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  1. I don't think plugin system allows you to do that easily. I'd guess you'd have to hook the function you want and change it there.
  2. Plugin_RemoveCommand( "name" ) Followed by: Plugin_AddCommand
  3. Please don't spew out nonsense, literally anyone can find your ID as it is far from private. Secondly noone is forcing you to use cod4x. Don't like the rules? Good bye.
  4. You need to return a boolean if the buy was successful. You need an entry function and from there thread your arm() function and return true. entry() { // Whatever checks you might want thread arm(); return true; } arm() { ... } Obviously "addHardpoint( "arm", "Protection", ps\_killstreak::arm, undefined );" has to be changed to "addHardpoint( "arm", "Protection", ps\_killstreak::entry, undefined );"
  5. I don't think anything was changed that would break this functionality. You need to run a cod4x server with developer_script and ending_editor enabled. Maybe your server doesn't have write permission?
  6. Plugin_Scr_MakeArray(); // init the array for( i = 0; i < array_size; i++ ) { Plugin_Scr_MakeArray() // init the subarray ADD_XXX( value1 ); // add the value 1 Plugin_Scr_AddArray(); // push the value 1 onto the subarray ADD_XXX( value2 ); // add the value 2 Plugin_Scr_AddArray(); // push the value 2 onto the subarray ... Plugin_Scr_AddArray(); // push the subarray onto the array } Where the ADD_XXX is one of these. If you want a string index instead of a number you must use Plugin_Scr_AddArrayStringIndexed( Plugin_Scr_AllocString( name ) ); // name -> const char* instead of Plugin_Scr_AddArray().
  7. I don't really remember how this pathfinding works as it was quite some time ago but i guess the simplest solution is to just dump it to file and load it from there.
  8. waypoints[curEntry] = {} waypoints[curEntry].wpIdx = curEntry The dot in lua is table( waypoints[curEntry] == waypoints.curEntry )
  9. Waypoints are still stored in gsc as they're referenced all over the place and I didn't want to bother changing it all. You can store all waypoints in lua without any issue, you just need some fetch function and are ready to go. example: Ranktable -> Fetch -> GSC function
  10. There will be ADS sensitivity multiplier in next version.
  11. Nope. Then you obviously never return from this function. And as noone has any script problems you can safely assume problem is on your end.
  12. Never tried it, in theory it should work. The error means you have 64bit luasql module, you need 32bit one to work with this plugin.
  13. Looks like the command gets executed next server frame so .05 wait time should be enough. Why do you even use such weird method of waypoiting?
  14. You are not loading the lua script file From readme example: lua_loadscript "lua_scripts/test.lua" // script is located in fs_homepath/lua_scripts
  15. Script VM is completely serial, there is no multithreading involved. "Thread" doesn't start a new thread.