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  1. dpj

    hacker problem

    not interested in drama. closed as suggested. keep your drama out of our forums. technical advice was given, the rest is a waste of space and everyone's time.
  2. this error typically appears when more than one players with the same IP try to connect to the same server at the same time.
  3. dpj

    hacker problem

    y u doin' dis? q.q
  4. didn't you mention that it's not the same instance? maybe i'm misunderstanding something. if you identified sv_authoken as causing hitches, then the same machine with same setup should be used for a comparison with and without sv_authtoken. why do you think that's the same issue?
  5. are you sure you're looking at the correct config file? did you try to create a new player profile? edit: is there a reason you posted this into the server section instead of the client section?
  6. as viking said, you most likely visited a badly configured server that screwed your player profile. the easiest way to fix your unlock is to either visit a server that unlocks all your weapons or just create a new player profile.
  7. dpj

    hacker problem

    looks like the past catches up with you.
  8. dpj

    hacker problem

    updates will arrive whenever they are ready. if you cannot ban him via cod4x playerid or steamid, (temporarily) blacklist his ip and/or place a hidden value in his player profile.
  9. cod4x does not support punkbuster
  10. correct me if i'm wrong, but i don't think "fps" is a built-in command. i assume you're using a plugin for that and in that case it would make sense to just disable the plugin first.
  11. all valid points and i want to add that the identified laziness may also just be a technical misinterpretation. it's also often hard for clans to get get reliable and fairly acting admins, hence why strict rules for banning might be in place. "only ban if there is clear evidence" a reason for this might be that even servers which are seemingly "pure" might still be modded and inflicted damage could differ in that case.
  12. https://callofduty4x.gitbook.io/docs/cod4x-client/config-files you probably have an old config in this path
  13. at least those are the correct files now, but what is the commandline output? without seeing what the output is we cannot diagnose the error. if that's not possible within the website/game hosting service you're using you probably have to contact their support team. our instructions assume full access to the machine a server is running on.