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  1. You are trying to look too far back in time. You can only go back 60 seconds assuming you run at 20Hz.
  2. Added in last github source. You can now name them as explained above, name must be atlest 3 chars long up to a maximum of 35, anything else will be cut. Also there is a .isBot field now which returns boolean if client is a bot. You cannot set anything to this anymore.
  3. Underlying issue here is RNG sucks and you can't do much about it. Currently planned solution is to add option to name bot as you add it: addTestClient( <name> ).
  4. It was just the fix for "bot movement ...", nothing else is changed. @dpj would have to compile it for you to not crash tho.
  5. You are not in dev mode. Those prints show in regular operation.
  6. Works just fine with stock NE mod. Not my problem if you broke everything by adding random 3rd party garbage.
  7. Try checking if g_disabledefcmdprefix is still set to 1 after map rotate. Dvars are broken in latest build.
  8. You need to run B3 off source code for 3rd party parsers to work (b3_run.py).
  9. https://github.com/leiizko/cod4_new_experience/blob/master/maps/mp/gametypes/_globallogic.gsx#L2163-L2166 https://github.com/leiizko/cod4_new_experience/blob/master/maps/mp/gametypes/_globallogic.gsx#L2334-L2337 https://github.com/leiizko/cod4_new_experience/blob/master/maps/mp/gametypes/_globallogic.gsx#L2393-L2396 Seems like I forgot to add an option for this. Just delete those lines and it should work.
  10. https://github.com/leiizko/cod4_new_experience/blob/master/config.cfg#L147 Set to 0.
  11. I have never used any level other than 1 so i'm not really sure if it is working properly. It is a server thing, so if power changes on map change it is bugged in server code. In any case just don't add the command via "addscriptcommand". Just define it within commandHandler function and you will still be able to use it via rcon command.
  12. There is a updated version now on github page that has support for B3. Command power of 0 means it can only be used as a rcon command. Such function has to be coded specifically for that as there is no player entity passed when invoked over rcon.
  13. Answer is in your server log - bad command Your B3 modifications require b3hide plugin to work.
  14. https://github.com/leiizko/b3_cod4x Uploaded new version. Now also works with B3hide.
  15. I'll take a look later today if I can replicate the issue.