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  1. I never saw this in a cod4x screenshot before today especially since PB is disabled in cod4x. is this caused by my server or a previous server that was visited by the player?
  2. go to your cod4 directory cd \home\cod4 and run cod4 without the screen to see what errors are happening ./cod4x18_dedrun +set developer 1 +set net_port 28960 +exec server.cfg +set fs_basepath /home/cod4 +set fs_homepath /home/cod4 +set fs_game mods/pml220 +map_rotate
  3. the +map_rotate has to be at the end of the startup line.. to check status of the firewall use sudo ufw status if it shows inactive then its not a firewall issue mine is inactive to check if the port 28960 for cod4 is open run nc -z -v 28960 to see if a range or ports are open use the example below nc -z -v 28960-28966
  4. I run ubuntu 18.04 - try adding +map_rotate at the end of the line and see if it runs properly also make sure your not blocked by a firewall since I cannot ping your ip
  5. I saw this on the web site - not sure if it is related since your on Debian 8
  6. lol I see I made a type error it should be _jump::init() not _ump_init::() in my post but in any case I see you got it working for you.
  7. I made this when I wanted a jump server maybe you can adjust it to suit your needs to activate it use set script_number2 1 // to turn on //set script_number2 0 // to turn off to your server config and to _callbacksetup.gsx add thread maps\mp\gametypes\_ump::init() after level.gametypestarted = true; // so we know that the gametype has been started up copy and paste below to _jump.gsx init(){ if(getdvarint("script_number2")==1) setDvar("jump_height","600"); setDvar("g_gravity","550"); setDvar("jump_slowdownEnable","0"); setDvar("bg_fallDamageMaxHeight","1000"); setDvar("bg_fallDamageMinHeight","500"); if(getdvarint("script_number2")==0){ setDvar("g_gravity","800"); setDvar("jump_height","39"); setDvar("bg_fallDamageMaxHeight","300"); setDvar("jump_slowdownEnable","1"); setDvar("bg_fallDamageMinHeight","128"); } } do not paste this part it worked for me hope it works for you as for the promod thing someone else has to help on that.
  8. I have echelon and never use its unban I usually use the b3's unban while in the server I do a !l (for lookup) players name and get the id number - example !l rainstorn comes back with @4 Rainstorn I then use !unban @4 while in the server that removes the ban from both the server and echelon (at least on my system it does) if I use !unban players name it return Rainstorrm is not on the server so I use the id number BTW you can also ban any player that is not on the server by using the id number of that player and not the player name
  9. wkuzma


    Maybe you haven't noticed, this is not "I repeat NOT" a hackers website and your lucky that anyone replies to you at all!
  10. good question - hopefully someone will take care of the Master Server down problem. I am only guessing but I think most time is spent keeping this web site up that they forget about the master servers but of course someone could at least let us know its being worked on. it may stop all the posts about the master servers down. I put a copy of the client on my web site in case this site goes down again
  11. at least this web site came back up now we just need someone to fix the master servers
  12. I just tested the master server link and yes it is down again and ingame does work
  13. I noticed that when I use the compiled version stating build 0 I get a message stating there is an important update at cod4x.me lucky I saved my old cod4x18_dedrun file with build 993 an was able to replace that on the server which prevents the message from showing I think there is a problem with the download at https://github.com/callofduty4x/cod4x_server which is making it show build 0