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  1. wkuzma


    the photo's change daily as screenshots are made but if done right it should look like this http://www.kab.iogcod4.com/photo.php
  2. wkuzma


    thanks I waiting for it to be moved b4 responding in response to b3 not responding shut down b3 and your cod4x game 1. delete the b3.log and game log. 2. restart b3 and cod4x game type a few commands like !help !admins etc 3. post your b3.xml file (blank out the rcon password) 4. post the new b3 log (NOT a screenshot) 5. post the new game log file (item 3, 4 and 5 can be in zip format) 6. did you load b3hide plugin? need more information other then posting a screenshort what parser is b3 using? is rcon password in b3 same as in server? is b3 pointing to the actual game log file? I am not saying I can help but the information I request may show whats wrong
  3. wkuzma

    +set sv_legacyguidmode 1

    Thanks DPJ I misspelt it on the moded servers all is working as it should now. (stupid copy and paste lol)
  4. wkuzma

    +set sv_legacyguidmode 1

    Ok I tested it on a blank server and its still working so it has to be a mod problem.. or maybe I misspelled it on my previous tests
  5. wkuzma

    +set sv_legacyguidmode 1

    I tried it on two servers with mods and had no effect I will try it on a blank server see if it works.
  6. wkuzma

    +set sv_legacyguidmode 1

    has this command been removed from the new server? +set sv_legacyguidmode 1 just curious since it does not seem to work on the new server version
  7. wkuzma

    delaying in match start time

    Thanks dpj I wasn't sure if there was a setting for that or not
  8. wkuzma

    delaying in match start time

    is there a command that can add or subtract from match start time when a new map is loaded?
  9. wkuzma

    Asset extractor features now available.

    I was able to compile the old version with the extractor however when I run it - it updates the files and becomes worthless again. so I guess this project has ended and the extractor is a thing of the past until the developers decide to add it to the newest version.
  10. wkuzma

    For cod4x community

    use a good zip program and open xbase_00.iwd located in your cod4x main directory you will find the plugin in there if you want to really delete it. But as you have been told if you do not have loadplugin b3hide in your server config it will not load at all. Deleting b3hide from the plugins directory will not delete it from xbase_00.iwd
  11. wkuzma

    For cod4x community

    I personally want to thank all that developed cod4x and for keeping this project going. When I run into a problem with scripts I do not expect to have those scripts written for me and appreciate when a developer or someone else points me in the direction to correct the problem. As for b3 I use it on the new server and will continue to use it for my own personal reasons but I fully know and understand that B3 is of no concern to COD4X development, I just try to adapt b3 to do what I want it to do and I am glad that they keep developing b3hide to the newest servers. As for the cod4x web site I have almost always received an answer to my questions when asked in a polite way. I want to also thank the developers for keeping this project free to all of us and I also know they all have life's besides COD4X but chose out of the goodness of their hearts to do this. Don't forget this web site is not without a cost to them to maintain and keep on the internet.
  12. wkuzma

    sv_authtoken is invalid

    glad you fixed it
  13. wkuzma

    sv_authtoken is invalid

    double check your token in your config since it is trying to register the token I changed my token just now by 1 number and got sv_authtoken is invalid! Abandoning master server registration the same as your error and looking at your post sv_authtoken "3A4786395E0..................." has been entered into the config.cfg it should be set sv_authtoken "3A4786395E0..................."
  14. wkuzma


    or if you already have a web server here is what I use to view screen shots http://sye.dk/sfpg/
  15. wkuzma


    https://github.com/BigBrotherBot/big-brother-bot/releases I personally use b3 version 1.9.2