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  1. How can i increase no. maps listed on map vote system?
  2. 1 v/s 1 battle means after match end there is final battle b/w top two playes from two teams.
  3. If I replace iwi file with modified iwi files in promode but after that promod not starting. If iwi file is not of same size (bit diff in size) will it give error?
  4. Ok thanks i ll update it bcz i m running ur mode only! It would be great help if you can add final 1 v/s 1 battle and some special gun rounds!
  5. Need scripts for final 1 v/s 1 battle for server. Please help me out!
  6. I need scripts for final 1 v/s 1 battle
  7. I can't find these lines because the scripts i m talking abt are koaja scripts
  8. Bro sorry to say but config.cfg not working. It not get exec, I placed config.cfg in main folder and added code "exec config.cfg" in end of server.cfg but it not working. So can you please tell me how to change kill streak order by making changes in scripts? And Thanks for your Help!
  9. How can i create cfg file so that if I make change in cfg file those changes get exec in scripts? Sorry for my bad english I hope you got my question!
  10. Error: unknown function: (file 'duffman/_anticheat.gsc', line 276) return (!isDefined(self.pers["avg_ping"]) || getAverageValue(self.pers["avg_ping"])*1.2<self getPing() || self getFps() <= 20); Getting this error erver time while exec scripts Please help me to resolve this problem
  11. Thank You For your Instant support! Means a lot