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  1. putting it into the main_shared folder works
  2. dpj

    cod4master list

    because IP location services are inaccurate i wouldn't know about this being possible. did you just try that out of the blue?
  3. makedvarserverinfo requires a 2nd parameter specifying the variables value. https://github.com/callofduty4x/CoD4x_Server/blob/ac7401267510cd1758c8c5380298a00502eb3e4d/src/scr_vm_functions.c#L2241 i guess the cod4x version of that function requires the 2nd parameter and the original version doesnt. might be a bug.
  4. that's only a gametracker issue. bots are shown correctly as bots on our masterserver for this one
  5. yes, you can use Plugin_Scr_ExecEntThread or Plugin_Scr_ExecThread to call a gsc function on an entity or without an entity. https://github.com/callofduty4x/CoD4x_Server/blob/master/plugins/function_declarations.h#L260-L262 to call it you need a handle to a scriptfunction. to get the function handle you can use Scr_GetFunc or Scr_GetFunctionHandle.
  6. don't scatter your question to different threads, that's confusing. answer to fraggy where you initially asked! https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/3380-cant-get-auth-token/&tab=comments#comment-17167
  7. double opening braces on the if statement
  8. using malloc does not initialize memory. you need to use memset to change the contained values. that would need a separate variable anyways. an array in c has no awareness of how "full" it is. it's just a pointer to some memory address.
  9. sounds like you want to have a "resizeable" array. something like that doesn't exist in c or c++. data structures like that can however be easily built with pointers. look up on google what a linked list is. the c++ standard library implements lots of different data structures already. std::vector would be just one example of that. the simplest "c way" to have a resizeable array would be to start with an N elements long array, when you run out of space allocate a new block of memory with length N+x and copy the N elements from the first array to the first N elements of your new array. keep doing that every time you run out of space. .. or just allocate "enough" space at the start of your program. read some c tutorials, that's very basic stuff
  10. all you need is the c standard library. all that crap isn't required. but i'm glad it worked out for you^^
  11. if the file exists and is readable there is a 3rd possibibility. cod4x18_dedrun is a 32bit executable, if you are using it on a 64bit os the 32bit runtime needs to be installed. on ubuntu specifically: sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 sudo apt-get update
  12. https://docs.cod4x.me/cod4x-client/config-files.html if you aren't using the latest windows version it might be somewhere in C:/Documents and Settings or whatever that's called on ancient windows versions.
  13. delete your profile in %appdatalocal%/Callofduty4MW/players
  14. new experience doesn't activate fullbright by default. remove all the crappy scripts and fullbright will be gone. alternatively find the setClientDvar calls in the gsc scripts and fix them.