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  1. thank you for the reply, So at the moment there is no way for a MacPowered machine to use COD4 with Cod4x ... Unfortunately Wine is not really reliable and I have not had a good experience with it. I hope you would make this mode compatible with Mac as well.... Thank you again
  2. Ohh maybe the time which I was trying to purchase it for Mac was not available at seam which really annoyed me because the Steam support is really good but Mac App Store is kind of different (since it is for all kind of stuffs like apps game and so on but steam is focused on Games only). And sorry I can not understand this part : "(which can then also be played on macOS, but without CoD4X)" You mean I would be able to play in servers which are using COD4i mod using the Steam version ? Thank you
  3. Thank you very much for your reply, but please note that I purchased my version from Mac Apple Store not steam. COD4 for mac is not available at Steam ... Thank you