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  1. Make sure you are actually loading the plugin then. You could also upload your logfile.
  2. Search for "Lua Error:". Wild guess but I'm gonna assume you are missing libiconv. Try the 0.4 version from github page.
  3. Those files are from your "certified" cracked game. Feel dumb yet? Now i want you to shut up - bye.
  4. Again there are no more xmodels, and even if there were it wouldn't matter. Even if you don't think so, we do in fact know what we are doing and any clientside asset patch we add into the game will NOT load if there is a mod present. In other words, the .ff and .iwd patch you are so concerned about do not exist once you start a modded server. Tested it again on SnD gametype with a crossfire map this time. The ambient sound ( "amb_middle_east0v7_lr.mp3" aka "ambient_crossfire" in this case ) was always present; after round end, in killcam, after killcam, after side flip and on map end. The only thing i didn't bother testing is sitting 6 mins in a single round to see if the ambient loops once the track ends within a single round but in any case this is not what you are describing as a problem. As I can't see your code i can't comment on what the issue is. Most likely you just coded something wrong.
  5. None. I doubt any of the changes caused any of the problems you have since vast majority of your issues are just plain random.
  6. Next round is fast restart. I can hear the ambient gone in your video but that is with your own mod and map combo, get us a video of this happening on other server (AX for example) and maybe we can find the issue. Also what kind of syncing are you talking about? I don't get it what kind of syncing are you trying to do on non-parallel code execution.
  7. I don't think there is a "wrong way" to play s&d game mode. Unless you do some weird stuff this bug does not happen.
  8. Tried with modwarfare and also your own frontlines mod, it always works as it should. As noone can actually reproduce this "bug" don't expect it being fixed.
  9. I re-tested and it works just fine every time with or without mods.
  10. Both client and server are now open sourced on github so you can always take a look what has changed. From top of my head changelog for 20.x: Configurable backend services (this will be extremely important soon) Raw mouse input option Fixed a bug involving loading of assets
  11. In all honesty instead of trying to convince us otherwise you should have taken a minute and look at the "issue" yourself. It is literally only: https://github.com/promod/CoD4-Mod-Tools/blob/master/raw/maps/mp/gametypes/_globallogic.gsc#L20 As this is vanilla code you can see the match was never ranked when sv_pure was 0.
  12. I don't think plugin system allows you to do that easily. I'd guess you'd have to hook the function you want and change it there.
  13. Plugin_RemoveCommand( "name" ) Followed by: Plugin_AddCommand
  14. Please don't spew out nonsense, literally anyone can find your ID as it is far from private. Secondly noone is forcing you to use cod4x. Don't like the rules? Good bye.