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  1. Fraggy

    snapshot failed

    Not having any answer for that, sorry.
  2. When CoD4X screenshots was something new, one out of fifty had a legit black screenshot (just an eastimate). The black screenshots you see today frequently as you say are cheats with few exceptions. But you can not know what are the exceptions and what not.
  3. Whaaaaat? Hajas, Format your harddisk. Reinstall Windows. Install CoD4 1.7. Install CoD4X without joining any server. Start a listen server without a mod. Check your FOV.
  4. I don’t know then. The Did you know hints needed at least the above named command.
  5. It is broken + he is not first one noticing it.
  6. Lag started without you making any change to the server? Then we have lowered your servers performance magically? I doubt that, even with client updates.
  7. Are you using the command "SelectStringTableEntryInDvar" ? If yes we disabled this one as it allowed players cheating.
  8. Fraggy

    hacker problem

    Ehhhmmm, I guess we don't wanna get some of your DDoS attacks on our servers. So we better stay incognito.
  9. Punkbuster is not protecting you from any cheaters. Punkbuster is discontinued. Even if that seems to work for you, it does no longer protect anything after pb-masterservers were shutdown.
  10. We didn’t change anything in code to increase the CPU load. Have you ever considered that your CPU could have become weaker? On shared hosting (VPS etc.) this is always possible.
  11. Fraggy

    hacker problem

    I am not caring about your problems even a bit, rAKy.
  12. Isn’t shellshock already terrible enough?
  13. For some developing stuff you can load raw files only I believe. That is set with the dvar. I doubt that is even working in CoD4X server. Probably not practical too.
  14. It is not impossible to fix that fastfiles. Procedure is like this: Remove Iwff100 header, inflate the stream, find the 32-Bit number that appears to have roughly the length of the full stream (I think it was the first DWORD of the stream), lower the number represented by the DWORD by 8 and deflate the stream again. Readd the iwff100 header.
  15. Interesting reading, thank you. It reflects kinda what I was thinking for a long time already about cheating in CoD4 X. Yes initially when I brought in quite some counter cheating facilities, game seemed to be pretty clean of cheaters. But nowadays everything is bypassed. A new (real) anti cheat is still a work in progress. However I lack motivation for the recent months. That why this project is kinda stalled. Everything else is stalled as well since the anti cheat has first priority. Shooting 1 player in 1 hit is probably not possible, however I assume you can combine a lot of bullets into a ultra short burst.