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  1. Problem is the limited address space of 2Gigabyte is cluttered up with too many memory fragments. If you have loaded overlays into the game it makes things even worse. 64Bit games don't have this issue.
  2. pml220 with final killcam impairs hit registration

    First of all the script runtime wait implementation is bugged and can only work for 20 fps. This lets your scripts running faster than they are supposed to do. Second the client side interpolation delay is hardcoded to 100ms. So assuming you send 60 snapshots per second. The client will still do the full 100ms interpolation and ignore new snapshots until 100ms are over. Or it does update the target frame with latest snapshot which does result in chopping movement feeling. CS:GO on the other hand does automatically interpolate from the 3rd recent frame to the last received frame if you did not change settings. I recommend here to set only 2nd recent frame since you can see thing earlier then and it doesn't feel bad. CoD4 could be patched but I did not do so far.
  3. pml220 with final killcam impairs hit registration

    Where do you see 4ms? I think 4ms are needed to run the game for 1 frame and sending the new snapshots. The other 46ms server is waiting for incoming commands from clients and processing them. So it just sleeps or does process network packets.
  4. pml220 with final killcam impairs hit registration

    No script errors happening with your configuration? When the player damaged callback does return script errors I could imagine this can happen.
  5. deathrun duffman _mapvote.gsc

    Well that is outside of any function and shouldn't work. You mean you call it from within above function? Maybe you call your votescript from somewhere else too? The above function should indeed only execute on game end.
  6. deathrun duffman _mapvote.gsc

    How to understand you? You are saying when players have connected to new map and the match is about to start they get greeted with the map vote?
  7. Unloading plugin functionality

    Hell wipe that feature. Doesn't matter what others are saying. But it just asks for undefined behavior.
  8. Plugin compile error

    I guess you compile as AMD64 code. But i686 compatible code is required.
  9. my game is not responding

    Well because it has worked before it must be something you have changed on your system. What could it be? Windows Update: I doubt it unless many more will confirm to have the same issue. Video card driver update: Same as above. You installed a software which does inject a DLL file into the cod4 process and cause trouble: Likely. Software like PlaysTV, Overwolf, Razer Cortex etc. Your config got messed up (possible by a gameserver): Very likely especially on the background cod4 1.7 works. How to reset config? Go to folder %LOCALAPPDATA%\CallofDuty4MW\players within your players folder you should find a config_mp.cfg or similar name. Backup that file and then delete it from your folder.
  10. CoD MW3

    Possible maybe. Depends on if you can use the appid of an unreleased Steam game or not. As long as it is unreleased (No store page and whatever exists) Valve will not check out what you are doing I assume. Is kinda poker playing. The big big big problem however is: The guy who has the appid (Valve wants some identity proof) is likely also going to be sued by Activision whenever ATVI feels like that. However I can see the FiveM name still works. So should investigate to do the old way again.
  11. server cod4x not showing in master list

    Well you need to obtain the .iwd and .ff files from 1.7. Maybe from here? If you got a 1.7 cod4 server you can download cod4x server files from here and install them.
  12. Battalion 1944 Current Status Discussion

    22 players online? Hmm last time I was looking it was 200 peak players at least. In my friend list I have one of those still playing. Whatever glad I'm looking for a while how popularity goes down before I buy new games.
  13. Dumb IDEA of battle royal mode.

    Well without a proper map it is useless. The map you have there has to be at least 5 times the length and width to take it serious.
  14. Talking about what is north-west from India. Which does not mean you can do what you want. But of course this is something that doesn't give the impression law is applied fair. If something is forbidden by law and you do it anyway you are always in the risk of getting charges, even when your own government offices breaks it. So you don't get legal safety just by doing something others are doing. Iraq is a good example where you can probably do it. They did not sign any international copyright treaty