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  1. leiizko

    Bots from COD4X?

    Not a questions of algorithms, but rather the dataset for pathing. I am not able to reproduce the issue you are having. Mind sharing the actual scripted test that fails?
  2. leiizko

    Request For New update

    That is your problem. Read closely: Or in other words 1. Stay away from dvars you have zero idea what they do and then cry why something isn't as by default.
  3. leiizko

    Request For New update

    This looks like the command prefix for cod4x script commands was changed from "$" to "!"
  4. leiizko

    Bots from COD4X?

    Thats a SIGSEGV, seen in my above post. Tmax probably has to fix that as he wrote that. They work just fine for me. In old arch they used to just disconnect and sometimes trash the entire server. With round based matches you need to use self.pers struct as that is persistent. That should just get removed from the server. People just use this to fake players and this will get you banned on server tracking sites for sure. Bot will respond to new command without any issue. It is your job to make sure there is nothing blocking the path from A to B. This isn't some magical function that will do the pathfinding for you. Reality is this waypoint based paths are garbage and doing a proper pathfinding (navMesh for example) is just waaay too much work and noone is willing to do it. To debug this we need a working script example.
  5. leiizko

    Bots from COD4X?

    @T-Max https://github.com/callofduty4x/CoD4x_Server/blob/dev_newarch/src/dobj_part_cache.h#L24 @Hajas Can you provide script examples where new_arch fails?
  6. leiizko

    Server not showing its version

    Pretty sure Fraggy did that as he doesn't want CoD4x refered as 1.8 anymore. (Causes confusion due to steam 1.8 version)
  7. leiizko

    Out of memory

    Try testing filesystem functions on another server. There was some work done to move logging to seperate thread, maybe this got broken as result.
  8. leiizko

    openwarfare mod not working

    https://github.com/callofduty4x/CoD4x_Server/blob/dev_newarch/src/db_load.cpp#L3108 This isn't actually a bug. It was made on purpose like this as old method was unrelialable
  9. leiizko

    openwarfare mod not working

    Try "db_nobspweapon 1" in config or command line.
  10. leiizko

    Server Command Overflow

    AFAIK this has been fixed already. Wait until new arch server is publicly released.
  11. leiizko


    Because MW3 is free to everyone. If they set it to show as CoD4, people who do not own the game on steam could not be authenticated.
  12. leiizko

    How round a decimal in a script?

    If the return is string then you're good to go lol. Use getSubStr() function. And just a side note: It would be a lot easier and faster for us if you just said at the begining the error was something in lines of "unmatching types 'string' and 'int':"
  13. leiizko

    How round a decimal in a script?

    sigh... Also if column has a value of NULL the value will obviously be again undefined. So AGAIN - check the query.
  14. leiizko

    How round a decimal in a script?

    Your query is returning nothing / is throwing error. Test the queries beforehand.
  15. leiizko

    CoD4 in it's current state

    Since when is 1.7 == 1.8 (aka cod4x)? Lacking basic math skills?