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  1. Crazy promod is a bunch of random scripts made by other people put together and has a lot of errors, you're going to have to fix them errors yourself or use a more stable mod. The command overflow error is because you're forcing too many or loads of dvars on clients (can't remmeber which one), that's why in the log after you see the error on a player it prints every single dvar that's been put on that player.
  2. cannot set field of removed entity: (file 'maps/mp/gametypes/_hud_util.gsc', line 65) self.alignY = "middle";
  3. Lossy

    Spawn Protection

    you're the stupid enough one to buy it, just like anyone else that buy these scripts, more people would be willing to help if stupid people would stop buying it
  4. he means when his current server population is full, it redirects people to the secondary server so he doesn't lose players cuz the server is full
  5. you don't need to release the csv's, can easily dump log the csv's if i wanted to. Just the way you've done it requires the full source to make it much easiser and more efficient.
  6. having the full source will allow me to make it a couple lines
  7. post the full source of the mod then
  8. lol that flag system can be do so much better and narrow the code to a couple of lines
  9. goes where ever you put the server build files
  10. you probably don't have the geoIP.dat file on your server.
  11. When ever i launch my local server and join it with CoD4X (both running on same machine) and I leave the game, the CoD4X client pops up with this and if i kick the CoD4X client, that error box pops up still but with the reason why i was kicked out the server. but it will always say "recursive error after: reason" (same thing happens if the server crashes or i shut the server off before closing down the client) so pretty much if the CoD4X client leaves the server for any reason that error box pops up but it only happens to my local server. and if you click the ok button or the X button at the top right, the entire game shuts down.
  12. you don't need to develope it to know that. it's common sense lol, every game does it.
  13. Easy to say. Isn't it? What is current? How should a computer program know it? I never said it was easy but it should be a high priority.
  14. Should make CoD4X client move all current stats/configs over so they don't reset for people. Pain in the ass to host CoD4 promod scrims as other people leave because their cfg got reset.