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  1. Then you have to remove your fake Steamclient installation before you can play. Take a look at the following registry hive: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Valve\steam Cod4 x is checking for its presence.
  2. No idea, did you deny the attempt in Windows firewall? The error you see can only show up when you run Steam client. But as you say you don’t have official Steam installed you are dealing with a fake Steam installation here. I can’t help here.
  3. Then you have a cracked Steam client or a cracked game that behaves as it is Steam. The problem is not coming from CoD4.
  4. You have an official Steam installation and you are running this installation?
  5. Carrier Grade PAT was also my next thought when you said it still doesn’t work after port forwarding. I guess you can be glad that you have got a internet routeable IP address at all from your ISP without trouble.
  6. Unless you have some smart scanning algorithm, that won’t work. The function will unlikely have the same address on next update.
  7. Older version of CoD4X was fine? You have www downloads turned on?
  8. You have some fake Steam client installation?
  9. Well you tried to use that function as it is supposed to work. But you can use this function only on pages where you have write access to. However this is not the case for your function hook. Try to use the function to add a script command to override the iprintlnbold function.
  10. Fraggy

    xbox 360 controller

    Well some sort of aim assist would come for the controller players in case that will ever be added.
  11. Fraggy

    xbox 360 controller

    And I don’t own such hardware either, so that why I didn’t made such support.
  12. Maybe this will help you: g_votedMapName = Cvar_RegisterString("g_votedMapName", "", 0, "Contains the voted mapname"); g_votedGametype = Cvar_RegisterString("g_votedGametype", "", 0, "Contains the voted gametype"); g_voteTime = Cvar_RegisterInt("g_voteTime", 30, 10, 90, 0, "Duration a called vote is active"); g_voteBanTime = Cvar_RegisterInt("g_voteBanTime", 15, 1, 240, 0, "Duration a player is banned after successful votekick"); g_voteMaxVotes = Cvar_RegisterInt("g_voteMaxVotes", 2, 1, 10, 0, "How many votes a player can call"); g_voteVoteGametypes = Cvar_RegisterString("g_voteVoteGametypes", "", 0, "Contains a list of gametypes that are allowed to vote. Empty list = all"); g_voteKickMinPlayers = Cvar_RegisterInt("g_voteKickMinPlayers", 5, 0, 14, 0, "How many active players are needed on server to allow calling a kickvote"); g_voteAllowMaprotate = Cvar_RegisterBool("g_voteAllowMaprotate", qtrue, 0, "Allow calling map_rotate votes"); g_voteAllowKick = Cvar_RegisterBool("g_voteAllowKick", qtrue, 0, "Allow calling kick votes"); g_voteAllowGametype = Cvar_RegisterBool("g_voteAllowGametype", qtrue, 0, "Allow calling gametype votes"); g_voteAllowMap = Cvar_RegisterInt("g_voteAllowMap", 1, 0, 2, 0, "Allow calling next map setting votes - 0=disabled, 1=only from rotation, 2=Any map"); g_voteAllowRestart = Cvar_RegisterBool("g_voteAllowRestart", qtrue, 0, "Allow calling map restart votes");
  13. Thanks for reporting this. That shall be fixed with next update - whenever that comes. Problem was actually here:
  14. I assume you have to run & login to Steam to get an ID on the server.
  15. What error do you get when you run it as a non administrator?
  16. Okay thanks for reporting this. I have a fix for it now, but it needs a client and a server update.
  17. Use adminaddadmin from server's console first.
  18. I am not willing to share this algorithm. Use some on your side generated token. You could send and read it over the userinfo configstring. Starting the game with the commandline parameter +setu mytokenvar "mytokenishere" works hopefully. On serverside "dumpuser" command can be used to explore if that was working. To read userinfo there is a script function or you can read it with a server plugin.
  19. They have home made .iwd files. It is not happening to all russian players.
  20. Won't help you for too long. With version 20.0 you have to update as you should know in meantime.
  21. Hey MAD_DAD you are saying that most players getting kicked off on a map change? That seems weird to me. Are you also getting kicked on a map change? Are you willing to investigate it with me?
  22. When you do that in safe mode it the file gets updated but as soon as you switch to standard operation mode the old iw3mp.exe gets somehow restored? That is very strange what is happening there.
  23. All iwd files are closed and associated memory is freed on FS_Restart(). When you see the line FS_Startup this has already been done. Well no clue how the server does crash. Replacing iwd file in operation can be an issue as server could have a file opened inside the iwd file or wants to open/read one such file from iwd. fastfiles are kinda loaded in memory and not read from disk after this. Iwd files are not residing as whole in memory but the zip directory will be in memory.
  24. I am confused. You are running it on a virtualized computer and there it works but not native on your PC or what want you to say?
  25. It it weird, since all operations done are tested if they fail. But since you don't get any errors it seems like all operations did succeed. Do have maybe some "security" software installed that could place the original version of iw3mp.exe back into place. Or running the software in a sandbox virtualized environment?