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  1. I sent you some instructions on my forum, hope it helps
  2. In order to refresh the server name you will have to use plugin julia. Julia sends and receives data from the game server. You can not add a 2nd new server since the server name has to be unique, so after you add the default server it gets the default name and since you do not use plugin julia the real server name never get sent to the website. So when you add the next server it is named same and you have a duplicated server name. Do not change the database manually, there are lot of working websites so you made some mistake. For start use plugin julia, also remove the nehoscreenshot plugin you do not need it it is implemented in julia already. Also avoid ban-list plugins, your ban-list is stored in the mongoDB after you set up everything with julia The compiled julia plugin for Linux servers is attached
  3. It is not integrated within the website, it only sends/receives raw data to/from the website similar as sourcebans plugin
  4. @st0rm use git, you probably downloaded it directly, I had the same issue on my web-admin app, after I switched to git the versioning is working correctly
  5. Hello, I have not touched the php since I don't even remember, check the permissions, admin rights, steam etc I have no other idea The new version should be compatible with windows game servers if you add them as external servers I believe. You will be not able to manage your local servers on windows, with other words you can not create, remove or update servers on windows vps. You have to install mongoDB, node and npm on your windows server and the other steps should be the same as for Linux, if you need help PM me here or on my forum. My local machine is on windows and the application works same as on Linux, only the installation steps are different for win OS the application itself works with no problems
  6. Click on the 3 dots on the right side and a delete option will appear, only server admins can use this link
  7. here is the latest linux compiled file, since I know that you have problems with compile March.28th.2019, 02:34 _od4x18.dedrun
  8. @Klauser here you go with the latest
  9. NeHo

    Cod4x Webadmin

    try now, my mistake have not tested since theme upgrade the register part
  10. NeHo

    Cod4x Webadmin

    You talk about my Forum sign up form or? You have to click on the recaptcha i am not a robot
  11. You will have to wait for cod4x devs, just post them here which version you use, @dpj already made you a suggestion in another post here, make sure you did that.
  12. If you type in-game $ministatus how are the guids shown, if the guids are not in right formats try to add this line to your server.cgf file set sv_usesteam64id 1 In your main directory check for file qconsole.log and share that file
  13. @AlexC the front-page should be finished I will upload later on the admin part since I will implement some new features and then i will translate that to in English. I uploaded today the Croatian version hopefully I can make the German for tomorrow. After I finish the translations I will upload the main files to just have to fix some smaller issues. just a small help, if you look at this line this part is dynamic {{get_AdminName}} please don't change the data in double brackets. You can move the data itself to another position, just for example you could change this line what I sent you in the link to this one Server admins are protected! {{get_AdminName}} is server Admin! I moved {{get_AdminName}} to another position that's not a problem you will do the same in some scenarios since it will be in Hungarian, if you need any help let me know. translations are inside locales create a new directory called "hu" or rename the English Thank you for helping me out
  14. Maybe the steam authentication changed idk. if that's your steam ID then you are on the whitelist so actually you should be able to authenticate with steam on the frontend
  15. if you have VPS or Dedi server please use the new Status page. if you would like to stick with the old php version if i remember you have to create Steam group for your admins and the you have to import members from that Steam Group backend in Admin section. You can get the new version written in node here Install instructions can be found on Forum