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  1. anyways, we don't host servers.
  2. we don't run any cod4 servers .. and that's even a counterstrike server wtf?
  3. dpj

    Players Slots

    are you absolutely sure? +set sv_maxclients 32 should work just fine. "" are only required if the argument contains a space.
  4. 32bit standard library is required which should be contained in the multilib packages. could have just used "ldd" to check what's missing.
  5. dpj

    Players Slots

    ./cod4x18_dedrun +set sv_maxclients 32 +map mp_backlot should do the trick
  6. you've posted this into the server section, but i guess that's a client issue? most of the time we've seen this error a cracked version of steam or cracked steam games on the users system were the issue. i suggest you try to properly install steam.
  7. https://github.com/Call-of-Duty-Scripts/CoD4MW/blob/master/raw/maps/mp/gametypes/_hud.gsc#L151
  8. loading plugins should work from within xbase_00.iwd as well as the /plugins directory. make sure that: > xbase_00.iwd is in the /main folder > other present plugins show the same error (to see if it is a plugin specific issue) > run your server without any mods configs or special commandline arguments (just in case)
  9. dpj


    the converters linked here always did the trick for me
  10. cod4x does not support punkbuster because it's a lot of work and prone to false positives
  11. it's obviously a bad idea to use hwid as an authentication mechanism for admins as it only relies on the players machine and is prone to spoofing. because of that we are providing a steam based identification method, which should absolutely be used for something like adminship.
  12. sure, use vscode. https://code.visualstudio.com/ here is how: https://www.meziantou.net/comparing-files-using-visual-studio-code.htm https://docs.cod4x.me/file-formats.html > GSC Files