
  6. Fraggy

    draw debug lines

    I would also not reproduce any results with that documentation. The command in the Wiki is wrong and has to be as the following: Line( <start>, <end>, <color (RGB)>, <alpha> ,<depthTest>, <duration> )
  7. Fraggy

    Bots mantle

    I assume it is something that happens usually on client side. No idea how this can be improved.
  8. From which map to which map this fails reliable? What mod should I have to fail?
  9. con_miniconlines dvar value is probably zero. Game crashes for me with that value.
  10. Crash reporter isn't showing up?
  11. Fraggy

    server crash

    7: ./cod4x18_dedrun() [0x818f8c4] TeleportPlayer 6: ./cod4x18_dedrun() [0x819112d] G_ClientStopUsingTurret 5: ./cod4x18_dedrun() [0x819001c] turret_think_client 4: ./cod4x18_dedrun() [0x81ebe84] ClientEndFrame 3: ./cod4x18_dedrun() [0x81b4b1e] G_RunFrame Well this is a very old error it seems. I am not sure if I can ever fix it. I have added assert statements for debugging purposes found in BlackOps code. It seems like even InfinityWards/Treyarch knew about this issue.
  12. You have installed something weird? Like cracked Steam? Or cracked Steam games?
  13. Fraggy

    draw debug lines

    Maybe the duration isn't long enough? It worked for me at least when I implemented it.
  14. Fraggy

    Steam 1.8 Install?

    Cod4x will replace the original iw3mp.exe when it is altered. (1.8 iw3mp.exe getting overwritten)
  15. Well @wkuzmawkuzma is not first saying it works in Windows 7. I can also say it works in Windows 8.1. I have a few days ago checked the import table of the updater but no special DLLs needed. So I have written already: I am in need of having remote control (Teamviewer etc.) over any affected system. My systems update fine and also the systems of my friends. I can not do much about it with the informations you are providing here. I don't know if crashing means that the Windows error reporter getting called or maybe something else? Maybe at which installation step it does crash? So please give more informations.
  16. I think this is entirely my own decision how I want to do that. Why I am doing it like this is 1.: Because it is not necessary 2.: Because having a compatibility mode for all old server versions does inflate the game code unnecessary and it will make maintaining the code much harder. That why it will stay like this: New version means players must update and it means servers must update too. I don't care if you like it or dislike it.
  17. Old version does not show up either without getting an unlimited Steam account.
  18. Install latest version of CoD4x server and you are good to go. Old servers aren't supposed to exist now.
  19. Have you tried to reset the config files in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Callofduty4mw\profiles I found out the error comes out of the miniconsole updating routine. I assume here an illegal value for a dvar controlling behaviour of the console.
  20. Sorry but there is no way I believe.
  21. Fraggy

    draw debug lines
  22. Fraggy

    draw debug lines

    I think the last parameter says for how many frames the line gets drawn.
  23. Only Windows servers getting debug builds. There is a mistake in automatic build system and I took the files from there unfortunately. Linux servers getting unofficial but still normal builds. Both servers can't/won't autoupdate until there is version 20.0 released. I have updated the Windows build on this website with a proper version. Sorry for this inconveniences.