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  1. NeHo

    CoD4 Status Last Release

    Maybe the steam authentication changed idk. if that's your steam ID then you are on the whitelist so actually you should be able to authenticate with steam on the frontend
  2. NeHo

    CoD4 Status Last Release

    if you have VPS or Dedi server please use the new Status page. if you would like to stick with the old php version if i remember you have to create Steam group for your admins and the you have to import members from that Steam Group backend in Admin section. You can get the new version written in node here Install instructions can be found on Forum
  3. I am not hungarian just learned it (had a blue eye neighbor girl, there was no other option ), I will share the english version on github and inform you when you can help me. Thnx
  4. Valahogy megoldjuk, ne aggódj Köszönöm a segítséget majd értesítelek ha megvan (Just a small thank you in Hungarian) First I have to change the source code and to create the default english json file with the translations since we need a start point
  5. You will have to help me when i finish it to translate it in Spanish since i can only scream vamos and laugh in Spanish I will add English, German, Hungarian and Croatian translations with other languages i will need help
  6. There are 2 options, every registered user can change the language on his profile page or I add some flags to topmenu and you can select what language you want. When a non registered user visits the page the language will be based on his location, if there is no translation for his region than the default English will be set.
  7. That's god news, in that case i will only need to change the console commands for example when i have to create a new directory for new server and symlink it to the main-server-files folder since there is no need to store the same files for every server. As soon as i finish the multi-language support/translations i will test this out with you. Have to create the page in multi-languages since @Klauser can only ban cheaters in Spanish
  8. I am working on some new features and have to fix some deprecated package issues after that I can PM you to make it windows compatible. Actually the only issue with windows right now is the local game server part since I use screen to keep shells active, not sure what the alternative would be for windows
  9. NeHo

    Cod4status help..

    You are mixing 2 applications,one is written in php and the other in javascript. The php version is old and I have not looked at it for at least a year or maybe 2. Since you already change the nodejs application I am pretty sure you can do it alone. The screenshot path's are stored in the database so I don't need to create for every server a separated folder for the screenshots, it is all defined in the DB. For the screenshot parts, I like it as it is, for me it is a good idea to open the screenshot in gallery and to check it, while it is open in Gallery you can see the player/server details in bottom and you can ban(or create a cheater report if you have no admin rights) with 1 click while you are in the gallery view. Here is a tutorial with images on my forum
  10. Yes they can, they are totally separated from each other. @wkuzma if I remember you are on windows so the create Local server will not work for you. If you would like to use it on windows I will need your help later on in testing that part since I have only Linux platforms and have no place to test things out. Let me know if you are interested and will will try to make it windows compatible
  11. NeHo

    Cod4status help..

    Plugin Julia is needed because it sends the data from the game server to the website, it is faster then a rcon protocol in the older versions. Why should I upgrade from the previous version? First of all the new version will be further improved (deprecated warnings will be fixed, security will be improved) in future and it will have new plugins, translations. Because plugin Julia which include next features server admins have to be added only on the website, the plugin will auto-detect admins on server join and there is no need to add every admin manually on the game server (running steam required) permanent bans which are executed via game server console will be auto stored on the website on the ban-list game server console commands can be managed on the website (based on Admin Power) players can be temporary voice muted players can be temporary chat and voice muted server admins can not be temp-banned or perm-banned (running steam required) new players data link on the website, name aliases, guids, steam id, locations are stored in database temporary voice, chat and bans can be removed on the website with 1 click the players list and server information's are refreshed every 30 second automatically on the website server admins actions can be visible on the website on the admins profile page (permbans, tempbans, unbans) About the style, I like the material design it is clean and simple, but that is my opinion and we are different. Glad that you found a solution that works for you
  12. NeHo

    Cod4status help..

    If you download here from the homepage the linux files there is a readme.txt try with that. You will have to ask some friend to create a steam api, sry can't share my
  13. NeHo

    Cod4status help..

    Can you try it with files what I have shared on the github page, you can grab them if you go to I am not sure but I think this could be a Linux issue actually
  14. NeHo

    Cod4status help..

    upload to main-server-files
  15. NeHo

    Cod4status help..

    In the zip file what I posted you there are also the server files (bin file), plugin julia requires the dev_newarch server version, replace the files in mein-server-files If you want you can also compile it here