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  1. update worked perfectly today
  2. I just tried to auto-update my client and received the same error I could not take a screenshot of the error to post it I ran cod4x up again and by-passed the auto update and was able to join and play in servers.
  3. I guess it's a matter of time before they delist my servers..
  4. dam I banned someone names City_Server note the _ between the name - screenshot showed a cheat in use.
  5. is City Server your steam name? if so that is why
  6. did you put the bots control section in your server config? this is what I have in my server.cfg set bots_team "autoassign" set bots_team_amount "10" set bots_team_mode "0" // 0 = ????????? ????, 1 = ????? set bots_manage_fill_mode "0" // 0 will consider both players and bots. 1 will only consider bots set bots_manage_fill "10" //an integer amount of players/bots (depends on bots_manage_fill_mode) to retain on the server, it will automatically add bots to fill player space. set bots_manage_fill_kick "1" //a boolean value (0 or 1) set bots_manage_fill_spec "0" //a boolean value (0 or 1), whether or not if the server should consider players who are on the spectator team when filling player space. set bots_team_force "0" //(0 or 1), whether or not if the server should enforce periodically the bot's team? set bots_skill "3" //0 will be mixed difficultly 1 will be the most easy 2-6 will be in between most easy and most hard 7 will be the most hard. 8 will be custom. set bots_loadout_allow_op "1" // whether or not if the bots are allowed to use jug, marty and laststand. set bots_loadout_reasonable "1"// bots should filter out bad create a class selections//new set bots_manage_add 4 // an integer amount of bots to add to the game, resets to 0 once the bots have been added. //new set bots_skill_axis_hard "1" //- an integer amount of hard bots on the axis team. set bots_skill_axis_med "1" //- an integer amount of medium bots on the axis team. set bots_skill_allies_hard "1" //- an integer amount of hard bots on the allies team. set bots_skill_allies_med "1" //- an integer amount of medium bots on the allies team, if bots_skill is 8 (custom). The remaining bots on the team will become easy bots. //for example: having 5 bots on the allies team, 'bots_skill_allies_hard 2' and 'bots_skill_allies_med 2' will have 2 hard bots, 2 medium bots, and 1 easy bot on the allies team
  7. Smiley I totally missed your stating That's 18.2 Client side. sorry.
  8. it works on my system I placed the botnames.txt in the mod directory of the mod I run
  9. I will wait until the next patch or update since it is well documented I tried it on a build 963 server and got the same problem so I wonder if its a client issue
  10. I have beeen running the same version server with the julia plugin and have not had any crashes of my two servers
  11. hmm kick them all on map end another interesting idea that I would never have even thought of.
  12. sounds interesting maybe there is a way to kill all bots just before the scoreboard comes up
  13. your right but 18.1 has been very stable on my servers
  14. just a question. Are you accessing the games_mp.log directly or using the ftp to access the log? if using ftp that may (note I only said may ) be causing the problem. I haven't had good success using the ftp to access the file if your using direct access then I really have no idea why its happening to you. Maybe someone else does or has a suggestion.
  15. restart your server it will update again see this post https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/4632-issues-with-the-new-update/