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  1. Are you sure it doesn't crash right on startup of CoD4? From your crashdump it looks like it doesn't get over sound initialization.
  2. Crash Upon Startup

    Okay I examined your crashdump. For you the solution should be to just delete PunkBuster. Go to your C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Call of Duty 4 folder. Inside Call of Duty 4 folder is a folder called "pb". You just delete this "pb" folder. Then start CoD4 again and it should not crash.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    I just came across about this patch I have made about a year ago. I attempted to play C&C Zero Hour Multiplayer. However it was quite unplayable as my game scrolling speed was quite too fast. Also a lot of other things were too fast. To make the game playable for me decided to attempt to create a patch for this issue. I had success with making a patch. As it seems there is no patch for this issue(I did not find any at least) anywhere on the net I decided to share it here for anyone who has this timing error. File does likely contain no CD crap - don't blame me for it please.
  4. Crash Upon Startup

    Hi there, I would try to investigate this issue once I have time for it. However I will likely going to forget about it. Then just bump this topic again.
  5. Connection Interrupted once I join a server

    Maybe some kind of filtering does occur from his provider side? You could test it out maybe by using a VPN?
  6. Connection Interrupted once I join a server

    Possible you getting kicked off as soon as you join a server. But I don't know it either.
  7. Hide GSM Commands?

    B3Hide plugin has this command: rcon client_checkin clientnum level Use it for example with: rcon client_checkin 7 40 Here 7 is the current client number on server [0, 63] 40 is a permission level... This is only used for cvar b3HideLvl and has to be greater equal b3HideLvl You have to create a bit of code to send this command to server's rcon interface when an admin is present.
  8. COd4X BUG

    Glad you knew what it is. I had got no idea...
  9. Unknown how to auth client

    Unblock Activision's authorize server on your client firewall/PC whatever. Don't play with cracked iw3mp.exe
  10. The path for main_shared

    Always you different fs_homepath. There is no support at all for sharing the fs_homepath. When you have different fs_homepath you can put into both a main_shared directory.
  11. Hey, there are people who get mad if their b3 or gsm doesn't get the commands. However there exists a cvar to get "!" not getting ignored. Put this into your config: set g_disabledefcmdprefix 0
  12. Server address

    It is really trouble to do what with CoD4. Because your PC is most likely connected to the internet through something called "PAT" or incorrectly called as "NAT". CoD4 has no NAT hole punching abilities built in. So you need to manually setup port forwarding on your router. This doesn't work for many people now at all because many internet service providers have PAT nowadays far before your router and that is called CGNAT. You ip you can get from here for example: Checkout It is probably far easier to do so.
  13. Rcon Not Working

    Join your gameserver. Open console in cod4. Hold shift key when opening console. Enter "\rcon login yourpassword" Now test to execute "\rcon status" Do you see a playerlist? Or what do you see? If you get a playerlist use in B3 the same settings you used right now. The IP:Port is what it shows on lower right side at scoreboard.
  14. Well I have no idea. But you are aware when you are using "iptables" that there is a dedicated "ip6tables" ? If you don't manage to get it working put into your cod4 startupline +set net_ip6 ::1 This will at least prevent it getting advertised.