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  1. Check 20.2, fixed that you can't start listen server with a custom map.
  2. Can you share the script files of your mod? Can be sent in a private message. You won't be able to keep that state for many more hours.
  3. It is available again. Exactly and it is here now.
  4. Get this setting into your config: set r_rendererPreference 1
  5. Restart game about twice and it should work now unless you have very very old or low end hardware.
  6. Impossible without your support. If I had noticed such issues I had not released the update. Can you run your game with the following commandline parameters? +sysconsole +set r_mode 800x600 +set r_fullscreen 0 A blue colored console window will show, please post the content (screenshot here). Make sure to wait 1 minute before making the screenshot
  7. Well not several bugs, it is just one, although very old but now it seem to have more often negative effects.
  8. Not below 19.0 20.0 will come soon and it will be the newer lowest version then.
  9. Looks very weird, this issue. Not running Steam should stop this error from appearing entirely. Have you a proper valid genuine installation of Steam? If not it looks like you have installed a cracked game that is simulating Steam.
  10. Well maybe it is not what you are looking for. Try to zero it and see if that entity does still clip to anything. If yes then I assume such a thing does not exist.
  11. It is a bitfield called contents entities have which says to what they should clip.