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  1. LinkTo - thats the point of this function. PhysicsLaunch - moves whole entity. If you need to remember origin - feel free to save it to a ent's variable. Line - doesn't work for me at all since 1.7 GetKeyBinding \ GetCommandFromKey - client keyboard not getting synchronized in per-frame state. Only movement\actions commands got synchronized. AnimRelatve \ AnimScripted - I am not sure if entity anim state is synchronized in entity per-frame state.
  2. T-Max

    Custom Rank Shaders

    People are free to use custom textures on their own side.
  3. T-Max

    Custom Rank Shaders

    Most likely MW2. But there are CoD4 prestige one looks same like in MW2. Wait a minute! That's not a modded server. These are native CoD4 icons. Rank icons are from MW2|MW3 - already saw these one in codjumper mod.
  4. I don't know you, MNX, other guys you mentioned. But since you admit some bad things - I don't think you can be trusted. I agreed with @dpj - feel free to contribute for our open-source stuff. But closed sources will stay closed and I am not the one who can decide anything.
  5. @leiizko Do not use "wait" or "notify" mechanism inside disconnecting callback. You have only one frame, before waiting\delayed call to clear everything up (you can dump entity info to deal with it later). After that you can't rely on entity's fields.
  6. Your server already have fullbright setting. And fovscale too! Fullbright is renderer mode when game uses some colouring tweaks to colourify raw maps and make it more pretty-looking for people. Fovscale is a dvar which is set to 1.0 by default. See, as I said, your server already have it! Good luck
  7. cod4x uses CORRECT location in %appdata%. Basically, application shouldn't have write access to its installation directory (assume no admin rights and game dir is on %programfiles%)
  8. MP_DISCONNECTED not in use. It's in code: SV_SendServerCommand(0, 0, "%c \"\x15%s^7 %s%s\"", 101, &playerName, v8, "EXE_LEFTGAME");
  9. I am experiencing some issues with converting in-memory planes to a radiant one. (Getting 3 points on a plane in correct order when I have plane equation by normal and a point)
  10. Nice catch. Wireshark will help you.
  11. You can get biggest emogi available by throwing tacos into your monitor. Kappa
  12. In - based on players' FPS, if I understand engine frame correctly. Out - 20 packets per player per second. But I don't know size of a packet.
  13. T-Max

    COD4 Steam Update

    Can you provide new 1.6 exe? I wonder if there something new inside.
  14. That meaning of message from activity page
  15. No. Script models have no brush models.
  16. Script model is an entity placed using GSC `spawn` function. Brush model is a map entity which is placed on map using Radiant. With scripts you can not spawn brush models but you can find one and move/rotate/delete it with script. Brush models are commonly used as moveable collision. For example, bombsite: it exist on SD game mode but getting deleted shortly after map started on WAR game mode. I repeat, you can not spawn just any brush model you want, but you can find one on a map and clone it as much as you want (almost ). This is how care packages in MW2 works: developers just added one simple prefab for all collideable stuff on a map. Of course, you can create map with just one plate and with script brushmodels of different sizes. And then build your map with your friends like in minecraft.
  17. Most of vehicles are just xmodels + static brushes which can not be found using scripts (brushes are getting compiled into BSP tree in performance purposes.)
  18. Well, at line 19 there expected "SCALE" property and you have some other stuff. It's better to import animation to maya and then export using CoD4 Tools.
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    @volkv create table ... (...) CHARACTER SET 'cp1251' ?