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  1. Looking at their formats I'd say they aren't even using HWIDs, but rather regular old guids.
  2. Ofc it changed the map.. You are starting your own local server and not actually changing the map on the server. Unless someone has your rcon or admin power on server it is impossible to change anything on server. As for disabling client console, you can't. Not server nor client is allowed to disable the console.
  3. You need to download and compile the server first, then drop the plugin src folder into plugin directory in server source and compile.
  4. Then i can only assume you instaled gcc only. look for g++ (C++) package.
  5. Can't say why this happens to you, maybe my environment was broken when i compiled it. Try to compile it yourself and see if it works. You did not set the PATH environment variable. Google that and you should be good to go.
  6. Are you doing anything HERE by any chance? If you return from that function prior to doing anything or blocking it from calling it, this is the result. You can try with stock scripts and simply comment everything out off that function and you will get the same result.
  7. You were already told what is wrong. If you want russian language to work you will sadly have to figure it out yourself.
  8. Your spect.gsx script is then most likely being called prior to events init function.
  9. You need to call init() function first. You can do it within globallogic init function.
  10. deleting the entity should stop the sound I think. However not sure if it would have any negative effects.
  11. I'm unable to test this, the waypoints seem broken. The algorithm I use just fails to find the path (I don't do node rediscovery) while stock implementation just enters an endless loop and scriptengine returns undefined after 16 seconds.
  12. I tested on pipeline which has 450 waypoints. If you have any bigger waypoint file you can send it to me and I can test it for paths you are having trouble with.
  13. Maybe just use this instead link That little improvoment you would get from doing it in pure C is not worth it.
  14. Best used on Hardcore servers so we can get a clear view without hitmarker obscuring everything and 1 shot means 1 kill with most weapons. Use only when you are active on the server and recording. And before someone asks, cvar_cheats only makes server be able to use cheat protected dvars, clients will not be able to use cheats while playing.
  15. This plugin will allow you to write plugin in Lua, no compiling needed. Just drop into server directory and load the script file and you're done. Most suited for implementation of heavier functions that run slow in gsc script (A star for example). It is up to 10 times faster in my tests. Still early version so there may be bugs and not all functions are implemented. Should be enough to satisfy most needs, but if needed you can use lua ffi api to access structs and other functions. GitHub page