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  1. What is printed in console on the serverside?
  2. Without the minidump we can not work
  3. That does only exist in your head. ^^ Will never get created.
  4. It does exec it from SV_Init() or something like that.
  5. There is no way around it as GameRanger does mess things up. You have to register your self as admin on both IDs or join always from gr/or direct.
  6. Sorry but it is not available.
  7. It must not be empty. Usually it gets filled up with details from a remote downloaded .cfg file you don't get. Maybe firewall port 443 is blocked? You could put this file into cod4 dir: But it is not a good solution as we could update the masterserver details.
  9. Server can crash, Client can crash, strange behaviour can appear. Other variables getting overwritten with weapon junk when you exceed the limit.
  10. That is messed up as well if I remember right. But nobody said anything.
  11. How about not using legacyguid mode? You are not supposed to use it unless you have a good reason for it.
  12. What is a customsave?
  13. Not anymore used and it was masterservers.txt. What is the value of cvar "sv_masterservers"? You can check it by typing into rcon console: \rcon sv_masterservers
  14. Next time I'm going to release an update (small or big). But I don't feel it is too urgent atm. as nobody even noticed it for so many years
  15. We have not blacklisted any servers at the moment. First see at if you server is maybe there. If not you have maybe a firewall configured to drop all traffic to/from remote TCP port 443