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  1. So you are saying I need only latest source code from GitHub, compile it, run server with a mod + custom map and I will run into this problem when I download it?
  2. There is no download link because the plug-in gets shipped with CoD4X server. Just use loadplugin nehoscreenshotuploader About using it check webserverupload directory.
  3. I can imagine that installing Steam will fix that issue as well. Should still work when you uninstall it again I believe.
  4. You have to delete the reference to steamclient.dll in registry or delete the associated program.
  5. Was probably a problem with Steam servers self. As that does not happen regularly it is not something I would worry about.
  6. Then you have to remove your fake Steamclient installation before you can play. Take a look at the following registry hive: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Valve\steam Cod4 x is checking for its presence.
  7. No idea, did you deny the attempt in Windows firewall? The error you see can only show up when you run Steam client. But as you say you don’t have official Steam installed you are dealing with a fake Steam installation here. I can’t help here.
  8. Then you have a cracked Steam client or a cracked game that behaves as it is Steam. The problem is not coming from CoD4.
  9. You have an official Steam installation and you are running this installation?
  10. Carrier Grade PAT was also my next thought when you said it still doesn’t work after port forwarding. I guess you can be glad that you have got a internet routeable IP address at all from your ISP without trouble.
  11. Unless you have some smart scanning algorithm, that won’t work. The function will unlikely have the same address on next update.
  12. Older version of CoD4X was fine? You have www downloads turned on?
  13. You have some fake Steam client installation?
  14. Well you tried to use that function as it is supposed to work. But you can use this function only on pages where you have write access to. However this is not the case for your function hook. Try to use the function to add a script command to override the iprintlnbold function.
  15. Fraggy

    xbox 360 controller

    Well some sort of aim assist would come for the controller players in case that will ever be added.