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  1. Are you doing anything HERE by any chance? If you return from that function prior to doing anything or blocking it from calling it, this is the result. You can try with stock scripts and simply comment everything out off that function and you will get the same result.
  2. You were already told what is wrong. If you want russian language to work you will sadly have to figure it out yourself.
  3. Your spect.gsx script is then most likely being called prior to events init function.
  4. You need to call init() function first. You can do it within globallogic init function.
  5. deleting the entity should stop the sound I think. However not sure if it would have any negative effects.
  6. I'm unable to test this, the waypoints seem broken. The algorithm I use just fails to find the path (I don't do node rediscovery) while stock implementation just enters an endless loop and scriptengine returns undefined after 16 seconds.
  7. I tested on pipeline which has 450 waypoints. If you have any bigger waypoint file you can send it to me and I can test it for paths you are having trouble with.
  8. Maybe just use this instead link That little improvoment you would get from doing it in pure C is not worth it.
  9. Best used on Hardcore servers so we can get a clear view without hitmarker obscuring everything and 1 shot means 1 kill with most weapons. Use only when you are active on the server and recording. And before someone asks, cvar_cheats only makes server be able to use cheat protected dvars, clients will not be able to use cheats while playing.
  10. This plugin will allow you to write plugin in Lua, no compiling needed. Just drop into server directory and load the script file and you're done. Most suited for implementation of heavier functions that run slow in gsc script (A star for example). It is up to 10 times faster in my tests. Still early version so there may be bugs and not all functions are implemented. Should be enough to satisfy most needs, but if needed you can use lua ffi api to access structs and other functions. GitHub page
  11. If you are running new arch add to config file: set db_nobspweapon 1 If still on old arch add this code to gametype start function turrets = getEntArray( "misc_turret", "classname" ); for( i = 0; i < turrets.size; i++ ) { turrets[ i ] delete(); }
  12. Wouldnt help you at all. Weapons are precached in script and if you remove them from loading you will crash due to script error.
  13. Plugin_Error prints just general error/warning from the plugin, while Plugin_Scr_Error invokes a script error so you actually have a backtrace so you know where exactly the error happens in gsc code. At quick glance i cannot see Scr_GetVector´╗┐ accessible from the plugin. Plugin_Scr_GetVector´╗┐(0, &origin); will do exactly the same. It can be messy at times, but if it suits your needs it is okay then.
  14. Unreleated, but some notes: You probably want Plugin_Scr_Error here? You tried your own implementation of this? Plugin_Scr_GetVector() is by default. Use Vec3DistanceSq() instead. And like said before, try not to use 2 different return types.
  15. Don't have a steam cod4, still does exactly what I described.
  16. Sure. struct data *location = malloc( numElements * sizeof(struct data) ); But this obviously has to be done at runtime and not as a global variable. What are you even trying to malloc? You already initialized the location array. Maybe you'd want to switch to C++ and just use vectors instead.
  17. Editing it like that will make the file impure and it will redownload the original exe file. You can actually find quite a lot of people crying why they can't rename cvars as easily as before.
  18. Promod has built in FPS check so scripting it makes little sense. If you really want to do something else, you can invoke a scriptmenu response when that check is triggered and from there kick/kill/whatever the player. And fyi. It is no longer as simple as editing the exe file with notepad. You can try it yourself and see what happens.
  19. Gentities are not reversed so this will probably never happen. You are better off finding ways how to reduce them.
  20. Server without any players on backlot map crashed at 693 added ents. Server with 64 bots firing at same time crashed at 691 added ents. Weapon fire has no effect on this list. I played the crap out of cod and have never seen this error on stock server. It is a dvar that makes you have unlimited ammo. I think only xmodels work at this point. To me it sounds you just have a leak somewhere.
  21. This game is hitscan, there are no bullets. Never seen it happen, unless you use player_sutainammo and spawn the living shit out of claymores/C4s You can't increase materials. On a bussy server you still have about 600 free entities to play with, how are you possibly hitting the limit?
  22. Plugin_Scr_MakeArray(); // init the array for( i = 0; i < integer_array_size; i++ ) { Plugin_Scr_AddInt( integer_array[i] ); // add the value Plugin_Scr_AddArray(); // push onto the array } Should be like that IIRC. example
  23. You are trying to look too far back in time. You can only go back 60 seconds assuming you run at 20Hz.
  24. Added in last github source. You can now name them as explained above, name must be atlest 3 chars long up to a maximum of 35, anything else will be cut. Also there is a .isBot field now which returns boolean if client is a bot. You cannot set anything to this anymore.