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  1. Hi Everyone, I developed an Android Mobile App for Cod4, where you can monitor status of your favorite cod4 servers, like online players, server info, player's screenshots etc. App Features: Shows list of Online Players and Server Status Rcon Management Server Screenshot Gallery ShoutBox for each server Please check it out, and if you like it, share it with your cod4 friends 🤗 Play Store Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cod4xmonitor
  2. @Mr. COD4 @Hajas I don't know if this would be helpful to you. I also had same issue with a mod that set on our server. Some players with certain graphics/texture settings were getting the same error. And I figured it out that it was due to an iwi file inside the mod. And I replaced it with another one and it was fixed. Issue may be because of wrong formatted DDS file used for making iwi. Try to figure out the faulty iwi file in the mod and remove/replace it (server side).
  3. Is there any issue with cod4x master ? It is showing wrong time and showing old data. It is not refreshing or updating data. Also, servers are not getting any masterHeartbeatResponse from cod4master.cod4x.me Admins Please check
  4. If there is a wait statement of 5-10sec before FOR loop might work on this case. (Assuming previously connected players are reconnected to game within that time period during a map start) init() { level.welcomegeo = undefined; level.iswaitingforgeo = undefined; wait 5; for(;;) { level waittill("connected",player); if( !isdefined( player.pers["player_welcomed"] ) ) player.pers["player_welcomed"] = true; // player welcomed player thread geo(); } }
  5. kill = kill <ARG:PLAYER:ID>
  6. Now It works better than before with cod4x bot functions ..Thanks to @T-Max and all COD4X developers .. Check Out my PezBot Server
  7. Hi Guys, This thread remind me about the pezbot mod that helped me in my server for testing & play when Im alone in my server . I tested it recently and found that its not working anymore.. The problem is bots are not firing.. It used to be run fine with older version, I guess, last I ran it fine on v1.8-16.0 ... (Though its movement animations are like sliding. Anyway it doesnt matter. But I want those bots to be able to fire like it does in older versions ) It still works fine with 1.7a build 3360 but not with 1.8 build 1972 (See the demo files attached (All players are bots except me ) ) I also tried the bot functions in cod4x, & it doesn't seems to be working. Here is the test script that I used /* Use these client side commands to test bots /openscriptmenu x spawnbot:<number of bots to spawn> Example: /openscriptmenu x spawnbot:3 spawns 3 bots /openscriptmenu x botaction:<entity number of bot>:<action> Example: /openscriptmenu x botaction:1:+fire bot with entity number 1 is supposed to fire /openscriptmenu x botlookat:<entity number of bot>:<entity number of a player> Example: /openscriptmenu x botlookat:1:5 bot with entity number 1 is supposed to look at player whose entity number is 5 /openscriptmenu x botmoveto:<entity number of bot>:<entity number of a player> Example: /openscriptmenu x botmoveto:1:5 bot with entity number 1 is supposed move to player whose entity number is 5 */ init() { precache(); level thread onPlayerConnected(); wait 10; // setdvar("svr_pezbots", 10); } precache() { } onPlayerConnected() { level endon("game_ended"); while(1) { self waittill("connected", peep); // peep thread onSpawnedPlayer(); peep thread onmenuresponse(); } } onSpawnedPlayer() { self endon("intermission"); self endon("disconnect"); self waittill("spawned_player"); } onmenuresponse() { self endon("disconnect"); while(1) { self waittill("menuresponse",menu,response); self iprintln("Response:"+response); if(issubstr(response,"spawnbot")) { if(isdefined(strtok(response,":")[1])){ for(i=0;i<int(strtok(response,":")[1]);i++){ addBot(); } } else{ addBot(); } } if(issubstr(response,"botmoveto")) { bot= findPlayerByNumber(int(strtok(response,":")[1])); if(bot isbot()) { player=findPlayerByNumber(int(strtok(response,":")[2])); if(isplayer(player)) { bot botmoveto(player getorigin()) ; self iprintln("Bot is moving"); } } } if(issubstr(response,"botlookat")) { bot= findPlayerByNumber(int(strtok(response,":")[1])); if(bot isbot()) { player=findPlayerByNumber(int(strtok(response,":")[2])); if(isplayer(player)) { bot botlookat(player getorigin(), 0.1 ) ; self iprintln("Bot is looking at"); } } } if(issubstr(response,"botaction")) { bot= findPlayerByNumber(int(strtok(response,":")[1])); if(bot isbot()) { action=(strtok(response,":")[2]); bot botaction(action) ; self iprintln("Bot is performing an Action"); } } } } addBot(team) { if(isDefined(team) && team == "myteam") bot = addBotClient(self.pers["team"]); else bot = addBotClient(level.otherteam[self.pers["team"]]); bot setOrigin(self.origin); } addBotClient(team) { bot = AddTestClient(); bot.pers["isBot"] = true; wait .5; if(team == "allies") bot [[level.allies]](); else bot [[level.axis]](); wait .5; bot notify("menuresponse", "changeclass", "specops_mp,0"); wait .5; bot.sessionstate = "playing"; bot setRank(54); bot.pers["score"] = 0; bot.pers["kills"] = 0; bot.pers["assists"] = 0; bot.pers["deaths"] = 0; bot.score = 0; bot.kills = 0; bot.assists = 0; bot.deaths = 0; return bot; } findPlayerByNumber( entityNumber ) { foundPlayer = undefined; entityNumber = int(entityNumber); players= getEntArray( "player", "classname" ); for ( index = 0; index < players.size; index++ ) { player = players[index]; if ( player getEntityNumber() == entityNumber ) { foundPlayer = player; break; } } return foundPlayer; } isbot() { if(self getGuid() == "BOT-Client") return true; else return false; } demo0015_Pezbot_on_v1.7a.dm_1 demo0016_Pezbot_on_v1.8.dm_1
