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  1. They did another client update but still the map loading seems slow
  2. I just noticed when a map change happens it sits at setting up game longer until the the splash screen with the loading bar comes on and map loads and all is ok. This also happens when first joining a server. I tested it on my servers which uses a fake mod just to load custom maps. fake mod is a mod name with just the server.cfg in it ( ie mod name kabbot)
  3. I cannot be sure since all I worried about was will the servers run and didn't look to see the map loading time. However since you mentioned it I checked and they do seem to take long to load.
  4. my servers were updated today and both work fine my client computer also was updated without a problem
  5. would be nice if you posted the server name or ip
  6. I am using a 32 slot server try reducing the number of bots to 2 or 4 or 5 and see if that works ( mind its only a suggestion I have no idea why it don't kick bots on your server) set bots_team_amount "10" change to 5 set bots_manage_fill "10 " change to 5
  7. the path is wrong if your mod is "not named bots" my path for botnames.txt is root/mods/kabbot kabbot is the name of the fake mod I use to run the game so I placed the botnames.txt in kabbot where my server config file is. my startup line contains +set fs_game "mods/kabbot" +exec server.cfg so the game knows where the kabbot is. (there is more to the startup line but those two were important) as for the bot config here is mine in the server.cfg set bots_team "autoassign" //'autoassign' will have bots balance the teams 'allies' will have the bots join the allies team 'axis' will have the bots join the axis team 'custom' will have bots_team_amount bots on the axis team, the rest will be on the allies team set bots_team_amount "10" // an integer amount of bots to have on the axis team if bots_team is set to 'custom', the rest of the bots will be placed on the allies team. set bots_team_mode "0" // 0 = ????????? ????, 1 = ????? set bots_manage_fill_mode "0" // 0 will consider both players and bots. 1 will only consider bots set bots_manage_fill "10" //an integer amount of players/bots (depends on bots_manage_fill_mode) to retain on the server, it will automatically add bots to fill player space. set bots_manage_fill_kick "1" //a boolean value (0 or 1) set bots_manage_fill_spec "0" //a boolean value (0 or 1), whether or not if the server should consider players who are on the spectator team when filling player space. set bots_team_force "0" //(0 or 1), whether or not if the server should enforce periodically the bot's team? set bots_skill "3" //0 will be mixed difficultly 1 will be the most easy 2-6 will be in between most easy and most hard 7 will be the most hard. 8 will be custom. set bots_loadout_allow_op "1" // whether or not if the bots are allowed to use jug, marty and laststand. set bots_loadout_reasonable "1"// bots should filter out bad create a class selections//new set bots_manage_add 4 // an integer amount of bots to add to the game, resets to 0 once the bots have been added. //new set bots_skill_axis_hard "1" //- an integer amount of hard bots on the axis team. set bots_skill_axis_med "1" //- an integer amount of medium bots on the axis team. set bots_skill_allies_hard "1" //- an integer amount of hard bots on the allies team.
  8. add your self as an admin in game using /rcon adminaddadmin your name 100 100 gives you full admin - after you use that you can in game try to ban someone using $banclient and see if it sticks also while in game do a $cmdlist to see what you can do.
  9. simplebanlist is a part of cod4x plugins all you do is just add loadplugin simplebanlist in your server config file and it will work
  10. I suggest you stop b3 then delete your b3.log then restart b3 test it by using any b3 command then stop b3 again and post the new b3 log it made here.
  11. if you have full access you should be able to do it.
  12. you have to login to rcon then use adminaddadmin your name 100
  13. I use Neho's cod4xwebadmin which automatically kicks those with black screenshots - some times I see a player come back and the next screenshot is fine other times they come back and are kicked over and over with black screen shots until they move on
  14. wkuzma

    snapshot failed

    Thanks Fraggy I will try to find out where it comes from
  15. wkuzma

    snapshot failed

    can someone tell me what this is getting archive snapshot failed for time 23092 - oldArchiveFrame(23079) < svs.nextArchivedSnapshotFrames(24280) - NUM_ARCHIVED_FRAMES(1200) getting archive snapshot failed for time 23113 - oldArchiveFrame(23100) < svs.nextArchivedSnapshotFrames(24301) - NUM_ARCHIVED_FRAMES(1200) getting archive snapshot failed for time 23134 - oldArchiveFrame(23121) < svs.nextArchivedSnapshotFrames(24322) - NUM_ARCHIVED_FRAMES(1200) getting archive snapshot failed for time 23155 - oldArchiveFrame(23142) < svs.nextArchivedSnapshotFrames(24343) - NUM_ARCHIVED_FRAMES(1200) getting archive snapshot failed for time 23176 - oldArchiveFrame(23163) < svs.nextArchivedSnapshotFrames(24364) - NUM_ARCHIVED_FRAMES(1200) getting archive snapshot failed for time 23197 - oldArchiveFrame(23184) < svs.nextArchivedSnapshotFrames(24385) - NUM_ARCHIVED_FRAMES(1200) I found it in the qconsole.log but its not there all the time (also looking at the loaded map it seems to not be on the same map twice)