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  1. hi how do i place bots on server? 🤔
  2. Hello, I do not meet the requirements in my steam account, my question is as follows, if I install version 17.5, my server will be in masterserver?
  3. It is the only way ? because I do not have a steam account that meets those requirements
  4. Hello, does anyone know why my server does not appear? I'm using linux server (17.5)
  5. Hi . Does anyone know why on my server the players have yellow lagometer instead of green? Is there any way to change it?
  6. Hi, my problem is that the / rcon banuser asd command does not work. I was looking and the server does not generate the banlist_v2.dat file (where the banned ones are saved). I also have loadplugin simplebanlist in server.cfg
  7. the screenshot folder was in another directory, what I did was put + set fs_basepath. + set fs_homepath. in cod4.sh
  8. It tells me that the screenshots were saved, but when I go to see them they are not https://www.mediafire.com/convkey/15b3/2lg66rln78123c3zg.jpg?size_id=8
  9. https://www.mediafire.com/view/ws3fusgg1ws5l0s/screens.png/file I've already done it, but it's still the same
  10. I know they are saved in the screenshot folder (I've already had a rented server), but I do not have that folder either
  11. Hi, if I use / gets all, but my problem is that I can not find the capture I make to the players.
  12. Hello people . I have a server and when I do ss (/ rcon gets all) they do not appear. What could it be ?