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  1. There are always people on this world who wanna abuse something if they can.
  2. Will never get released for version 18.x And when it is done, it is done. So I can not tell you a ETA.
  3. Gameranger does not work with cod4x-player-ID generation
  4. +set r_reflectionProbeGenerate 1 maybe it does help you (dirty trick)
  5. I doubt that helps. I wonder what he is doing with his server to exceed the limit.
  6. Fraggy

    1.7 GUIDS

    Kick them when version is too low. Userinfo should contain a variable "xver" I believe.
  7. No idea. Try to close all other programs (Steam etc.), reset your config by erasing the config file from %Localappdata%\Callofduty4MW\player
  8. @wkuzma No clue as symbols are missing in the backtrace. Would have to open your server binary in IDA (interactive disassembled) and see how the symbols are named for this addresses. Possible it is still too hard to find out since it is within the disassembled code area - No C source code.
  9. Fraggy

    1.7 GUIDS

    This feature has been removed at the time when Activision's authentication server was for two months unavailable. It was expected that it stays offline forever.
  10. 'Play CoD4 v1.7' - don't join CoD4X servers? It won't work. You can only join 1.7 servers with it.
  11. Fraggy

    dedrun error

    Mods? Missing zone files?
  12. What is the "ExecClientCommand" trick? I don't know about it. Only such stuff I have seen is sharing rcon passwords with clients. Well I assume exec() sends the input to Cbuf_AddText() - everything else would be too risky. And that command text gets executed when server calls next time Cbuf_Execute(), which is after Virtual machine is done with current frame and before next frame Virtual Machine gets called. Should be obvious it does not work as you expect. waittill endframe is inevitable.
  13. Fraggy

    COD4 base game

    You need the base game. The base game needs to be updated to version 1.7. You have to install the updates 1.6 and 1.7. When cod4 1.7 is working you can install cod4x
  14. How are you reading a config? I believe it is something you can not do in cod4 1.7