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  1. main thing is to let all players who using old versions or new versions of cod4x to join old cod4x server version you must enable this feature
  2. sorry i dont want to pay money to steam for adding server to servers list this why i tried to use old versions of cod4x
  3. Hello, some of players got problem while they joining the cod4x 1.7 version server with this error This server requires protocol version 17 Please restart CoD4 and see on main menu if a new update is available so maybe this command fix it ? set net_noipx "1" // Allow ONLY tcp/ip protocol, player/server communications i dont know if this the fix so im joining the server without problem because i got old version of cod4x and who got that protocol error using new cod4x version how to fix that to let all players join that server without errors
  4. to add a game server to cod4x list require steam
  5. cant remove the steam from the new cod4x versions ?
  6. when you know that steam making problems to cod4 game when admin want to put his server to server list then why you added that feature to cod4x ? i bought more than one game in steam and still cant take the token why is that thing ?
  7. how much should i pay for a game to get the token ?
  8. no one will pay money for adding server to servers list so this not good thing
  9. if i sent you steamid64 you can tell me how to fix it and take the cod4x token ?
  10. i bought a game in steam and tried to pay to cod4x steam but still its not giving me the token my account is unlimited and clean
  11. so paying money for the cod4x developers decision ? and they will remove the server from the servers list in the time they want ?
  12. why should server admins that not spamming masterserver to pay money for adding their server to a list ?
  13. if some of people spamming masterserver what the other server admins did to pay a money to add their servers to a masterserver while they are not spamming
  14. and why cod4x added steam ? to pay money for adding a server to a list ? why adding that feature and force server owner to pay for something that cod4x can remove
  15. its clean and unlimited account so from what is the problem ?