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  1. this worked on windows and when I ran it I was able to use separate main_shared directories https://github.com/callofduty4x/CoD4x_Server/blob/master/scriptdocumentation/MULTIPLE_SERVERS_TUTORIAL.md however I switched to Ubuntu to run the servers and I switched to cod4xweabmin to make 2 servers which are using the same basebage and separate main_shared folders but that is only for linux
  2. wkuzma

    new build number

    Thanks Alex the rest is for gurinov btw in my post I meant build 995 not not build 955 in any case the server 995 does start on my system but I will have to wait for the client update to come out before using it on the servers.
  3. I am curious - just what is the newest build number on cod4x the reason I ask is because when i compile a new server I get build number 955 however when I try to use that build on the server - no one can join the server it says protocol 18 is used - restart cod4 to see if an update shows on the main page - however when I restart cod4 it does not show an update link. I had to switch back to build 993 on the server and now people can join and play again.
  4. I am glad you figured it out and got it working.
  5. I do not run the "cod4x ne" so I can not help on that. where did you place your gravity.gsx file since my thread looks for it in the cod4x/main_shared/maps/mp/gametypes directory and is called by thread maps\mp\gametypes\_jump::init(); in the callbacksetup.gsx and your post is thread gravity´╗┐::init(); //gravity and speed settings.
  6. no -- but this will work init(){ setDvar("g_gravity","550"); setDvar("g_speed","220"); } but you still have to call it from _callbacksetup.gsx
  7. I place it near the end of the server,cfg file but it can be placed any where in the file try setting set g_gravity "550" to see if it works for you - you should be able to jump high but die when you land I have a gsx file that allows me to make a high jumping server and turn it off at will I turn it on my setting script_number2 to 1 and turn it off by setting script_number2 to 0 set script_mumber2 1 // to turn on jumping or set script_number2 0 //to turn off jumping I use the set script_number2 instead of set g_gravity in my server.cfg my gsx file is named _jump.gsx and is called by _callbacksetup.gsx CodeCallback_StartGameType() { // If the gametype has not beed started, run the startup if(!isDefined(level.gametypestarted) || !level.gametypestarted) { thread code\init::startGameType(); [[level.callbackStartGameType]](); level.gametypestarted = true; // so we know that the gametype has been started up thread maps\mp\gametypes\_jump::init(); this is whats inside _jump.gsx init(){ if(getdvarint("script_number2")==1) setDvar("jump_height","600"); setDvar("g_gravity","550"); setDvar("jump_slowdownEnable","0"); setDvar("bg_fallDamageMaxHeight","1000"); setDvar("bg_fallDamageMinHeight","500"); if(getdvarint("script_number2")==0){ setDvar("g_gravity","800"); setDvar("jump_height","39"); setDvar("bg_fallDamageMaxHeight","300"); setDvar("jump_slowdownEnable","1"); setDvar("bg_fallDamageMinHeight","128"); } }
  8. I rename the file - notepad on my system saves it as name.txt.gsx I rename it to name.gsx
  9. set g_gravity "800" //Gravity //Standard 800 set g_speed "190" // normal 180 or 190 I forget what normal speed is
  10. wkuzma


    Hi I use php rcon for cod4 and it works with cod4x as long as you load b3hide - without b3hide loaded it will not connect if you want a copy to look at here is a link http://www.kab.iogcod4.com/viewtopic.php?t=5545
  11. I never saw this in a cod4x screenshot before today especially since PB is disabled in cod4x. is this caused by my server or a previous server that was visited by the player?
  12. go to your cod4 directory cd \home\cod4 and run cod4 without the screen to see what errors are happening ./cod4x18_dedrun +set developer 1 +set net_port 28960 +exec server.cfg +set fs_basepath /home/cod4 +set fs_homepath /home/cod4 +set fs_game mods/pml220 +map_rotate
  13. the +map_rotate has to be at the end of the startup line.. to check status of the firewall use sudo ufw status if it shows inactive then its not a firewall issue mine is inactive to check if the port 28960 for cod4 is open run nc -z -v 28960 to see if a range or ports are open use the example below nc -z -v 28960-28966
  14. I run ubuntu 18.04 - try adding +map_rotate at the end of the line and see if it runs properly also make sure your not blocked by a firewall since I cannot ping your ip