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  1. That did the trick with my existing config.cfg file!!! Thank you wkuzma! I added the code and it works perfectly.
  2. Perfect. Unfortunately, if I replace the .cfg file, I will lose my ManuAdmin Mod. Will the code work if I add it after the manu code in the .cfg file (noob question...sorry)?
  3. That information would help...My apologies. It's Leiizko's New Experience mod.
  4. I was hoping someone could help me modify the end-of-game gametype vote order. I would like to swap the positions of WAR and DM (see attached picture). I've been into the globallogic as well as the mapvote GSX files but have not found the code that dictates the order of appearance. When no one is playing on the server, I would like the default game to be DM when the next map is created and not WAR.
  5. I just added the "Disable perks" script shared by {cool.G} ingre It works GREAT!
  6. Thank you for posting this link. It works GREAT. I made some small modifications but it does the job well.
  7. NVIDIA added the new mods after I updated the server to cod4x. He's also an admin on the server.
  8. Thanks to NVIDIA, my new COD4x server is up and running properly! Try it out and provide me feedback please.
  9. I just updated using COD4x auto update. I'm not sure what else you would like to see.
  10. Hello Everyone, I would love feedback on my server. I would like to add as many fun new options as possible. Can anyone help with Spawn Protection or Hacker Bans?