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  1. Seta does write the cvar to config file.
  2. Don't believe anyone can help you with your files. To disable make Sec_Update() empty.
  3. Keycode authorization was completely removed at time Activision was not restarting their crashed keycode-authorize server for 2 months.
  4. Filtered password protected server?
  5. Hey, there is possible one argument of the sendto() function bad. But I have no idea. Debugging that is difficult.
  6. I don't know your server. So there is nothing I can tell you about your server.
  7. I am sorry but we are unable to help you with your issue. Just powerdown PC without any dumpfiles is not possible to debug for us.
  8. Edit start command-line and add the argument: +set r_mode 800x600
  9. You need to have pexports installed into your mingw.
  10. Mingw-w64 but 32-bit compiler About NASM idk but I guess both work
  11. You are missing a file called libcom_plugin.a or you are with linking to it -Icom_plugin File gets created when you compile cod4x server.
  12. There is compiler and linker. Compiler cares about your header files. The linker does not. To be successful with the linker you need to point it to the files containing the unresolved symbols.
  13. Looks like your CoD4 is singleplayer only. Missing iw3mp.exe
  14. So you get any dumpfiles? Just Google for "dumpfile Windows"
  15. Well I can not say much to it. I have never heard about this. You run cod4 as administrator? Don't do this. It is not needed. If you have Steam installed, stop it before starting cod4. Can you play CoD4 on 1.7 servers? Can you play CoD4 when you start over the "Play CoD4 v1.7" shortcut located in your cod4 directory? And last but not least, getting any dumpfiles generated before your pc reboots? If not it sounds almost like Hardware-Fail.
  16. There exists an IP whitelist which contains IP addresses of servers which appeared to play nice when we released that token requirement update. This whitelist exists only for convenience. However when we see server IPs which do not play very nice we also remove them from this whitelist. On the IP address we have seen clients which where permanently connected in spectator just to make other players think this server has more players than there are in reality. So now you have to add a token for this servers and use a server-version supported for the upgraded masterserver protocol. Build 2055 is too old. Note: Also an account can be blocked.
  17. What is your Windows version? You get a blue screen or what? A usermode application like CoD4 should never be able to crash and reboot your PC. If this happens you have some other serious problem. Such a problem could be a bad device driver. Maybe examine your kernel crash dump file for the kernel module causing it.
  18. Exceeding images is no problem. But materials is. Problem is the material index is coded as 11 bit-fields in a 64bit variable. Other bits are used for something else. So it does crash when render tries to draw the higher numbered materials.
  19. Any errors in your serverlogfile?
  20. Put this attached one into your CoD4 folder. I have no idea why it isn't working automatically. iw3mp.exe