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  1. q3config_server.cfg

    set password "" does indeed not work from ingame chat rcon. You have to use something extern like HLSW. set g_password '' does maybe work from in game but not extern.
  2. I wanted to have a feature so everyone can rate servers in hope that such servers as you mention get a poor rating. But it is too much work...
  3. The mentioned plugin will ignore sv_legacyguidemode completely.
  4. 1. Don't use "sv_legacyguidmode 1" 2. put into server.cfg a line: loadplugin b3hide 3. open and edit guidlength to be 12 instead 32

    Steam-overlay is off?
  6. Gameranger Server closed connection.

    Buggy GR-server or banned.
  7. com_hunkmegs

    We don't understand.
  8. Things

    Nope we don't know. Check your console messages.
  9. Cod4x bug can't ban anyone

    You are aware legacybanlist is read only?
  10. cod4 demo player not working properly

    There is no possibility to override this. Sorry. But I agree there should be an ability.
  11. Ban

    He didn't even mention the server. However we don't really care about miss abusing server admins here.
  12. Connection Interrupted once I join a server

    With CoD4 1.7 there are no such problems?
  13. List of all members from client structure

    Look in the plugin header files for client_t structure definition.
  14. Can't join servers.

    Does he even have CoD4x? He didn't mention.

    Go to and book a server. No other easy way for CoD4 unfortunately.