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  1. Customcommands in b3 fps = cmd fps:<PLAYER:PID> fov = cmd fov:<PLAYER:PID>:<ARG> balance = cmd balance:<PLAYER:PID> I am sorry but i cant post here codes in quete or text editor,always getting a error. I will post here scripts and they will be of helpful. Everything work!
  2. I didnt mean my script is wrong.I just upload wrong script i have 2 server with 2 diffrent rotation and i upload wrong mapvote script with diffrent maps. I download marketcenter,toujane_beta and nuketown everything work fine.If you need some maps i will send you. Anyway thanks for help.
  3. If you dont have money for pay some scripts or license for IPS forum,you can download nulled plugins or forum.
  4. Thanks for replay,but i think i will remove mapvote if i dont find any solution.I will see one more time log files and try to find error when i get stuck on server. I upload wrong script from wrong server.I didnt check script.Sorry my bad.
  5. That maprotation is writed perfect. I didnt see any error,cuz if you fail something map wont start after mapvote,but my killhouse map work perfect. Anyway thanks for replay i will check one more time but i am sure its writed perfect
  6. Hello everyone, I have question about this problem. On my server people always getting this dvar CL_CGameNeedsServerCommand after downloaded mod. Is there any solution to make "BUTTON" = Reconnect Thanks in advance! Best regards, @Night
  7. Fixed I edited some codes into that line if(isDefined(players.pers["music"]) && players.pers["music"] == 1) And now work perfect without error
  8. I know its a error but i want to know how to solve this error Well I would love to know where i need to define it
  9. Hello everyone, Where can i find zombiemod rawfiles with prestiges? Best regards, @Night
  10. Hello everyone, My server work normal with this finalkillcam but i get always same error in console. pair 'undefined' and '1' has unmatching types 'undefined' and 'int': (file 'maps/cwp/_finalkillcam.gsc', line 52) if(players.pers["music"] == 1) Here is my script: _finalkillcam.gsc Can someone help me and explain why i getting this error?If you need some other scripts for solve this problem just tell me in replay what do you need i can upload everything Thanks in advance! Best regards, @Night
  11. Hello everyone, I have problem with stuck map after mapvote. I have 3 gametypes (sd,war,dom) in mapvote,but after one map (war=killhouse) i get always stuck and i need to restart map or rotate map. I didnt get any error or something like that in log files. Can someone help me? Here is (server.cfg) rotation: // map rotate set sv_mapRotation "gametype sd map mp_strike gametype dom map mp_overgrown gametype sd map mp_backlot gametype sd map mp_crash gametype sd map mp_crossfire gametype sd map mp_toujane_beta gametype sd map mp_naout gametype war map mp_nuketown gametype war map mp_killhouse gametype sd map mp_marketcenter" Here is a script: _mapvote.gsc Thanks in advance! Best regards, @Night
  12. @speedy173 1. remove plugin (_finalkillcam.gsc) from (/maps/cwp/) 2. then remove these lines in (_globallogic.gsc) from (/maps/mp/gametypes/)
  13. Thanks for replay i will try later
  14. You have menu in your mod and you need to press key "N" to open him.Now you want to create a customcommand !menu to open him? If you want to create a custom command !menu first you need to make script or plugin for that. This man share with you custom command ,now your job is to create a script or plugin with case "menu".
  15. eppie I rly cant understand you. Make full question on germany i will translate it. Its so hard to find solution for your problem cuz i cant understand what you want to do with your menus.