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  1. Looks like your CoD4 is singleplayer only. Missing iw3mp.exe
  2. So you get any dumpfiles? Just Google for "dumpfile Windows"
  3. Well I can not say much to it. I have never heard about this. You run cod4 as administrator? Don't do this. It is not needed. If you have Steam installed, stop it before starting cod4. Can you play CoD4 on 1.7 servers? Can you play CoD4 when you start over the "Play CoD4 v1.7" shortcut located in your cod4 directory? And last but not least, getting any dumpfiles generated before your pc reboots? If not it sounds almost like Hardware-Fail.
  4. There exists an IP whitelist which contains IP addresses of servers which appeared to play nice when we released that token requirement update. This whitelist exists only for convenience. However when we see server IPs which do not play very nice we also remove them from this whitelist. On the IP address we have seen clients which where permanently connected in spectator just to make other players think this server has more players than there are in reality. So now you have to add a token for this servers and use a server-version supported for the upgraded masterserver protocol. Build 2055 is too old. Note: Also an account can be blocked.
  5. What is your Windows version? You get a blue screen or what? A usermode application like CoD4 should never be able to crash and reboot your PC. If this happens you have some other serious problem. Such a problem could be a bad device driver. Maybe examine your kernel crash dump file for the kernel module causing it.
  6. Exceeding images is no problem. But materials is. Problem is the material index is coded as 11 bit-fields in a 64bit variable. Other bits are used for something else. So it does crash when render tries to draw the higher numbered materials.
  7. Any errors in your serverlogfile?
  8. Put this attached one into your CoD4 folder. I have no idea why it isn't working automatically. iw3mp.exe
  9. Then it must be something different. Not sure yet.
  10. Possible they added a file compare check before start. However I can still start it as usual from Steam. Try to go to your CoD4 folder likely in C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty 4 And run iw3mp.exe manually by double clicking it. If it does not work try to right click and run as admin. If this worked quit CoD4 and run without admin rights.
  11. First time I heard this. Do you have a Steam CoD4 installation? Do you start CoD4 from Steam? This error could happen due to the following reasons: #1 iw3mp.exe can not be written. However I wonder there is no dedicated error message. #2 Something (Maybe Steam) is keep replacing iw3mp.exe with its other version. iw3mp.exe must be patched for the following reasons: If you got Steam 1.8 we need to downgrade it to 1.7 If you have 1.7 we have to set a flag so CoD4 can use more RAM to prevent out of memory related errors.
  12. Hello, I repaired it. Ty for reporting.
  13. In some cases the automatic installation of CoD4X18 fails or the automatic updatebackend is not available. You have to do the following to install the CoDX18 Client manually: [No support for Mac OS X] How to install it? Go to then scroll down to Downloads and click on "Windows Client". Follow install instructions from here:
  14. In meantime we dropped the 18 from our name because people just got confused after the Steamupdate. It is now only called cod4x. 17.9 is latest version atm.
  15. CoD4 linux binary with hitbox/bullet debugging. How to use it: Add to servers commandline this option: +set cvar_cheats 1 Once map is loaded insert into server console or rcon: g_debugBullets 2 2 = bullets & box 1 = only bullets g_debugBullets has to be enabled after every new map or fastrestart again. Attached only Linux, for Windows you need to compile github source. To view the debug stuff you have to enter into your gameclient console: developer 1 Make high framerate video when it fails with the box enabled. _od4x18.dedrun
  16. Nope, this bug was Linux only. If you have issues then they come from another source. On Linux it does emulate the Win32 API and here was a defect. But on Windows you have native Win32 API. As you have Windows, it looks like this bugfix does not fix hitreg then.
  17. I am not so sure about that one. However I really hope you are right. Anyway the bug should be fixed on official github. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
  18. What has this commit in common with bad hit-reg? They are 2 totally different things.
  19. If you come across this issue on your own server set g_antilag 0 and let me know if it still fails so bad. Does it happen after a specific connected duration? Does it happen after a specific server up-time?
  20. what is your profile URL?
  21. did you create a steam community profile?
  22. Old client version will not work either. It will crash on access to this high numbered materials.
  23. Limit is not going to be raised. Too difficult without the sourcecode of client.
  24. I am certain I deleted this functionality.