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  1. wkuzma

    cod4x linux files

    I found this on the internet maybe it will help you ( I did not test it) https://www.sohaibxtreme.net/installation-of-call-of-duty-4-server-on-linux/
  2. wkuzma

    cod4x linux files

    the linux server files are located here just scroll to the download section https://cod4x.me/
  3. Are you talking cod4 or cod4x? if its cod4x then player names are in steam - you change it there - steam also has to be running in the background which I think your doing since you cannot change the name of your player. if your talking just COD4 then disregard what I typed above.
  4. I cannot help since as far as I know cod4x needs the update patches to 1.7 to run
  5. then I would check to see if the ports for cod4 are open to connections if you only want to run version 1.0 Port opening is necessary to have your game get to the internet I forward port 28960 to the computer that runs my server if you do not have a separate computer for your server then just make sure the port for cod4 is open on the computer that has the game server on it
  6. download the patches to update your server to 1.7 https://www.moddb.com/games/call-of-duty-4-modern-warfare/downloads/call-of-duty-4-modern-warfare-all-patches
  7. wkuzma

    map setting

    s = self.cur_kill_streak; [0m copied from your error post looks like your text editor is adding some weird chars notice after cur_kill_streak in your error post the  should be only a ; looks like cod4x is reading it as bad token 'ï'[0m I may be wrong - Viking please comment on this post
  8. wkuzma

    map setting

    you left off the return
  9. on the server,cfg I have set b3Prefix "!" set b3Hide "1" set b3HideLvl "24" loadplugin "b3hide" I don't know if that helps he is also using a netwrok ip I also use a network ip and have mine like this <!-- The public IP your gameserver is residing on --> <set name="public_ip"></set> <!-- The IP the bot can use to send RCON commands to ( when on the same box) --> <set name="rcon_ip"></set> the is the network ip my cod4x server and b3 is on and it works fine my server is on port 28960 so I port forward 28960 to
  10. 1 use $ministatus to find your player slot then login to rcon and use rcon adamnaddadmin your name or player id or player slot 100 (100 is the power for superadmin like in b3) I use player slot numbers. look at nvconfig_v3.dat for the power levels and what they can do (its a text file) 2 once iamgod is used its disabled so no one else can use it 3 look at plugin_admin.ini or plugin_admin.xml depends on b3 version 4 and 5 I cannot help with
  11. update worked perfectly today
  12. I just tried to auto-update my client and received the same error I could not take a screenshot of the error to post it I ran cod4x up again and by-passed the auto update and was able to join and play in servers.
  13. I guess it's a matter of time before they delist my servers..
  14. dam I banned someone names City_Server note the _ between the name - screenshot showed a cheat in use.
  15. is City Server your steam name? if so that is why