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  1. Developer, it's been enough time to see these errors. Why has nothing been done to eliminate them? Why are you breaking the game? Before, everything worked fine without your updates! Return the correct loading of the game (the problem is described above) And please make all the maps work, because half of them now do not work with your updates!
  2. Third day of observation. Freezes were also revealed after updating the client. Freezes now occur chaotically in the game. Update 20.2
  3. All maps worked fine until update 19.0 !!! Some maps stopped working after updates! Developers don't give a damn about people's reviews, they do everything in their own interests. Same error after mp_luna2 map (Sys_Error: failed to load default asset for asset type "M E9") Our server is over 5 years old. Before, everything worked fine until these unnecessary updates. Here, as far as I understand, we are talking to ourselves. Developers are bored. Updates are being released to gradually kill the game. Everything is logical. Then they watch the reaction of the people.
  4. Believe me, a lot of people love this game!👍
  5. Before all these updates, everything worked fine. Now what? Half of the maps don't work (mp_luna2; mp_citi_cemetery and so on) With latest updates <20. When loading each map, the parameters are set !!!!! Why all this, who needs it ???
  6. A very competent person nickname gurinov (forum member) created a script. And the card worked. See mp folder
  7. The problem with the agx_91101 card has been resolved. We go to our server)
  8. + Почему только он не написал об этом.)
  9. Most players have audio problems when logging into your server. Crackle in headphones) How to fix?
  10. Same on my server !!! Delete folder plugins...Ban list earned
  11. Thank you = Viking =. But alas, this did not solve the problem.
  12. The very attractive mp_agx_91101 map does not run on the server. For any of the mods. The map only works offline with any mod. And this is very strange. The map developer tried to help a few years ago, gave a light version (removed machine guns, moving objects, TVs). It didn't work. Great minds, can any of you be able to solve the problem? console.log