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  1. guids and ranks are read from the file players/admins.txt. seems like that file doesn't exist or is read incorrectly.
  2. hi, it seems like we have to renew a ssl certificate. thx
  3. the plugin is not loaded, as can see there is an error. download the files from our frontpage without applying any changes and they should work.
  4. like tragedy said, make sure that the cfg file is inside your main folder. to check if your config is executed correctly you can check the output of the server console. at somepoint it will say something along the lines of "execing xyz.cfg" if it didn't work an error is displayed to directly test if the config can be loaded type "exec xyz.cfg" into the server console
  5. you realize that new experience is not part of that repository?
  6. just use english and you won't run into any of these issues. however, if you are eager to solve the problems send us a pull request at https://github.com/callofduty4x/cod4x_server
  7. CoD4x profiles are in %localappdata%/Callofduty4MW/players and get copied during installation of the mod. Your original profiles in the cod4 installation path remain untouched. if you already had profiles in the above path your profiles won't be copied from the game directory during installation, therefore you might be using older profiles now than what you are used to with CoD4x. if you want to use the profiles from your game directory, just copy them over to the above path.
  8. dont think there are any precautions like that. i've never tried obs with cod4x, but i have seen a couple of people streaming cod4x on twitch.
  9. i suppose your homepath isn't working. did you try to verify the homepath by typing "fs_homepath" into the console? that prints the current homepath.
  10. dpj


    don't think anyone cared to fix it. there was some bug to fix with a mismatching symbol. you are welcome to submit a PR.
  11. for 17a you need xbase17_00.iwd in your main folder. as you already duplicated here: https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/3523-error-about-cod4_lnxded-bin/
  12. if you don't want the screenshots to be in /home/<user>/.callofduty4 you can use +set fs_homepath "." to set the homepath to your current server directory. create a folder called "screenshots" in your server directory. if the "screenshots" folder does not exist, no screenshots will be saved.
  13. you're probably missing the iwd file containing the server binary.
  14. symlink it if fs_homepath doesn't suit you. enough help captain caps?
  15. neither xbase17_00 nor cod4_lnxded-bin are part of the latest cod4x server version.