  8. This might be you are looking exec( "say script_number4 is set to"+ getDvarint("script_number4") );
  9. Here is command for kill and spectator, copy file to main folder Commands & Usage $kill <player slot> $spectator <player slot> (Same can be used with b3 custom commands plugin or via any rcon tools ) change command power to higher level using Adminchangecommandpower <command> <power> Note: Works perfect on server without any additional scripts localized_english_iw07.iwd
  10. c-bin

    Cod 4 new problem

    which mod are you using?
  11. Just to let you know b3 does use a mysql database commands between are disregarded so it would look like this example mysql://db-user:db-password@db-server/db_name if db_server is localhost port is not needed FYI: B3 not only supports MySQL but also SQLite & PostgreSQL . Also inorder to access a B3 database remotely, the b3 database user should be able to access database remotely..ie Remote access to SQL database should be enabled (Most Ones creates database user with localhost access, in which they cant access database remotely. In that case If the status website is running in other host, it might not be able to access database)
  12. We cannot change B3 admin level through rcon because cod4 server has no access to B3 core or B3 database. Refer B3 cheatsheet for graphical representation To change one's B3 admin level remotely, Only way is by changing the database tables values (Or will have to develop plugins to do that function). If B3 is using mysql database, it will be easier to change b3 powers. Admin levels are stored at group_bits column in clients table of the database By default: 128 = 100 power (superadmin) 64 = 80 Power (senior admin) 32 = 60 (full admin) 16 = 40 (Admin) 8 = 20 (moderator) 2= 2 (regular) 1=user 0= guest
  13. Here enable_script 0 will disable executing init() function in _setup.gsc file.. ie whatever inside init() function of that script will not be executed
  14. Same command ... set enable_script 1 through any rcon tool Or InGame rcon /rcon login /rcon set enable_script 1 Or Add it in any cfg file and use exec command
  15. you want to enable or disable execution of specific scripts from within game ? You can use dvars for that .. if(getdvarint("enable_script")==1) thread maps\mp\gametypes\_setup::init(); It will do almost same that '//' does To enable execution of script, use rcon or use $set command example: $set enable_script 1
  16. Try running with developer mode to get more details about the error, Well the mod has lot of bugs and there is more chances of crashes or bugs on cod4x18 version 16.1 or above .. (Disable adminmenu, it uses old 32 length guid check to detect admins )..Check if the error still there with set sv_legacyguidmode 1 .. Or try smv_promod163a in this link
  17. thread folder\_serverfull::init(); //replace "folder" with the directory name Add this in _general.gsc
  18. open _callbacksetup.gsc then add below code inside codecallback_startgametype() thread folder\_serverfull::init(); //replace "folder" with the directory name It will be like CodeCallback_StartGameType() { if(!isDefined(level.gametypestarted) || !level.gametypestarted) { [[level.callbackStartGameType]](); thread folder\_serverfull::init(); //replace "folder" with the directory name level.gametypestarted = true; } }
  19. Well If Im right, It might contain an ip address&port somewhere in that script...change it to your other servers ip & port... Make sure that script file is threaded at gamestart If your mod files satisfies the requirements for that script & properly threaded, It might work
  20. I think Fraggy mentioned about fake redirect servers Inorder to redirect players it requires clientcmd (or any other alternatives of clientcmd ) menu compiled inside mod fastfile.. & needs a gsc code to execute it I dont think anyone would share the script . because it might lead to plenty of fake redirect servers
  21. Since, you have asked. We have narrowed down to this, it specifically happens when people join your (smv) promod server and come to my TDM server. Its wierd ... Actually client is having normal sway and the spectator who specing that client cannot see his sway... How it can be ? Can you post the demorecord ? If the client's protected sway dvar has changed, client should have no sway .. Why spectator has no sway ?
