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  1. Just a stupid question - I want to rename q3config_server.cfg to q3config_server1.cfg disregard this message I found it.
  2. This is what I do for my sniper server self GiveWeapon( "remington700_mp" ); self SetSpawnWeapon( "remington700_mp"); self SwitchToWeapon("remington700_mp");
  3. Thanks Sheryl - I no longer use that map
  4. just for information I traced it to usermap bandit - once I removed that map the error stopped. I then ran bandit by itself in a test server just to be sure and the error showed on the test server I use the New Experience on all my servers and did not try without the ne installed so i am not sure if its a combination of map and ne. or just the map Thanks Viking for pointing me in the direction to look for the error.
  5. Thanks Viking I never though of checking the maps for the cause of that error and since I already deleted qconsole.log and qconsole.log.old I will have to wait for it to happen again and see which custommap is causing it
  6. I also use Neho's CoD4XWebAdmin but I stopped using b3 because of all the functions of CoD4XWebAdmin to put messages in my server I use _advertisement.gsc which I got from this web site - I just edited it to suit my needs here is the link https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/4278-automatic-messages-script/ you must know how to call scripts in the main_shared folder to use that file
  7. throwing script exception: undefined is not a field object ^1******* script runtime error ******* undefined is not a field object: (file 'maps/mp/_helicopter.gsc', line 820) while ( isdefined( currentnode.target ) ) * ^1started from: (file 'maps/mp/_helicopter.gsc', line 818) wait( 2 ); Is there a correction to this error? it must be part of cod4x since I do not have a file such as maps/mp/_helicopter.gsc
  8. A Waypoint Editor for creating and modifying bot's waypoints of traversing the map. Have a look at Using the Waypoint editor. the "using the Waypoint editor link" is broken
  9. wkuzma


    don't know if this will help you - when i was running my test server in windows I started it with a batch file which would restart the server on a crash or if I manually stopped the server. I will post it here and you can edit it to see if it will help you. @echo off cls echo Automatic server restarter... echo If you want to close the server close this window first before closing your server console echo (%date%) - (%time%) test Server1 Started port 28968. echo (%date%) - (%time%) test Server1 Started port 28968. >>restart1.txt :server start /wait BaseGame/cod4x18_dedrun.exe +set fs_basepath "BaseGame" +set fs_homepath "Server1" +set fs_game "mods/bluezone" +exec server.cfg +set net_port 28968 +set r_xassetnum "xmodel=1200 xanim=3200" +map_rotate echo (%date%) - (%time%) WARNING: Test Server1 closed or dropped... server restarted. echo (%date%) - (%time%) WARNING: Test Server1 closed or dropped... server restarted. >>restart1.txt goto server pause also you can add it to windows startup to start the server on a reboot
  10. wkuzma


    Yes Viking Thank you for fixing the map script
  11. wkuzma


    I think I traced it to a bad usermap called mp_dome (I will have to wait a few hours or days and see since removing that map seems to have stopped it)
  12. wkuzma


    can someone tell me what this error is and if possible how to correct it? ERROR: G_Spawn: no free entities ******************** ----- Server Shutdown ----- this happens after the server is running a few hours.. here is part of th qconsole.log 984: 'trigger_damage', origin: -2123.000000 -1883.000000 47.000000 985: 'trigger_multiple', origin: 537.000000 636.000000 107.000000 986: 'script_origin', origin: -258.000000 1118.000000 100.000000 987: 'script_origin', origin: -258.000000 504.000000 100.000000 988: 'script_origin', origin: 424.000000 829.000000 100.000000 989: 'script_origin', origin: 985.000000 719.000000 100.000000 990: 'script_origin', origin: 1207.000000 141.000000 100.000000 991: 'script_origin', origin: -681.000000 -1640.000000 -29.000000 992: 'script_origin', origin: -1625.000000 -500.000000 -50.000000 993: 'script_origin', origin: -1678.000000 511.000000 67.000000 994: 'noclass', origin: -113.000000 -1000.000000 2000.000000 995: 'noclass', origin: 5368.000000 -5321.000000 288.000000 996: 'noclass', origin: 2900.000000 4590.000000 957.000000 1017: 'noclass', origin: 344.000000 580.000000 31.000000 1018: 'script_origin', origin: 344.000000 580.000000 31.000000 1019: 'noclass', origin: 652.309998 -1390.000000 -73.928200 1020: 'script_origin', origin: 652.309998 -1390.000000 -73.928200 1021: 'noclass', origin: 651.585999 -1390.000000 -69.994301
  13. Seeting the file to r fixed it
  14. I get this error Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /var/www/html/serverlist/index.php on line 179 Warning: file_put_contents(/var/www/html/serverlist/inc/max): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /var/www/html/serverlist/index.php on line 182