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  1. Gogo

    screenshot metadata

    Just convert this code to vb and it should work. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/framework/winforms/advanced/how-to-read-image-metadata
  2. Even, especially, same thing different package. Cod4 is broken at script level. You can't always invoke assets from default game (unless it's soundalias ofc they are magic assets that works all the time -.-''). Materials and models can't be invoked always, so no matter of it's existance in the game's stock fastfiles it will show blank fx in moded games sometime. Everyone who tried to spawn something at script level without compiling it to fastfile knows what pain that can be. But, as I said..nevermind, I got the answear. No further discussion is required. Thanks.
  3. I wasn't joking, I know the difference between my mistake in scripts to and actuall cheat. haha
  4. If I can mention something similar. Few days ago we had player that had some type of "god mode", wasn't sv_cheats, it was like he had infinte health and no hitmarker was shown when you shoted at him even you dealth damage, server registered it as hit i found lines in logs, but he didn't die nor hes characted started to act like he was hitted. So no matter on servers authority over some systems, they can be overwriten somehow by client or cheat.
  5. CoD4 is broken game, so everything is possible even with already stock built assets.
  6. I can't edit last post. Nevermind, gonna test it. Thank you @leiizko very much.
  7. That looks easy. But...do I have to compile them to fastfile or they can work just by calling that method to origin without compiling them as assets to fastfile?
  8. Hey all, does anyone know is it possible to invoke these pickup points directly from game without adding them as assets to mod.ff?
  9. Ups, wrong url. This is right url. https://github.com/gogo1207/promod2.20-source-code
  10. @XYWINGS Download and compile this source: https://github.com/gogo1207/promod4-promod2.20-source-code/ Then add music file like this into .iwd sound/music/main_menu.mp3
  11. It's firewall related. Open TCP and UDP on that 28960 port, and don't forget to add .exe file to firewall as aplication. Btw that ip is not accessible from the net at all. Best solution is to disable that junk windows firewall completely and it will work fine. No need for it anyway, it's useless. If it won't work after that then you don't have binded that ip to that machine.
  12. And also gsm junk is not free, unless you host server for yourself.
  13. Why should he use b3 or garbage gsm? His main menu music doesn't work. @XYWINGS Looks like there is no soundloop method at all in default promod. https://github.com/promod/promod4/blob/master/ui_mp/main.menu .iwd file doesn't need to be compiled, they are simple packages (archives such as .zip for example), you need to compile mod ff. If you gonna compile mod.ff you have to add one line that will play music. After the line #42 add this soundloop "music_mainmenu_mp" It should use soubd/music/HGW_gameshell_v10.mp3 by default even without adding it to sounalias.csv If that won't work add this line to soundaliases/promod.csv and compile mod.ff again. You can rename music_mainmenu... and hgw_gamehel... as you wish but the don't forget to rename your mp3 file inside iwd. music_mainmenu_mp,,music/HGW_gameshell_v10.mp3,0.35,,music,,,,,menu,streamed,,looping,,menu,,,,,,music,,,,!PC,,,
  14. So we are talking about the same main menu. Looks liek something is broken in that mod or your didn't place music file in correct place. Did you compile that mod or it's already compiled mod by someone else, eg. are you using actual promod's mod.ff or you made your own one?
  15. @Night I already said that above.