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  1. Why is stupid forum not working?
  2. Fraggy

    Hitch Warning on Status

    Helicopter crash is fixed. Just download again as you did before.
  3. Fraggy

    cod4x doesnt run up

    Well we are unable to know why this is happening because it is just freezing but not crashing. If you like me looking onto your PC with Teamviewer (onto which I also have to install a debugger then), I could likely learn what this is and maybe solve it. Send me your Steam or Discord in a private message if you want me looking onto it.
  4. Is that Mac OS X? Then we are very sorry.
  5. Fraggy

    Trying to uninstall 1.8

    Running cod4x-uninstall.exe located in your cod4 folder.
  6. Fraggy

    weird bots on server?

    Server won't add any bots unless you call addtestclient() from script. Otherwise they are possible fake-players?
  7. Fraggy

    token issues

    Any errors in server console?
  8. Fraggy

    CL_CGameNeedsServerCommand Problem

    I think it happens without trashy mods.
  9. Fraggy

    CL_CGameNeedsServerCommand Problem

    Is it a menu? When yes tell me more about it.
  10. Fraggy

    Hitch Warning on Status

    When you are able to compile the code hosted on Github it is going to be solved for you.
  11. Fraggy

    Needed to allocate at least 4096.0MB load images

    Client I believe. But it does not show for everyone? There is at least one software bug. Because the number is looking bad.
  12. Fraggy

    Lagometer turned yellow after reinstalling

    g_antilag should be turned on when you play with players having ping above 25ms. When it is turned off players have to predict where the opponent is right now onto the server and aim to the prediction spot but not onto the player self. This is very annoying to do. About the yellow lagometer - well I have made a mistake which cause it turned yellow. However that is only cosmetically.
  13. Fraggy

    COD4X Server Versions + Download past releases

    Too much content in Cvars. There is only 1MByte space to store data in Cvars.
  14. Fraggy

    mp_strike_2 release

    Unfortunately it is not possible the exceed material count.