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  1. today i saw a player without a guid , any one know whats going on here?
  2. Sorry for late reply,this is the code i used.hope u'll find a use for it //===================================== //simple team selecting script by P.os //===================================== //put this inside maps\mp\gametypes\ //thread this inside globallogic //thread maps\mp\gametypes\_teamChanger::init(); //use /connect;setu team <teamName> //posible values for teamName are attack,defence,axis,allies //have fun :) init() { level thread onPlayerConnect(); } onPlayerConnect() { for( ;; ) { level waittill( "connecting", player ); if( isdefined( player.pers["1stConnect"] ) ) return; player.pers["1stConnect"] = true; player thread teamChange(); } } teamChange() { userData = self getuserinfo("team"); if (userData == "axis" || userData == "allies" || userData == "attack" || userData == "defence") { team = "spectator"; switch (userData) { case "axis": team = "axis"; break; case "allies": team = "allies"; break; case "attack": team = "allies"; break; case "defence": team = "axis"; break; } self.pers["team"] = team; self.team = team; self.sessionteam = self.pers["team"]; self maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic::updateObjectiveText(); self maps\mp\gametypes\_spectating::setSpectatePermissions(); level waittill( "connected", player ); if (team == "allies") { self setclientdvar("g_scriptMainMenu", "changeclass_marines_mw"); self openMenu("changeclass_marines_mw"); } else { self setclientdvar("g_scriptMainMenu", "changeclass_opfor_mw"); self openMenu("changeclass_opfor_mw"); } self waittill( "spawned_player" ); self setclientdvar("g_scriptMainMenu", "class"); } }
  3. thank you for ur reply, its working!!
  4. im using cod4x_mysql plugin, i can use SELECT statement but when i try to use UPDATE or INSERT i get this error, ^1******* script runtime error ******* MySQL store error: (0) : (file 'tm/_mysql.gsc', line 92) mysql_query(handle, "UPDATE `test` SET `data`='145' WHERE `id` = '1'" ); * any one have a fix?
  5. connect and passwords are cvars right? if i add another string,would it be considered as a cvar?
  6. can we add custom arguments in /connect ? eg. /connect;password 123;team axis and read that argument in gsc and send the player directly to that team.
  7. if you are wondering how i did that, i added material,loadscreen_mp_crash to my mod.csv,
  8. can someone tell me how to use loadscreen_mp_crash as a material in my menu item?