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  1. A very competent person nickname gurinov (forum member) created a script. And the card worked. See mp folder
  2. The problem with the agx_91101 card has been resolved. We go to our server)
  3. + Почему только он не написал об этом.)
  4. Most players have audio problems when logging into your server. Crackle in headphones) How to fix?
  5. Same on my server !!! Delete folder plugins...Ban list earned
  6. Thank you = Viking =. But alas, this did not solve the problem.
  7. The very attractive mp_agx_91101 map does not run on the server. For any of the mods. The map only works offline with any mod. And this is very strange. The map developer tried to help a few years ago, gave a light version (removed machine guns, moving objects, TVs). It didn't work. Great minds, can any of you be able to solve the problem? console.log
  8. We played this map every day, now it crashes on build 1056 ===== mp_citi_cemetery console.log
  9. Юра,ты в скайпе у меня есть,ты его просто включи)) Я думал разрабы что то сделают, пойдут на встречу,разберутся в конце концов. А они мне ля ля разводят. Не спится им без обновлений. Выдумывают на нашу голову.
  10. Everything was fine. No problems were noticed. There are 10 admins on the server. Control 24 hours a day. The server is worldwide, public. What will happen now? Players will simply be lost ....
  11. Everything worked fine on build 2055 started turning on maps by rotation on build 1056: server stop ....... console.log
  12. This was added 4 years ago +set r_xassetnum xmodel=2000 image=6000 material=6000 fx=1000 And everything worked fine on build 2055 console.log
  13. Проблема в том ,что не будут работать некоторые карты на Build 1056! Вот например mp_krutzenfleig ..И эта первая которая остановила сервер по ротации. А сколько их ещё??? На сервере у нас 450 карт.
  14. This is my server. When upgrading to build 1056. Some cards stop the server with a critical error !!! Did you know about this ??? This is the second backup with this update ====On the screen
  15. Problems with the update again !!!! Why do this? Nobody can log into the server after update 19.0 !!!
  16. Hello! Our server has been around for 4 years. It has a BO2 mod installed. Everything was fine until update 18.0. and 18.1. Namely, mods could be launched offline. And test the cards. Now there is no such opportunity !!! The font color scheme has also changed. We don’t need it !!! Everyone makes his mod as colorful as he wants. Do not do this for us, we ask you !!!! Also found problems with fonts on screen resolutions up to 1920 x 1080. Why did you need to do this? In particular, at a resolution of 1280 × 1024, the font became full screen !!! Please be human! Return everything back as it was !!! 17.9 suited all players !!!! Dear developers, I would like you to correct these defects