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  1. https://github.com/Call-of-Duty-Scripts/CoD4MW/blob/master/raw/maps/mp/gametypes/_hud.gsc#L151
  2. loading plugins should work from within xbase_00.iwd as well as the /plugins directory. make sure that: > xbase_00.iwd is in the /main folder > other present plugins show the same error (to see if it is a plugin specific issue) > run your server without any mods configs or special commandline arguments (just in case)
  3. dpj


    the converters linked here always did the trick for me
  4. cod4x does not support punkbuster because it's a lot of work and prone to false positives
  5. it's obviously a bad idea to use hwid as an authentication mechanism for admins as it only relies on the players machine and is prone to spoofing. because of that we are providing a steam based identification method, which should absolutely be used for something like adminship.
  6. sure, use vscode. https://code.visualstudio.com/ here is how: https://www.meziantou.net/comparing-files-using-visual-studio-code.htm https://docs.cod4x.me/file-formats.html > GSC Files
  7. sorry i cannot tell for sure. keep your eyes open for _classes.gsc and _rank.gsc
  8. take a look at leiizkos post. that's a much cleaner solution. https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/3413-disable-mounted-mg42s/&tab=comments#comment-17168
  9. the server does read _hardpoints.gsc from the iwd files of your server installation. at runtime the files inside the iwd archives are read as a virtual file system. the cod4x server gives you the ability to overload your own script instead of the original script in the iwd archives. this procedure is described here https://docs.cod4x.me/modding/scriptingguide/quickstart.html with _callbacksetup.gsc as an example. you must make sure that the gsc file you are overriding is in the exactly same place as the original one in the virtual file system. the original file is in *.iwd/maps/mp/gametypes/_hardpoints.gsc to overwrite it, put the original file into main_shared/maps/mp/gametypes/_hardpoints.gsc this is the original file. https://github.com/D4edalus/CoD4MW/blob/master/raw/maps/mp/gametypes/_hardpoints.gsc once you did that you can just insert some error into your new _hardpoints.gsc file. if the server is crashing your file is being loaded. to disable the streaks just comment the respective calls to giveHardpoint() https://github.com/D4edalus/CoD4MW/blob/master/raw/maps/mp/gametypes/_hardpoints.gsc#L851
  10. just clear it and you'll see if that's even the reason. afterwards you can worry about where the issue is exactly. i can't tell from the top of my head.
  11. it's sv_wwwBaseURL not sc_wwwBaseURL
  12. no problem. we have had issues with different versions in the past. since it works with that version it might be a good way to ensure that it can compile. good! maybe @leiizko can put a hint to the required dependency on his github page for trueskill (if it's not there already)
  13. that's not weird. the plugin is in a subfolder and unless cod4x18_dedrun.exe is in the search path, the dependency walker won't find it. but that is nothing to worry about. just worry about the other dependencies like pthreads.
  14. i suggest taking a look at our windows build script for the software versions we are using https://github.com/callofduty4x/CoD4x_Server/blob/master/appveyor.yml#L30