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  1. i wrong to use tethering...i means tearing. Currently i disabled the vertical sync from game settings and run at 91fps....if i active that tearing effect fell increase
  2. Hello i see some tethering on computer is Rx560 4gb and ryzen1400; My game settings: i have the game in italian, so i hope that can understand what there is write anyway 😅 my radeon settings are : when i play the single player it is fluid to play, with vertical synchronization it also works well...but when i play multiplayer with vertical synchronization i see more lags....
  3. sorry i wrong to write cod mw2 but i wos refering to cod4. In the past i played the cod4x version of the game but i remember maybe for mistake that wos arrived at 18.XX version of the game. But why when i used my savedate of the game it don't recognizes and let me start from level 0 ? I used aso the same code key of the game when i installed, the same used to generete savedate
  4. Hello :) I instal cod mw2 on a new computer but i need help becouse i remember in the past i wos playing cod4mw with cod4x while now i have only 17 versione.
  5. becouse if i don't remember wrong also in the past i get a ban on this server...for same reason (no reason ! ) however, that same evening I saw that they also banned other players for no reason ... however, they were not very strong and I managed to go behind him and kill easy 5 players at time ...maybe that wos a reason there is also write ! ------- sometimes we play a game together?
  6. Hi, yesterday I was playing on this server here: but they give me a ban, first time don't wos permanent but second time wos permanent...i don't understand why ! i wos playing fair,no camp wos using AK-47 suppressor first time i ask why when i back and he tell me "maybe you camp" but don't wos real,i'm a good normal player with experience in this game becouse i play since 2007 so i do 7 straight kills witout dead...but wos clear that i don't wos cheating these things make me mad
  7. understand, at the end i solved changing key code in settings witout lost game stats.
  8. but i don't play with cheat,probably i never played on then of server where the ban message is showed is it: sorry but i don't perfect understand english...
  9. If i change my keys i will lost my game statistics, then I'm not even sure that changing the game code also changes the guid, are you sure about that ? since I use the same generator that use thousands of people it is likely that I take another game code that has received bans on some servers or i wrong ?
  10. sorry i wrong to post on this sections my cod version is then below : i try using "CoD4fakeguidloader" but don't work oìn my version, i read it work only on 1.7 and now you also say that is good only for original version ; If i change my keys i will lost my game statistics, then I'm not even sure that changing the game code also changes the guid.
  11. Hello I would know if is possible change the guid of cod4 to avoid this ban : i don't cheat. i know that in the past there wos a programm called "CoD4fakeguidloader" that allow you to chage guid easly, but i tried and it don't work on my least version of the game... i found that on this discussion they are talking about that:
  12. but on steam version i immagine that you can go inside any servers and will not be show the message "you have been banned for this reason" ?
  13. on Internet ATVI list are showed also servers from CoD4x ? on some servers are showed messages like that: but i never do something wrong maybe is becouse i use a cracked version of game with a cracked serial used by some other person. ----- It's always bad for me found servers with modification of colors like that: i love the original .
  14. Hello today I wanted to play a game but I found that there are fewer online is possible see here: there are "only" 531 servers available past i remember more than 800. i'm using this version of the game, the least one i think: and i don't found anymore online a server of my favourite "german server" now is only showed the ip and no the name : I should update something ?
  15. Rosssiiii

    COD 5 WW

    so if I had version 1.0 of the game,I could see more server in the list compared to those I see now ? in this case, is there a way to do a downgrade ?