  22. Im still confused ... When you spec the player his sway is normal (sniping rifle not steady ) Isnt it ? But actually he has no sway (ie sniper is steady like in promod)... Im I right ? or am I saying reversed ? That video links you posted is confused because its not matching with what you said Anyway, Sway can be changed from gsc script as described in the above mentioned thread And its also possible by editing weapons files in iw_11.iwd or overriding those weaponfiles (This method is used in promod for steady sniper rifles) I dont think its easy to overide or use custom iwd file in main directory on a pure server.. If your client has sway & you see it as no sway (ie reverse of what I said first )... Check server scripts that it doesnt removes sways while specing, and make sure you have sway while you are sniping... (Its seems to be weird problem ) Is it happening with all clients or specific clients ? Did you check it with serverside demorecording & clientside recording ? Can you do a serverside demo recording & your client side demoreording & post it here ? (just to take a look into it )
  23. What D4edalus said is better way to run multiple servers .. you can do that easily by just editing ogp game config file (xml) or adding a custom config file in panel (Administration->Game/ModConfig->Create XML config) (But You need Panel administrator access )
  24. c-bin

    Spawn Protection

    From the Image posted above, I hope there will be a line similar to below one in your script self iprintln("^2Spawn Protection ^6"+ somevariable + " seconds left"); If there is such a line in your script change it to like below (To print it on center of screen ) self iprintlnbold("^2Spawn Protection ^6"+ somevariable + " seconds left"); //replace "somevariable" with one used in orginal line (To Print it on chat message area) exec("tell "+self getentitynumber()+" ^2Spawn Protection ^6"+ somevariable + " seconds left"); Else script a custom Hud element to display that notification on your desired position.. Refer http://www.zeroy.com/script/ for related HudElement Script functions
  25. Here is Simple Welcome Screen GSC int() { thread onPlayerConnected(); } onPlayerConnected() { level endon("game_ended"); while(1) { level waittill("connected", peep); peep thread welcomescreen(); } } welcomescreen() { waittillframeend; self closeMenu(); self closeInGameMenu(); wait .05; self closeMenu(); self closeInGameMenu(); for(i=0;i<5;i++) { shader[i] = newClientHudElem( self ); shader[i].x = 0; shader[i].y = 0; shader[i].alpha=.6; shader[i].alignX ="center"; shader[i].alignY = "middle"; shader[i].fontscale = 1.4; shader[i].sort= 999+i; shader[i].horzalign = "center"; shader[i].vertAlign = "middle"; shader[i] thread FadeIn(.5); } shader[0] SetShader("white",402,252); //better shader combination (+ hud.color + alpha ) can make it more attractive shader[1] SetShader("black",400,250); shader[2].alpha = 1; shader[2].y = -110; shader[2].alignX = "center"; shader[2].x = 0; shader[2].fontscale = 1.8; shader[2] setText("^2Welcome to ^5sMv ^3GaMinG ^1HardCore ^6Server"); shader[3].alpha = 1; shader[3].y = -90; shader[3].alignX = "left"; shader[3].x = -185; shader[3] setText("Your Text line 1 \n your text line 2 \n your text line 3"); shader[4].x = 180; shader[4].y = 110; shader[4].alignX = "right"; shader[4] settext("Press ^3[melee]^7 to close "); while(!self MeleeButtonPressed()) wait .05; //waiting for melee button press for(i=0;i<5;i++) shader[i] thread FadeOut(1,true,"left"); } FadeOut(time,slide,dir) { if(!isDefined(self)) return; if(isdefined(slide) && slide) { self MoveOverTime(0.2); if(isDefined(dir) && dir == "right") self.x+=600; else self.x-=600; } self fadeovertime(time); self.alpha = 0; wait time; if(isDefined(self)) self destroy(); } FadeIn(time,slide,dir) { if(!isDefined(self)) return; if(isdefined(slide) && slide) { if(isDefined(dir) && dir == "right") self.x+=600; else self.x-=600; self moveOverTime( .2 ); if(isDefined(dir) && dir == "right") self.x-=600; else self.x+=600; } alpha = self.alpha; self.alpha = 0; self fadeovertime(time); self.alpha = alpha; } Can be able to use any shaders shown in below Image for hud elements... (shadername provided in left side in the same order of thumbnail) For More shaders list preview, take a look at http://smvhost.in/cod4-shader-lists