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  1. b3 plugins

    It doesn't let you play as ghost obviously. The sourcebans plugin got this functionality. But there is no other way beside making a cod4x plugin doing that.
  2. cod4x client installation help

    He has probably the steam version installed.
  3. Linker_PC.exe Error

    No solution yet. But maybe something in future.
  4. New protocol ?

    Go to server list in game and join "1.7 Downgrade server". Refresh multiple times if that does not show up.
  5. Custom Rank Shaders

    Maybe CoDWaW or CoD BlackOps? I don't know. But most likely a new CoD edition.
  6. First of all TRIPS also protects the "control flow" of a program. With renaming stuff (names are usually not present in final binary anyway) it is not done. Well yes that was the last thing I had some interest into. But I didn't had the time to check it really out yet. But since they got some big founding I think this could improve over future time. Finally as I said I would be more interested in CS:GO like behaviour than CoD4. But CS:GO has also the bad vector add (which does not normalize vectors before adding) if I am not wrong. "since the movements are based on the quake and id tech 3 physics modules" CoD4 uses this physic engine at least in small parts: Quake3 has no such engine.
  7. Well yes I remember you. You also wanted to get CoD4 client sourcecode for educational purpose which you did not got. Thank you for your apology. (Wasn't nice what you did there but let's not talk about it anymore) Just few things: First of all I plan to stop doing much more developement in CoD4 X18 and with it's code for the following reason: Everything which is disassembled, decompiled or reverse engineered is still (c) by Activision Inc. This basically prevents to reuse any of its code for any purpose without getting into serious legal trouble. Developing a new game maybe. But it will be more CS:GO like then. Not based on UE4, CryEngine or Unity because they come with shitty license conditions. Finally I am really busy for another 2 weeks and have little time only. You can send me a private message after 2 weeks if you like.
  8. Then they write the value directly where the the value is stored. Or they just patch the code which does evaluate the cvar value. Actually you can even edit the cvar name after the cvar is registered. Which does make any edits on iw3mp.exe unnecessary. Here it would indeed only help to have an address table of cvars.
  9. Well the problem is we have no anticheat which allows cheaters to almost hack what they want to. And since the CoD4 X on its own is also hacked into iw3mp.exe it is kinda difficult to achieve reliable checksumming since the resulting checksum on the players pc does dynamically change with the load address of cod4 x library.
  10. Error: Couldn't resolve(IPv6)

    Maybe you have CGNAT. Do in linux shell: "traceroute" Or on Windows: "tracert" Post trace log. Then I'm maybe able to tell you if you have CGNAT.
  11. Muting players

    This feature exists only in the SourceBans system and plugin. Was implemented to make the features of Sourceban working.
  12. Well I have no idea. All we can do is to workout together what problem is. But atm. I have not much time at all.
  13. There are few servers in Steam CoD4 version which are able to downgrade your game to 1.7/1.8X version. Servers on ip address are safe to use to install CoD4 X.
  14. error

    Does it happen on all CoD4 X servers?