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    Server help

    wow with answers like that I certainly will not respond to your questions
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    b3 status problem maybe :/

    what your looking for to use !mag is a plugin for b3 called plugin_masteradmin you can find a copy here http://www.kab.iogcod4.com/viewtopic.php?f=249&t=5540
  3. how are you running it with the exe since there is no parsers directory in the exe version of b3 to put the cod4x parser? oh sorry miss-read the post its not you that is using the exe version of b3 that will never work with cod4x its mhdhassan034 using it he will have to install the phython version of b3 if he wants to use it with cod4x. I totally missed that he runs it with the exe in all his posts.
  4. then someone please move the topic to Management Tools Discussions about B3, XLR, MAM, Ultrastats, etc. go here
  5. that is telling you that a b3 version update is available and that B3 is online. It is totally separate from the game server being online but a good indication that your server is running and b3 can connect to it via rcon. If your b3 is working then why bother to update the version.
  6. KAB Zombies Server 0(2)/24 mp_surv_dead_night for 2 days it read the same map but the map right now on the server s mp_surv_ffc_arena
  7. The same maps in play has been showing on the master servers when I checked today and yesterday but they are not the maps that are actually in play on the servers so maybe the master list is not refreshing.
  8. great so you can add the token by rcon - I learned something new today
  9. did you put set sv_authtoken "put token here" in your cod4x server config ? or put + sv_authtoken "put token here" in the startup server config of linuxgsm i never tried with rcon to add the token and I use linuxgsm and it works with what I posted but I had to update the server to the version on the main page of this web site for it to work the one installed by linuxgsm is an old version of cod4x
  10. I understand when you use screen you prevent the program from ending once you log out of of linux I use that on the servers however on windows the system will not terminate a program or programs if you never log off if your the only user on the server that is no problem but if there is more then one user and someone switches users it will terminate your session and programs running point being windows will keep a program running until you tell it not to or you log out of the windows session no need to worry about a screen type program
  11. I have since installed centos 7 on one of my computers mainly because my game provider switched systems to Centos 7 linux and I had to learn how to use linux in order to install the cod4x game on the system they changed to. I have learned a lot about linux from help here and google and so far I have one cod4x server and 3 cod4 servers running there . I run a total of 6 servers 4 under linux and 2 under windows 7 enterprise 64bit I would be interested in helping testing a windows version.
  12. just curios can mysql and mongodb be run at the same time for different applications?
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    reply to posts

    i tried to reply to 2 post today and neither went through- is there a problem with the software or is it only happening to me? the post was in Forums Mods & Scripts Questions & Requests Nickname
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    reply to posts

    no error code just went back to message I was replying to what I tried to reply to was Forums Mods & Scripts Questions & Requests Nickname
  15. hmm did not transfer the quoted message so here it is This requires a new version (17.6) of CoD4 X server you can download from the front-page. but thanks DPJ I should have known since it was build 2055 but sometimes I forget things like that installing the version from the front-page cured it.
  16. this is not my post I just copied it from my web site (I do not have windows 10 installed) I ran into a problem after installing cod4 on windows 10 when I run the game it says im3mp.exe stopped working and exits to the desk top I found this online * Go to Start then Control Panel * Double click on the Sound Tool * Click on the Recording tab * Right click and select "View Disabled Devices" * Enable the Stereo Mix After that, COD4 did run normally!
  17. what operating system do you have? when you say sp boots do you mean you can play single player mode? do you get an error message in multi player MP mode?
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    you will still get a knife but it will not kill anyone
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    B3hide plugin (windows version) I want to know if there is some person or developer that can remove the following message from the b3hide.dll if(level >= Plugin_Cvar_GetInteger(cvar_b3HideLvl)) { Plugin_BoldPrintf(slot, "^5You are checked in with ^3Level ^2%i.\n^5Your ^3!b3 ^5commands are now ^3hidden!\n", level); Plugin_BoldPrintf(slot, "^5Use ^3!auth ^5to complete the ^3authentication.^7\n"); } } else { Plugin_Printf("Invalid Arguments, usage:\n"); Plugin_Printf("checkinlvl \n"); } } it is very annoying to see that fill the screen on each map change and the auth.py plugin for b3 has the line self._need_auth = self._get_setting('messages', 'auth_message', default='^7Please authenticate yourself with ^3!auth ') which is a smaller and clean line. having both messages appear on the playing screen is redundant. I do not have the ability to compile the b3hidedll myself and is why I am asking if someone can do it for me.
  20. wkuzma


    now I understand what you mean by stock - I was under the impression that a non stock server was one that contained a mod - never took into consideration that if you add to main_shared in cod4x it would not be stock. I stand corrected thanks DPJ
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    when you say stock are you talking cod4 or cod4x? If its cod4x you can add it using the main_shared directory and using https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/284-script-commands-for-vision-settings-fov-fps-promod/
  22. wkuzma

    centos 6.10

    I found that when I logged in as root I only saw the cod4server directory using dir I then did a cd / while in root and found that there was a cod4 directory there containing 12 gb I figured I must have uploaded it when I was learning how to use linux I deleted that directory and gained 12gb of usable space
  23. wkuzma

    centos 6.10

    I decided to try linux and installed centos 6.10 I updated the video drivers and installed wine I then insalled the windows version of teamviewer in wine the program did work as expected however the video on temviewer kept going blank so I uninstalled it and installed the linux version of teamiewer and had complete success everything showed as it should. Now for my problem I installed cod4 through wine and the install went without a problem however when I run up cod4 the screen shows the cod4 picture the errors there and a window pops up with an error however I have no idea what the error is or how to fix it I also tried to install Belarc Advisor a windows program and it also gave an error with a pop up window. I will post the errow hoping someone can read it and shove me in the right direction to correct it. Please understand I am just learning how to do commands and am not knowledgeable about linux commands the file attached is the error from cod4 backtrace.txt
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    centos 6.10

    Thanks AlexC and all that helped me get this up and running.
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    centos 6.10

    I guess I spoke too soon since I have a new problem- one hopefully easy to resolve The server runs but still gives this error on startup ./cod4x18_dedrun: ./libstdc++.so.6: no version information available (required by ./cod4x18_dedrun) ./cod4x18_dedrun: ./libstdc++.so.6: no version information available (required by ./cod4x18_dedrun) ./cod4x18_dedrun: ./libstdc++.so.6: no version information available (required by ./cod4x18_dedrun) ./cod4x18_dedrun: ./libstdc++.so.6: no version information available (required by ./cod4x18_dedrun) ./cod4x18_dedrun: ./libstdc++.so.6: no version information available (required by ./cod4x18_dedrun) Since the server does run I am not too concerned about that problem but figured I would post it here in case there is a solution.