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  1. open port 28961

    Well then you did whitelist your port 28960 also somehow in firewall. So you should know how to do it.
  2. Possible the code hosted right now on Github is far less stable than the last binary release we have made.
  3. open port 28961

    Can you explain that? Only firewalls can block ports. Or is it already in use? Commandline option? +set net_port 28961
  4. Get Player IP with scripts

    And so is games_mp.log And so are all the commands like "status", "dumpuser", whatever... serverstatus.xml file is an example what is intended for parsing. Even when we add more options to it you will be still manage to read it unless you parse it totally wrong.
  5. Hey, sorry for mentioning a "DemoPlaybackPack" and not providing it. I have attached a zip file. Extract it and drop the folder cod4x_016 into %LOCALAPPDATA%\CallofDuty4MW\bin
  6. Get Player IP with scripts

    And who cares for games_mp.log? You can find the ip addresses in qconsole.log and enterleave.log already. Finally I still doubt there is much use for this functionality. Not many using such modded GSManager or B3 like you. So that why this functionality is not going into main cod4x server.
  7. Get Player IP with scripts

    Hey, you have to create your own plugin for this. We believe there is only little use to retrieve player ip in game scripts.
  8. GeoIP DB w/ cities

    1. There is also a .c file. Also our version is not 100% the original maxmind library. 2. You can replace script functions on runtime. 3. Most likely 4. Idk

    Maybe it had started to work again indeed on its own. Anyway since the PHP build in mail feature stopped working I assume hosters fault.

    What is wrong with our page?
  11. GeoIP DB w/ cities

    I think this stuff exists longer than the plugin system.
  12. Crash backtrace just telling it happens when calling the script function to spawn a player. Also the crashing function is within Activisions code we don't have.
  13. Server not listed in ServerList

    Not true anymore. However I don't understand the purpose for a firewall on Linux compared to Windows. Also Activision masterserver can sometimes discard servers even when they are fully working.
  14. B3 latest fix for cod4x

    Not anymore needed when using later version of b3 hide plugin.
  15. How to get the power of a client via slot

    To make sv_auth.c independent of server.h? I don't know it.