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  1. I do not by any means insist on this option, people rule their configs as they want, not only FPS, pull the screen resolution in different directions, change the color balance and much more. What is the tool you need to have against the fans to edit their configs and. All my servers were streamed to PBBans and though some sort of protection was from cheaters. Now the hope is only to view the screenshots. Here is a page of bans from my servers.
  2. To equalize some of the superiority of powerful computers over the weak. Or I'm wrong?
  3. Hello! Updated to your latest version, everything works fine! I read your post and tried this script and I get an error here this. Sys_Error: ^ Uscript compile error Unknown function Thread fpswatch :: init (); (See console for details) What is this unknown function? I think that it is necessary to add to the CoD4 New Experience modification a function that will limit FPS to players.
  4. I read this documentation. I did not expect so many features to be used and edited. Both scenarios work, but I started using the script from wkuzma, since it's better to take screenshots from all players at once (the interval is better to choose 5-8 minutes). In addition, I connected the plugin nehoscreenshotuploader from NeHO and the web script CoD4 Status - screenshot view web. Now the server administrator can enter and look at suspicious players once a day.
  5. Ok, thanks for the link! I have not seen this documentation, I will get acquainted.
  6. Thanks for the answer! But where to insert these scripts? The server runs on Debian 8 - CoD4 X 1.8 linux-i386 build 2011 Apr 1 2017.
  7. Hello! Can I make it on the server that screenshots are automatically taken at intervals of 1 every 3 minutes?