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  1. Can you help or tell me what I am doing wrong with getting it to work on my server? I have deleted the map from the server and redownloaded it to make sure filesizes matched up with my game and the server but I am still getting the same issue, the map just gets stuck in a download loop even though I have the map already downloaded, same name and same size. As I stated previously Crash 2 works flawlessly on the server, I just can't seem to get strike enabled
  2. Any idea why I am unable to test this on my server? mp_crash_2 works perfectly without a mod but when I try this one it gets stuck in a download loop, I delete the map upload and the fast redirect and then reuploaded it to test but still having same issue
  3. Hey, I am having some difficulty getting the anticamp script to work, keep crashing the server, I have followed the guide D4edalus suggested but I must be calling the function incorrectly or in the wrong area in the _globallogic Thanks again guys
  4. I was originally seeing Laravel but now it is completely blank What is meant to be in APP_NAME and APP_URL? I tried adding you on Steam btw mate just incase you wonder who added you, I remember you guys from the mohaa days, not seen the clan in ages!
  5. Can anyone give me some help on this? I have installed composer then tried installing the standalone but I can't bring up anything on my url. I'm not sure where I'm going wrong as I have changed the database info (which connects when I do the php artisan migrate) as well as changing the APP_URL, APP_NAME which I think maybe the cause of my issue but I've spent the past couple of hours trying to fix. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Kicks

    Map Vote

    I shall give this a go, thanks again Leiizko
  7. I was wondering if there was a way to script or change (my knowledge on this is pretty limited and I have searched the forums for the answer) the map vote system at the end so that the current map that has just ended is not available to vote on just to prevent the same map being repeatedly played over and over in a row. Excellent mod btw and thanks in advance for any help or advise
  8. I'm very much interested in this, if I am reading and understand this correctly, will this just be for admins or will anyone be able to see who is spectating who or have I got this completely wrong? Keep up the good work on all these scripts guys.
  9. Putting it in the root directory along side cod4x18_dedrun worked perfectly for me, thanks for the help once again guys.
  10. I am having the same issue, I have downloaded the geoIP.dat for my server but I've clearly got it or pointed it onto the wrong folder
  11. You sir are an absolute genius, 3 months I have been trying to work a way round that issue. Can't thank you enough for the help.
  12. Hey all, I know I had originally posted this on the old forums (Great job on the new ones, looking very clean and fresh). But I am looking to setup a promod hardcore league with custom maps however the clans that are wanting to play in the league want the minimap enabled to see where they are going on the custom maps like it would be on softcore for example. I know someone had posted a code on the old forums which I now no longer have as I only got trying it a few times and was very much unsuccessful. Everytime I set the server to promod_match_hc_mr12 the minimap enables but it is also somehow on softcore mode. If someone can help me or point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate the help again and great job on continuing to update Cod4x and making the community better.