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  1. Depends if that issue was present in CoD4 for Mac OS X. Loading of large fastfiles was addressed however.
  2. That seem to be weird. Because the RAW mouseinput is something new and I was believing it would cause it.
  3. Have you mixed game languages?
  4. We added raw mouse input. Maybe you enabled this?
  5. Possible the server owner switched the option g_antilag off.
  6. You have to when you changed your server IP address.
  7. Fraggy

    generic GUID?

    Screenshot please?
  8. I wonder how this two files have made its way into your CoD4 folder. 😆
  9. You can manually delete this registry hive: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Valve\steam Because there is some use for it. One is to authenticate on servers to get some extra permissions on them. And we don’t have to care about “cracked” software that does mess up your pc. I am not aware about one single case. Blame the crack developers and not us for their way how they are doing this.
  10. The cracked Steam games register a fake Steam installation inside your Windows registry database. This fake Steam installation is recognized as Steam by the game. But your fake Steam installation does obviously not provide proper authentication mechanisms. That why you have the issues now. When you would look with an external tool which lists all loaded modules (DLL files) are appearing in the cod4 process, there would be one of your cracked games be listed. Why it worked like in the video?: because Steam integration was broken in 19.0.
  11. I have done something that could have impact after first fast_restart. But as you say it is already starting at the end first round, it can not be that. If your scripts are depending on execution time, then it is something you have to fix.
  12. I strongly assume you installed some „cracked“ Steam games in meantime. That is likely your problem you are facing right now. No Steam installed, no Steam auth errors. That is the logic. As you are getting that error you have to ask your self what you could have done. What others have recommended you would have this issue fixed however.