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  1. Fraggy

    dedrun error

    Mods? Missing zone files?
  2. What is the "ExecClientCommand" trick? I don't know about it. Only such stuff I have seen is sharing rcon passwords with clients. Well I assume exec() sends the input to Cbuf_AddText() - everything else would be too risky. And that command text gets executed when server calls next time Cbuf_Execute(), which is after Virtual machine is done with current frame and before next frame Virtual Machine gets called. Should be obvious it does not work as you expect. waittill endframe is inevitable.
  3. Fraggy

    COD4 base game

    You need the base game. The base game needs to be updated to version 1.7. You have to install the updates 1.6 and 1.7. When cod4 1.7 is working you can install cod4x
  4. How are you reading a config? I believe it is something you can not do in cod4 1.7
  5. There is no such feature. Just leave them alone when they think they need to play CoD4 on electronic waste. Would be, annoying to have a server which does limit the fps below the monitor update rate.
  6. Well we need to blacklist the knownduplicated playerids. Your insight will probably not help us too much. The authsystem is flawed. And I was aware about it from the start when I implemented it. I don't have any better solution. A better solution would require a device driver every player has to install. I doubt many are happy to do that, just to get identified on a gameserver. Also I don't wanna bother with creating device drivers either plus I would not get it signed anyway. So I have no proper solution regarding using the computers hardware to identify someone. Having to deal with duplicated serial numbers makes the whole shit even harder.
  7. Yes seems like that. But it is just derived from the playerid. It is discouraged to use the playerid for anything else than onto the banlist. About server owners still doing that we can not help. Can you please go in game, open console, enter $ministatus and make a screenshot you send us? In case $ministatus is blocked then visit another server.
  8. Update: It won't be on this weekend.
  9. You have also restarted your PC? You are also really logged in into Steam?
  10. Your operating system is?
  11. +set dedicated 1 As a commandline option. In case this doesn't work file a bug report.
  12. @Hajas, I have created a brand new profile in CoD4 X and connected to this server: cod4:// I did not had any issue by connecting and joining. So what should I do now?
  13. Be aware that update to version 19.0 is coming soon, could be at the upcoming weekend, and will be mandatory to all server owners. The upcoming client will probably not be able to connect to older servers due to an incompatibility in the newer Steam authorization procedure. Server's Steam Appid will default to 7940 from now on (has been before 42750) and clients will use the same when a license is available. Server will accept Steam client authorization requests still for appid 42750. However older servers aren't able to accept connections for appid 7940. The pure server requirement will maybe going to be ditched for now or even forever. Make sure your server works with version 18.1.
  14. Well you are lucky enough Valve is not checking and validating every shit on their steam backend servers.
  15. He will be maybe happy with next update. But that requires that no old servers are active anymore, or it will throw steam auth errors.