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  1. disregard I figured out how to do it
  2. I am trying to change the primary weapon by using level.player setweaponslotweapon("primary", weapon); I replaced the weapon with a mp weapon name like m16_mp or ak47_mp etc however I do not know what the names of the weapon are supposed to be so when it runs it gives a script error what I am trying to do is replace the M16A4 with nade launcher with something else without a nade launcher or even the m16a4 without the nade launcher when a player picks that weapon
  3. my servers was updated to build 986 jun 28th 2019 and suddenly I am getting the Server received signal: Segmentation fault Terminating server... so today I will use whats on the cod4xme front page which is build 962 Mar 12 2019 and hope the problem goes away
  4. I have a question on using bots on mods, I see you have a _custom_map.gsc file which looks like it mainly for mp_nuketown waypoints and works great with that map. The question is how to you add other custom maps to work with your bots? do you have to add a wayboints gsc for each map?
  5. here's another place to get mods https://www.moddb.com/
  6. wkuzma

    About getss

    on my windows system it is located in d:\cod4x that is where I installed the cod4x server
  7. wkuzma

    About getss

    there should be a folder called screenshots in the cod4x directories
  8. I found on my setup that if using !pb id# it writes the ban to b3 it will not write to the banlist_v2.dat if the person is not on the server but when the banned person tries to join the server it will kick him and write to the file maybe that is the same on yours.
  9. I just installed your bot system and I have to say it works great.
  10. no need to get a new token now since the correct names are showing on the master list as of 10:08pm 7-7-2019
  11. this is what the list shows and I am not even running those server anymore and the new server names are not showing. Should I get a new token to correct it? KAB Zombie Revolution 0(2)/30 mp_surv_crashed (Zombie Rotu) rotu1 [::ffff:]:28961 986 KAB Search & Destroy 0/32 mp_crash (Search & Destroy) tdm [::ffff:]:28963 986 KAB Hardcore CTF 0/32 mp_creek (Capture the Flag) bo2_mod [::ffff:]:28960 986
  12. will someone fix the web the cod4master.cod4x.me list its been showing servers I do not run for the past few days and the ones I am running are not showing... They are showing on the in game cod4x list but not the web list
  13. Fraggy the master servers have not been updating for a few days - the cod4master.cod4x.me list I did pm dpj on that fact
  14. thanks I did not know that.
  15. I know this is not the problem your talking about but its worth knowing since it happens on Windows 10 I ran into a problem after installing cod4 on windows 10 when I run the game it says im3mp.exe stopped working and exits to the desk top trying to help:)- Jun 14, 2010 08:55AM * Go to Start then Control Panel * Double click on the Sound Tool * Click on the Recording tab * Right click and select "View Disabled Devices" * Enable the Stereo Mix After that, COD4 will run normally! NOTE: I removed Windows 10 and reinstalled Windows 7 after testing the problem and solution I listed (I just did not like Windows 10)
  16. I googled web rcon and could not find the program your talking about - place a link so I can download it and test it.
  17. being a noob myself - what does Filmtweaks do?
  18. Hi Neho and everyone else . I want to make an update and also thank Neho for putting up with me in getting the cod4xwebadmin up and running. I have given up on centos 7 and had my provider change to Ubuntu 18.04 I was then able to install the cod4xwebadmin and with Neho's help have everything working. With Centos 7 I had a problem with rcon working and never could find the problem. That is why I undated to Ubuntu. Now even with Ubuntu I get an intermittent rcon connection when using the rcon console - it works 90% of the time then out of the blue it stops working with a page not found error. I only tested this with the rcon console. The error does not show right away it may take a few days before it happens. Sometimes restarting the game servers corrects it but other times I have to reboot the server. I did notice that after a server reboot it takes about an hour or more for the rcon console to start working again. I am posting this to see if anyone else has that problem. I am only looking to see if anyone else has had that problem.
  19. do you have steam running in the background?
  20. I don't know if this will help you https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/strange-reboot-restart-problem-in-cod4-call-of-duty-4-plz-help.620490/
  21. if your using php_rcon as I am then you need to try load b3hide to see if it works for you. (please don't ask me why I just found that without b3hide loaded my php_rcon will not connect) here is what I have in all my servers configs loadplugin "b3hide" set b3Prefix "!" set b3Hide "1" set b3HideLvl "24"
  22. wkuzma

    cod4master list

    yes - but mainly because I saw it in a config somewhere but I guess the flag is set by ip address which in the case of 3 of my servers is Canada
  23. I run my modernpaintall with this on the command line +set r_xassetnum "xmodel=1200 xanim=3200" and it runs fine. also +map_rotate should be last on the line +set net_port 28960 +set sv_maxclients 32 +set fs_game "mods/modernpaintball" +exec server.cfg +set r_xassetnum "xmodel=1200 xanim=3200" +set rcon_password ########## +map_rotate
  24. wkuzma

    cod4master list

    Hi - I am just curious why does the master list show that my flag is Canada when I have sets Location "USA" in the server config I also tried sets Loc "USA" and it still shows Canada as my flag