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  1. dpj

    CL_CGameNeedsServerCommand Problem

    no, dont use trashy mods i guess.
  2. dpj

    Finalkillcam problem

    either you remove the condition entirely, or you define pers["music"] for all connecting players. i dont know what you are confused about.
  3. dpj

    Finalkillcam problem

    because players.pers["music"] is undefined
  4. dpj

    I was Banned Immediately entering the game

    and why do we get bothered with that issue?
  5. dpj

    server down

    it's not the same issue. read the stacktraces. provide some information about the crashes. are they happening randomly, are they reproducable? in this form your report isn't really helping. you are also not using the latest server version. we surely won't search for bugs in the older ones.
  6. dpj


    read a scripting tutorial. you have to add the music files to an iwd in a mod and play it via gsc. wrong section btw.
  7. dpj

    server down

    using the latest server version would be a good start.
  8. dpj

    cg_fovscale and iw3mp.exe impure

    doing something that others can't is an advantage. if the server allows you to, you can certainly set whatever you like. the settings available on the client are limited just like in the official version.
  9. dpj

    where i can apply for ADMIN

    it works! 😮
  10. dpj

    where i can apply for ADMIN

    i pressed the button, am i admin now?
  11. dpj

    cg_fovscale and iw3mp.exe impure

    sure, play on your own server where you can cheat as much as you like to.
  12. dpj

    Players CFG

    punkbuster was able to check for illegal binds via pb_sv_bindsrch
  13. read the fucking script its not rocket science song = (1+randomInt(7));