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  1. Your mod already have callback and globallogic files, you cant just copy paste everything that will not work. You have to add the new lines to your existing callback and globallogic files, find all lines which contain "neho" compare them with yours, read try to understand how it works. If your server doesn't start check the log files there will be an error, if I remember it there should be even a system error file every time there is a bug/error There are many server owners and each 1 has different files so I can not write for everyone all the lines and maintain their servers, this is an example how I use it on my servers, you can read it and implement it to your own server.
  2. This works only with cod4xwebadmin, it also requires a working http plugin + plugin julia. It is not fully tested and I am bad in gsc scripts so it can be improved any help is welcome. If you find an error, bug please share it so that we can fix them If you upload this to a raw server it should work, you will have to tweak your server if you want to add this scripts. Server messages and rules don't require http plugin I was just to lazy to remove them Small description for available commands can be found in julia.cfg cod4xwebadmin_cmds.rar
  3. Welcome to my server Smiley On the screenshot what you have shared I am using plugin http and gsc scripts. There are some premade json files what you can read/POST with plugin http. You can find the json files if you navigate on cod4xwebadmin to Admin->Server Edit There is a TaB -> 3rd Party Http Plugin Server messages are pure gsc The welcome message, stats message on your screenshot are made with plugin http + gsc You can also add other stuff to your server like player vision settings (playerID based), new server commands like banlist, server admins, player name aliases etc etc check out the premade json files
  4. You are right my ping is lower on IPv6, thank you
  5. We had that issue with some players to, after some time we learned that this issue happens with players who have installed cod4 via some nosteam ru. (not original game files) There should be a file called iw_nosteam, if they remove that file the problem will be solved. Server kicked them on every map change The server can also kick players if they use some kind of skins, so make sure that the players have a clean cod4 install without any plus files
  6. NeHo

    Segmentation fault

    We had that issue with some players to, after some time we learned that this issue happens with players who have installed cod4 via some nosteam ru. There should be a file called iw_nosteam, if they remove that file the problem will be solved. Server kicked them on every map change
  7. Hello, I have a strange ping issues When I join my server from ingame favorites menu my server ping is 80+, but when I switch to filter and search for sd servers and join my server that way my ping is normal betwen 30-40. Same happend to other person and this trick helped him, he lowered his ping from 150 to 80 Is there any cache and is it posibble that this could be something server side
  8. You should have on all your external servers also the old file renamed, so just rename it back
  9. Since you are using my application you should have a symlink renamed in each directory cod4-port where the server got auto updated The fle in main-server-files directory is the old version so you can use that file, simply rename the new file cod4x18_dedrun to cod4x18_dedrun-old and rename back the symlink to cod4x18_dedrun
  10. My servers are listed here If you search in game for your server check the filter in search options, it was set by default on something I don't remember and I also was upset my servers are not listed, then I changed the filter settings and got even more upset because I didn't know that
  11. If plugin julia can be compiled for windows servers (never tested ) external servers will work, you will only miss the part for local servers (you can not create with 1 click servers on the same machine, 1 click file compile will also not work) The application itself works on my win 10 and can communicate with plugin julia so I am pretty sure that external servers will work. If somebody owns a windows server and would like to share with me some data we can make it compatible for local servers to in future updates
  12. Ultrastats has more info, you can see the top 25 players tab in your server details, its similar to gametracker. If you need stats in details its better you use ultrastats I will not dive into details will keep stats simple. What part do you use on echelon, in next update chat history will be added to my application so maybe I could add the other stuff what you use. Let me know pls, thnx
  13. NeHo

    Cod4status help..

    sry I don't remember the php site what I made there times, I don't even have it stored, somebody else shared it on his GitHub page but don't remember who it was
  14. Follow this instructions
  15. Would it be a big wish to name the folders (GitHub) inside plugins same as the for future. I made a section on my application where we can compile server and plugin files with 1 click and then use them on game servers (local) or download them. I could create a workaround solution but it would fail every time if there is any name change in future. Right now I have on my plugin list: antispam, censor, julia, legacybanlist, simplebanlist, sourcebansplugin and warn just a demo screenshot how it looks