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  1. Hello everyone, I need the help of a person who has a lot of experience with deathrun maps and scripts.I have a problem with a lot of maps after the mapvote. For example you have 12 original deathrun maps that have been downloaded from the site.However, you select the folder on the mapvote, then everything is finished and rotates to that map. Sometimes it happens that a bug constantly downloads a map but you still played the same map before an hour. Sometimes it just happens to throw out on screen"server disconnect" and server return the default map from rotation.Qconsole dont have any warning or error if someone want to know. If anyone knows how to fix the map issue I would appreciate it. Server run braxi deafult deathrun source 1.2 (default mod) Best regards, Night
  2. Night

    B3 - COD4

    Thanks for reply. Server using python 1.12.0 version. I think that 1.12.0 version is compatible with 2.7 python but i am not sure. I'll try to put an older python version on and see if it works.
  3. Night

    B3 - COD4

    Hello everyone, Can i run b3 with cod4x parser on server with the 1.12 python version of CoD4. If can someone explain me. Thanks in advance! Best regards, Night
  4. First time i was put hud_usp_45.iwi its image for example Night killed hud_usp_45.iwi Sherly. Then i was find image weapon_usp_45.iwi and just put inside mods/images and that iwi change menu icon of pistol
  5. Hello everyone, Do you just need to add skin to raw/mods/namemod/images and should this work or does it need to be modified somewhere else? Is it necessary to make 2d element material.Because when I add hud_usp_45.iwi to /images/ folder for example, it won't work. It is always the original image. In mode complication it does not throw error from the image or crash cod4 when the mode is started.I'll leave a picture for you to see what I'm talking about unless someone understands me cuz i am bad in english. EDIT: i only need weapon_usp_45.iwi for that and now work.
  6. Hey Kinsley-Snow, Is your Windows Firewall well configured? I honestly don't know anything about your problem,but "maybe" the problem is that the firewall denied traffic between your internet and client. Try turning off the firewall before playing or try to allow cod4 through Windows Firewall to public/private. I never had a problem like you have and take this as an assumption, not as a solution. Best regards, Night
  7. Customcommands in b3 fps = cmd fps:<PLAYER:PID> fov = cmd fov:<PLAYER:PID>:<ARG> balance = cmd balance:<PLAYER:PID> I am sorry but i cant post here codes in quete or text editor,always getting a error. I will post here scripts and they will be of helpful. Everything work!
  8. I didnt mean my script is wrong.I just upload wrong script i have 2 server with 2 diffrent rotation and i upload wrong mapvote script with diffrent maps. I download marketcenter,toujane_beta and nuketown everything work fine.If you need some maps i will send you. Anyway thanks for help.
  9. If you dont have money for pay some scripts or license for IPS forum,you can download nulled plugins or forum.
  10. Thanks for replay,but i think i will remove mapvote if i dont find any solution.I will see one more time log files and try to find error when i get stuck on server. I upload wrong script from wrong server.I didnt check script.Sorry my bad.
  11. That maprotation is writed perfect. I didnt see any error,cuz if you fail something map wont start after mapvote,but my killhouse map work perfect. Anyway thanks for replay i will check one more time but i am sure its writed perfect
  12. Hello everyone, I have question about this problem. On my server people always getting this dvar CL_CGameNeedsServerCommand after downloaded mod. Is there any solution to make "BUTTON" = Reconnect Thanks in advance! Best regards, @Night
  13. Fixed I edited some codes into that line if(isDefined(players.pers["music"]) && players.pers["music"] == 1) And now work perfect without error
  14. I know its a error but i want to know how to solve this error Well I would love to know where i need to define it
  15. Hello everyone, Where can i find zombiemod rawfiles with prestiges? Best regards, @Night