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  1. What servers? I dont think i've ever played a server that does use default vision for the maps
  2. Did you try my idea of just moving the entity?
  3. No, but if want score board to open tab just does the script action "+scores" which you can activate with a clientcmd script clientCmd( dvar ) { self setClientDvar( "clientcmd", dvar ); self openMenu( "clientcmd" ); if( isDefined( self ) ) self closeMenu( "clientcmd" ); } and clientcmd menu file { menuDef { name "clientcmd" rect 0 0 1 1 visible 0 fullscreen 0 onOpen { exec "vstr clientcmd"; close clientcmd; } } } At least as far as i know
  4. I dont know if there is a way to stop it, but you could just move the enitity really far away so you cant hear it any more
  5. Do you mean the link doesnt work? It works fine for me
  6. What do you mean the syntax information is not active?
  7. To add player models into the game you need to rig a model up with skeleton. Im pretty sure there arnt any good tutorial out there on how to do it. Look in the bin/maya folder in mod tools, might help you out, but if you dont have any experience with 3d modeling software you are probably out of luck
  8. On the compile tools go to applications and click "Run Converter". If that doesnt work then re install the mod tools
  9. idk, find the getPlayer function and see what it does
  10. You havn't defined pickingType anywhere. Idk what getPlayer does exactly but im guessing that pickingType is how you getting the player entity e.g. by name, guid, entity number etc
  11. I guess you are using menu files (?), if so read this
  12. You can add me on discord Sheep Wizard <3#7798
  13. when player presses the button make or script changing player dvar. Or you can do it within the menu
  14. No, you can play .bik files in menus i think but that might only be sp
  15. You can use my menu builder to help you make the menu Player stats are saved as numbers so 2305 might be number of deaths, you can find a list of them somewhere in the mods tools. You can then add the stat too a dvar and read it from the menu.
  16. Any reason for this, kinda puts people using 1.8 at a disadvantage
  17. Does the codx client or server change any of the knife mechcanics in the game? I ask this as i've had several people say they dont want to use codx cause it has differnt knifing such not being able to stab compared to 1.7
  18. One possible fix is replace every water texture with your own water textures that isnt actually water. ofc it wont look as good though
  19. CoD4 Menu Builder is a website that allows you to easily create .menu files for CoD4: Features: Create multiple MenuDef's and ItemDef's Supports for viewing menu in each aspect ratio Created rectangles, text, shaders Save and load your progress Import existing .menu files Tutorials to get you started Export .menu files ready for use in CoD4 Video demonstrating the website: I will be continuing to add new features to the website. Credits: -Easy Visit the website here: Visit the github page here:
  20. I prefer playing modded server (dr, sr, cj) but whenever I want to play a vanilla game I do find it hard to find. Best thing to do is try contact a server owner who has a few popular servers and ask them if they could host a vanilla server. Like you said it's hard to get your own server popular, but if ask someone to host it who has some more clout it would have a better chance at being popular.
  21. I've had issues with photoshop dds plugin before. Try using the dds export on, works everytime for me
  22. it isnt, just make sure all scripts that contain codx functions are in .gsx files, this way you can still run the mod in devmap without getting errors