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  1. wkuzma

    server hang

    hopefully one of cod4x's magnificent inventors will fix the problem with cod4master.doszgep.cloud
  2. wkuzma

    server hang

    My server is very hard to start - takes a longer time before it does finally start seems it hangs at this point Resolving cod4master.cod4x.me cod4master.cod4x.me resolved to cod4master.cod4x.me resolved to [2001:41d0:a:37ad::17]:20810 Master1: cod4master.doszgep.cloud Resolving cod4master.doszgep.cloud Couldn't resolve(IPv4) cod4master.doszgep.cloud Couldn't resolve(IPv6) cod4master.doszgep.cloud Error: Couldn't resolve masterserver cod4master.doszgep.cloud is there a problem with the master server? the cloud part?
  3. this morning besides the above error it showed another error ******* script runtime error ******* cannot cast undefined to bool: (file 'maps/mp/bots/_bot_internal.gsc', line 737) while(self.bot.target.didlook) * started from: (file 'maps/mp/bots/_bot_internal.gsc', line 738) wait 0.05; * ************************************ the server does not crash during the errors but I would like to know why its happening if possible
  4. I restarted the server and now cannot reproduce the error
  5. error on my server ******* script runtime error ******* cannot cast undefined to bool: (file 'maps/mp/bots/_bot_internal.gsc', line 693) if(beforeTargetID != newTargetID) * started from: (file 'maps/mp/bots/_bot_internal.gsc', line 462) wait 0.05; *
  6. I answered my own question -its the players computer that determins the fps. Now looking at the above scripts if a player goes over the level.maxAllowedFPS = 399; no matter what his fps setting is at he will still be kicked which will cause false kicks. I am working on a script that will reset the count to 0 if he lowers his or her fps setting to below 333 I am testing it at
  7. I have a question is self GetCountedFPS(); specific to the server running or the players fps? if its specific to the server will each server have a different value? reason I ask is in reading self getcountedfps() on my server the results with my fps set at 333 fps are coming back showing between 320 and 400 fps.
  8. I left mine as server.cfg so if they do download it they get a fake rcon password
  9. do you have your rcon password in the server config or on the startup line its best to remove it from the server config and install it in the startup line like this +set rcon_password yourpassword I personally would change it in case someone found out what it is. I have one in the server config that simple says f***k You I was told that someone could download the server.cfg and also told that cod4x prevents that, However I figure it is always an extra protection to put it on the command line.
  10. I had the same problem but I don't think the trueskill plugin has be updated for the new cod4x versions so I gave up long ago.
  11. On the server you made and while in admin mode you will see 3 dots to the right of it - click on those dots and you will see edit - click on that and a new window will open in that window will be server plugins - click on that because it shows the proper way to load julia I posted this just in case you were unaware of it., I know I wasn't until NeHo pointed it out to me.
  12. I found that the files use two different ways of picking up the server name put this in your server config set hostname_xp_weekend " server name here" set hostname_normal " server name here"
  13. wkuzma

    stall on startup

    Thanks all is ok again
  14. wkuzma

    stall on startup

    http://cod4master.cod4x.me is down so no one can even get a token