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  1. They are stored on an sqlite database created by MAM upon original startup many years ago. 🙂 As you have seen, I have my admin software, both b3 and MAM, on a separate Windows server.
  2. Same as b3 for the most part. statsstring = "^2Kills: ^7<KILLS> ^2DEATHS: ^7<DEATHS> ^2K/D: ^7<KPD> ^2ONLINE TIME: ^7<ONLINETIME> min ^2K/M: ^7<KPM> ^2HEADSHOTS: ^7<HEADSHOTS> ^2TEAMKILLS: ^7<TEAMKILLS>"
  3. Hello All, Does anyone know how to show a players stats upon entering the server when using Manu Admin Mod (MAM)? I know you can see them at any time by entering !stats but I would like them to automatically show when joining as part of the welcome message.
  4. Tried that but the error still remains.
  5. Does anyone have a fix for the following geowelcome python error: Error loading plugin geolocation' Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\b3\b3\parser.py", line 673, in loadPlugins pluginModule = self.pluginImport(plugin_name, plugins['path']) File "C:\b3\b3\parser.py", line 759, in pluginImport return imp.load_module(name, fp, pathname, description) File "C:\b3\b3\extplugins\geolocation\__init__.py", line 35, in <module> from .geolocators import FreeGeoIpGeolocator File "C:\b3\b3\extplugins\geolocation\geolocators.py", line 30, in <module> import requests ImportError: No module named requests 211108 16:26:16 BOT 'Loading Plugin #10 geowelcome [c:\\b3\\b3\\extplugins\\conf\\geowelcome.xml]' 211108 16:26:16 INFO 'geowelcome is not a built-in plugin (No module named geowelcome)' 211108 16:26:16 INFO 'trying external plugin directory : C:\\b3\\b3\\extplugins' 211108 16:26:16 ERROR 'Error loading plugin geowelcome' Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\b3\b3\parser.py", line 673, in loadPlugins pluginModule = self.pluginImport(plugin_name, plugins['path']) File "C:\b3\b3\parser.py", line 759, in pluginImport return imp.load_module(name, fp, pathname, description) File "C:\b3\b3\extplugins\geowelcome\__init__.py", line 31, in <module> from b3.functions import getCmd ImportError: cannot import name getCmd All other plugins load successfully.
  6. This problem has been solved. All references to any modified weapons need to be removed from the ALL *.GSC files in the bots folder. If the bots use a modified weapon, the server will crash.
  7. It's BotWarfare with the Viking add on for custom named bots (Attached). If I change the code, for example, level.bots_fullautoguns["mp44"] = true; to level.bots_fullautoguns["mp44"] = false;, the bots will not get the custom weapon upon start but they do acquire them during play when the custom weapon gets dropped by a player. I haven't found the code to fix that. _bot.gsc _bot_internal.gsc _bot_script.gsc _bot_utility.gsc _botnames.gsc
  8. My apologies. The code works fine. For some reason, when I used FTP to update the AFK code, it added unnecessary code to the end of my_afk_camp_time++; I manually deleted the code and replaced it as above and it works perfectly! Thank you again.
  9. The following line is causing a server crash: if(distance == 0 && !self hasSniper()) { my_afk_camp_time++; Any suggestions? I GREATLY appreciate your help with this! Thanks.
  10. The following is my current AFK code: afk_camp_watcher() { self endon("death"); self endon("disconnect"); self endon("joined_spectators"); self endon("game_ended"); my_afk_camp_time = 0; have_i_been_warned = false; camp_time = 20; while( 1 ) { old_position = self.origin; old_angles = self.angles; wait 1; new_position = self.origin; new_angles = self.angles; distance = distance2d( old_position, new_position ); if( distance == 0 ) { my_afk_camp_time++; } else { my_afk_camp_time = 0; have_i_been_warned = false; } if( my_afk_camp_time == camp_time && !have_i_been_warned ) { self IprintLnBold("^1Anti-Camp Software ^7Initiated"); self IprintLnBold("^710 seconds to move!"); have_i_been_warned = true; } if( my_afk_camp_time == ( camp_time + 10 ) && have_i_been_warned ) { self IprintLnBold("^7You will be moved to spectators for ^1AFK ^7/ ^1Camping^7!"); wait 2; self.sessionteam = "spectator"; self.sessionstate = "spectator"; self [[level.spawnSpectator]](); iPrintln("^3" +self.name + " ^7was moved to spectator by ^1Anti-Camp Software!"); } } } Adding the above from JeeNNN:] simply crashes the server.
  11. Does anyone have a simple way to have the standard AFK Anti Camp code from applying to players using sniper rifles?
  12. I've noticed that the _custom_map.gsc file can only contain approx. 15 custom map waypoints based on map size. After that, it wont load any more custom map waypoints (memory error). If you try to use the original pezbot waypoints (ex. mp_bo2carrier_waypoints.gsc) in the waypoint folder, botwarfare will not see the file and will not load the waypoints. It ONLY sees the _custom_map.gsc folder for custom waypoints. Does anyone know how to add unlimited waypoints when using Botwarfare?
  13. It's a "clean" crash and reboot meaning that there are no error codes associated with the crash. The server restarts normally after the crash.
  14. When utilizing both BOTs and custom weapons like the Honey Badger AR on my server, the server will eventually crash when a bot obtains a custom weapon and uses it. Does anyone know a fix for this bug? Is there a way I can force the bots to only use a handful of standard weapons? Thanks.
  15. BOTWarfare works great but make sure you have the Viking file so it works with the new COD4x version. I have attached the zip file for you. If you want to see them in action, my server is bots.zip