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  1. main() { maps\mp\_load::main(); maps\mp\_compass::setupMiniMap("compass_map_mp_killhouse"); game["allies"]="sas"; game["axis"]="russian"; game["attackers"]="allies"; game["defenders"]="axis"; game["allies_soldiertype"]="woodland"; game["axis_soldiertype"]="woodland"; level.sunlight=1.5; >>>>setDvar( "weap_allow_frag_grenade", 0 ); } No, didn't hear it?
  2. Error: This plugin might not be compatible with this server version! Requested plugin handler version: 3.100, server's plugin handler version: 4.0. Unloading the plugin...
  3. num score ping playerid steamid name address FPS XVer --- ----- ---- ------------------- ----------------- -------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- --- ----------- ^7 2 0 39 [U:32:xxxxxxxxx] [I:0:0] TEST^7 84.54.x.x:11864 240 17.7 sni how to add vip_0 in cod:ne this playerid?
  4. You can explain as it is correct to make it? if(menu\_dev::onPlayerConnected())self.statusicon="hud_status_dev"; where it is necessary to add it that statusicon has appeared?
  5. Hi all It can be used for promod?
  6. d1zzy


    I fkng nothing understood nothing but thanks for responses
  7. Hi all, you can explain how to set such ladders?
  8. I dont know. All speak install the latest version of cod4x on the server and there will be no this error but it didn't help me. And as a result I stoped to use cod4 new experience. With the cod4x latest version there was more problems
  9. If you mean this plug-in that I already set it but the muteplayer command doesn't work
  10. mutePlayerChat(< player >, <int 0 - 1>) whether that it worked it is needed to add to .gsc files something?
  11. Admin sry for offtop Not for the server it is necessary I could add +set r_xassetnum "xmodel=1200" to start line server and get rid of this problem easy But I want that it I worked here:
  12. The problem with animation is solved. New problem this Exceeded limit of xmodel 1000
  13. d1zzy

    full steady sniper

    self setClientDvars( "player_breath_gasp_lerp", "0", "player_breath_gasp_time", "0", "player_breath_gasp_scale", "0", "cg_drawBreathHint", "0" );