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  1. And it would be better if it will never come back...
  2. Then its probably that, cause I did set it with gsc, but it came back once round ended
  3. And is there some way(other than making for or while scripts) to disable dvar forcing
  4. It is okay, All I am trying to say that you(or whoever did this new update), did something that would force dvars. I don't want to be rude or anything.
  5. I used a version before that and it worked perfectly, I mean i don't really care,I will continue using the old version until you fix the forcing of dvars, But it is great to see that you don't really listen or care too much about your users
  6. Either I am blind or you are blind There is no in between
  7. anyways until you fix forcing of dvars I am returning to 17.5 version
  8. I put it to 0 and the next round it forces it back to 8
  9. I edited the comment and I didn't mean the version of the game but the version of the cod4x and it was 17.5 before. But tell me then why does it force bg_bobmax to 8 ?
  10. @dpj ffs, We put normal promod220 and had that bobbing issue, and you come and tell me that it's the mod problem?, on older version of cod4x was no bobbing. that means from now on we would have to create for or while scripts that would keep our dvars ... And I repeat: This was not an issue on 17.5 version of cod4x server.
  11. @Kingwolf Well, this is a forum to help people, Right? Cause, basically what you just said is "oh we will throw a dog an English book and hope he will be able to learn english from that" You gotta understand that some people need more explanation than other. If you understood that the first time you read the docs, well, I don't have anything more to say than good job. But to other people who don't know what even a script is, it will be pretty challenging to learn such things. Just remember the first cod4 server you created or first script you created. You probably didn't know what was wrong because you didn't know where to look for errors, or if you tried to edit mod.ff and realized after a lot of searching that you need to compile the mod.ff, okay then what is even compiling, what am I suppoused to do here. What are all these .menu files, what is mod.csv. etc.
  12. @dpj Oh. Thats pretty handy . There are bunch of usefull stuff like: CodeCallback_PlayerConnect(), CodeCallback_StartGameType(), But since I understand a lot of quake programing language it is probably easier for me to understand,the same goes for you. Theese people are new to scripting or running a server so you should probably make official cod4x video on how stuff works. Peace
  13. I've been looking at these posts about "main_shared" folder... I have been making promod servers for 3 to 4 years now and i have never heard of it. I always start my scripts in maps/mp/globallogic.gsc if its something about player like _welcome.gsc , or _afk.gsc or cmd.gsc u start it in the init() function if its something like votemap or finalkillcam you need to start it a bit later.
  14. Make a folder called "promod" and put this script in it. That should fix your problem. servercheck.gsc