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  1. Hi m8, just a heads up i noticed your using that cool cod4.php ? you have to edit the weapons names to their proper names, as on your stats pages they are showing the names for my custom weapons ie 'p90_acog_mp' => array('FELINE ACOG', 'description', 'weapon_p90.png'), should be 'p90_acog_mp' => array('P90 ACOG', 'description', 'weapon_p90.png'), for stock weapons
  2. all sorted thank you, did a complete reinstall using those files, also used my custom cod4.php for my mods weapons and maps, and a modified XlrFunctionComponent.php (which cancells out the checks) ps also found that after adding server, i got errors until i edited the servers servername_a internal structure ? everything works great now
  3. BHCMax

    cod4 vers 1.9

    is there a cfg to use those assets ?
  4. BHCMax

    cod4 vers 1.9

    does this update the stock game to a mod version withac130 etc ? coz i run cod4x already in a mod server which actually has some of the stuff that looks like its been added
  5. BHCMax

    cod4 vers 1.9

    I have just updated my client to 1.9 i restarted my games server, but get error about different cod4x vers. i thought servers auto updated ? how do i update my server ?
  6. BHCMax


    Hi there , thought i'd share this code for those of you who run cod4x , b3, xlrstats its a cool code for showing custom maps/weapons images edit weapons names and images , and show maps images on your xlrstats page cod4.php
  7. did you ever solve this ? I have exact same issue
  8. ive managed to get b3 1.9.2 working and parsing again, but to xlrstats v2., ( will have to manually transfer all stats to the v3 vesion once a week or so.. till i can get b3 v1.10.11 from a reputable GSP)
  9. what changes did you make for it to be compatible with cod4x ( and do you use xlrstats v3 ) ?
  10. so how did you combine old b3 vers 1.9.2 with the b3 version 1.10.11 ?
  11. lol which brings me back to my original question :P, ps i thot you said you got the old b3 v1.9.2 to work with cod4x (latest build) ?