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  1. @dpj well bro i am saying that i have 1.8 but i cant join any server, i am not hosting my own server! i just manually installed the 1.8 files and still cant connect to a epic people promod server due to can't download the mod of it! and yea allow downloading is set to yes
  2. Hey guys whenever i try to join a promod server or any other server which have a mod it cannot download the files but yea i can join original normal servers (which have no mods) it says: server attempted to begin download although there was still a download in progress i checked my hosts files and firewall too but its same plus i deleted that cod4 folder from "appdata/local" and deleted/uninstalled the game and then reinstalled but still the same thing plus i tried to join a v.1.8 server with 1.7 version of game and still it cannot download that "cod4i" which updates your game to 1.8 through server HELP PLEASE Sorry for shitty england! LOL
  3. wrong skype dude msg me on fb: fb.com/anees.khan1911
  4. brother can you help me on how to setup b3 for cod4x in ogp? i mean b3 in ogp
  5. @kecdpt hmm bro, btw i tried it on my wamp (localhost) and it worked :D, btw from where i can get screenshotsender plugin? i need compiled .so file, do you have it? if yes then pls give
  6. @kecdpt i mean i have cod4 cracked server v1.8, and i don't have cod4 original game on my steam, so what to do ?
  7. @kecdpt bro i created admin user successfully but when i login with my admin account, its dont login and dont even that GUEST status on top left dont change, plus when loggin in it does not give any error that user dont exist etc.!
  8. @wkuzma lol i done everything, but when i goto my site, i login with created admin account but there is not any option or a button to add server? can you help me please?
  9. i installed and fixed everything, but now how to add a serveR?
  10. And also another problem is, how can i compile that screenshot plugin? there is no .so file
  11. Anyone can help me please? i uploaded the cod4status and configured the mysql database successfully, but when i add a server, there is no server name and no player slots showing SS: