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  1. Sounds like you have maybe dead cod4x18_dedrun.exe processes without a window?
  2. Fraggy

    Error while joining any server Authorization

    But when you exit Steam it should work, or not?
  3. Fraggy

    i run my own server and it says "Key code in use"

    You have to get a proper license for your CoD4. It says your keycode is either invalid or used by someone else right now. More likely it is just invalid.
  4. Fraggy

    CoD4x older version for Windows However I doubt your lag issues are because of the new version. Finally you are forced to use the new version anyway later.
  5. Ik vind het leuk.
  6. Fraggy

    changing token

    It does not show on the website at all? Does it still send heartbeats from that address?
  7. Fraggy

    Error while joining any server Authorization

    Do you have some kind of cracked Steam installed?
  8. So it does not load the fastfile mod.ff? Have you tried to turn +set fs_game mods/ig_promod into +set fs_game mods\ig_promod Only use backslash? It is not supposed to change a thing. But who knows?
  9. Fraggy

    playerid changed the format ?

    set sv_usesteam64id 1 I have no idea why that has gone 0 for you.
  10. Fraggy

    playerid changed the format ?

    Hey we have not changed anything on that. Where does this id show?
  11. +set fs_game mods/ig_promod +exec server.cfg +g_gametype sd +map mp_crash +set dedicated 2 +set net_port "28963" +map_rotate +g_gametype sd has to be: +set g_gametype sd Why first +map mp_crash and then +map_rotate? You should use only one of them. So remove +map mp_crash
  12. Fraggy

    Voting on server bug

    Hello, I think that was a long long time ago changed so it will only set the next map. But to change to that map you need to vote: 1. Vote for map 2. Vote for change map to next map
  13. What is your command line? (Start options)
  14. Fraggy

    run error cod4x18_dedrun

    We asked if you have put the shipped msvcrt.dll into the cod4 directory. Replacing that file in system32 can likely brick your WinXP. But if it will brick it we do we not know until someone tried that.
  15. Fraggy

    tried to use player profile before it was set

    This is true. Loader can not be present after he reinstalled. Even not player profiles. So how does the reinstall procedure look like then?