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  1. Hackers

    We don't know.
  2. error

    Then this bug occurs when someone installs and then uninstalls Steam?
  3. error

    @SzzzMK47 You are very sure Steam is not installed onto your PC and never had been?
  4. error

    Update does not matter really. Either it doesn't work at all or it works. In this case there has something in code gone wrong.
  5. error

    @SzzzMK47 is there any way to contact you outside this forum? (No slow emails)
  6. error

    Weird! I can play with Steam and without Steam. No such timeouts coming up.
  7. error

    Running Steam and not running Steam - anything different between this two?
  8. eorror

    is that a officially released binary?
  9. adminremoveadmin

    Well the admindatabase isn't checked when a player invokes a command. It gets only checked when he connects. Maybe that command should also update all active players but it isn't implemented atm.
  10. adminremoveadmin

    Kicking him off should be sufficient.
  11. steam update

    Because we used an unofficial interface for setting in-mod status and proper gamename. A feature which was gone long time ago but some stuff remained. That why it didn't work.
  12. Out of Game Screenshots

    Well actually you need to ask the user for his permission so you can screenshot him. You didn't know?
  13. Screen bug after install cod4x

    Screenshots? Never seen that.
  14. open port 28961

    Well then you did whitelist your port 28960 also somehow in firewall. So you should know how to do it.
  15. Possible the code hosted right now on Github is far less stable than the last binary release we have made.