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  1. There will be ADS sensitivity multiplier in next version.
  2. Nope. Then you obviously never return from this function. And as noone has any script problems you can safely assume problem is on your end.
  3. Never tried it, in theory it should work. The error means you have 64bit luasql module, you need 32bit one to work with this plugin.
  4. Looks like the command gets executed next server frame so .05 wait time should be enough. Why do you even use such weird method of waypoiting?
  5. You are not loading the lua script file From readme example: lua_loadscript "lua_scripts/test.lua" // script is located in fs_homepath/lua_scripts
  6. Script VM is completely serial, there is no multithreading involved. "Thread" doesn't start a new thread.
  7. Plugin is working with latest server version. Just search your logfile for "Lua Error:" As for the broken readme, that is just search cutting out lines inbetween. Funnily it looks like a different function.
  8. 5000 is the limit with stock scripts.
  9. This should have been "fixed" ages ago. And by "fixed" i mean server just checks if whatever you do is wrong and kills the player for you.
  10. git clone https://github.com/callofduty4x/CoD4x_Server.git enter dir & make
  11. Does it only happen when you join a specific server? If so please send me the IP via PM. Console cannot be disabled anymore, hence the option for it is missing.
  12. Anyone that has client crashing, do you by any chance use P90? If so try using other weapons and report if it crashes.
  13. To go back to 17.9 go to %localappdata%\CallofDuty4MW\bin and delete cod4x_018 folder. Or if anyone would actually like to help, those who are regulary crashing,attach a debugger to cod4 process and send us the result.
  14. We are aware of the issue and are trying to have a fix as soon as possible.
  15. First post has been updated with fix for "Too many zone files loaded" error. Please download again and install as before. Also do not rename cod4x_patchv2.ff. That issue was server side and has been fixed aswell