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  1. Noted with thanks. I know it late, but thanks nonetheless.
  2. Ok. Got it. Here are my map rotation settings set sv_mapRotation "gametype dom map mp_convoy map mp_backlot map mp_bloc map mp_bog map mp_countdown map mp_crash map mp_crash_snow map mp_crossfire map mp_citystreets map mp_farm map mp_overgrown map mp_pipeline map mp_shipment map mp_showdown map mp_strike map mp_vacant map mp_cargoship map mp_broadcast map mp_creek map mp_carentan map mp_killhouse"
  3. Im playing with BotWarfare. I would like to increase xp scaling function. Setting scr_xpscale doesnt work. Any advise? Thanks.
  4. I am hosting a dedicated server. How do I get the maps available? I want to configure sv_mapRotation Thanks.
  5. Where can I get client protocol 20? Server protocol 20 has been released 9 days ago?