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  1. I've actually got that same issue. I figured it hadn't installed correctly since theres nothing in the bottom right of my game, so I launched install.cmd as admin and I got the whole, update folder not in cod4 directory issue. Join to server with 1.8 and you will get notification about install click install and restart cod4 when you launch game you should have 1.8 in main menu if you lost stats or favorite servers check my post https://cod4x.me/forum/thread-321.html
  2. Ok my stats back but what about my favorites servers i have 30 servers in favorite page and i lost it after install cod4x i must add them again or it is a solution like with stats ?
  3. I lost all my stats after install this mod for example my level for 55 down to 19 and i lost all my favorite servers from favorite page in server browser. When i uninstall cod4x all stats and favorite servers back any fix to kept stats and fav server after install cod4x ?
  4. just connect to any cod4x1.8 server and it will install automatically ok iceops have that patch right it work without any problem with polish version ?
  5. I have problem with install i place cod4x_client folder in D:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare and when i run install.cmd i have Error: Updatefolder not placed into cod4 directory i run as administrator in my windows username i dont have spaces etc i have Polish version of cod4 box buy in 2007 and patched to 1.7 official patch