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  1. I run my modernpaintall with this on the command line +set r_xassetnum "xmodel=1200 xanim=3200" and it runs fine. also +map_rotate should be last on the line +set net_port 28960 +set sv_maxclients 32 +set fs_game "mods/modernpaintball" +exec server.cfg +set r_xassetnum "xmodel=1200 xanim=3200" +set rcon_password ########## +map_rotate
  2. wkuzma

    cod4master list

    Hi - I am just curious why does the master list show that my flag is Canada when I have sets Location "USA" in the server config I also tried sets Loc "USA" and it still shows Canada as my flag
  3. ok I was able to test the internal admin of getss all and the screenshots do all go to /public/img/screenshots and are in the mongodb now all I need is a way to delete some screen shots that do not show a cheat and my suggestion about separate directories for each server screenshots (if possible)
  4. Hi Neho I just noticed the all screenshots are placed in /public/img/screenshots and also stored in the mongodb however I see a lot of screen shots that are not with a cheat capture - my question is is there a function to delete screen shots that are not used to ban a player with the permban and create a report button - I cannot find a delete button on the screenshot screen and - in my moment of dumbness I manually deleted the screenshots however it did not remove them from the data base so of course now I have screen shots that have no jpg associated with it. I run 3 cod4x servers and also noticed that all screenshots from the servers are in the /public/img/screenshots it would be nice if they went into a directory by server name or port. (just a suggestion something like /public/img/screenshots/28960 etc ) also I would like to know if the screen shots that are manually taken in a server using the built in server admin or a gsx file goes to that /public/img/screenshots or do they show up in the screenshot directory in cod4x and do they also get logged in mongodb? (I haven't tried the in game admin to test that)
  5. what I was talking about is the master server on the web page cod4master.cod4x.me - not the game internal list
  6. just to let you know I stopped 2 of my servers then checked the master-list and both stopped showing I then restarted both servers and checked again the master-list and both show on the list so the master list is working properly as I can see it. we are talking about http://cod4master.cod4x.me/ correct?
  7. it could be any thing causing - just because b3 says its working does not mean its reading the game log file it just means that b3 is able to communicate to the cod4x game. Check to make sure b3 points to the game log file - I also found with cod4x that the b3hide plugin must be loaded if none of that works then reading the b3 log will almost always tell you whats wrong
  8. the new plugins are in xbase_00.iwd in the main directory so I would test by renaming the external plugins directory to plugins-hold and test the server again to see if they load from xbase_00.iwd
  9. type plugins in your console window just to make sure it loaded - if no console use in game admin command of $plugins to check that it loaded
  10. still getting connection error did you make sure you have +set dedicated 2 in your start up batch file? I would add that just to make sure it gets out on the internet - also check your server.cfg file just to make sure set dedicated 1 is not in there somewhere.
  11. However this VPS costs now 200RUB instead of 100RUB per month interesting I googled Russian Ruble (200RUB) and it equals 3.11 United States Dollars is that the price your paying for the web site?
  12. I have steam and got connection timeout when trying to connect to your server in fact when I add to my favorites it shows not online in cod4x so for some reason your server is not getting out did you add +set dedicated 2 and not +set dedicated 1 to your server config +set dedicated 1 is for lan only and +set dedicated 2 is for internet
  13. I just want to report that whatever has been causing the web site to be slow has been eliminated and the web site is working great again as fast as when I first started coming here.
  14. did you open port 28966 so the public can connect to the server?
  15. With this system at least I have root access and can do almost anything with it. The system they had before was very limited to me and I only had access to a control panel. I could not even install cod4x on the old system so I am really happy that they changed and I have complete access.