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  1. You will fail because some important stuff like sizeof(...) is hardcoded in ASM code. Maybe you find these in C code too. Even if you succeeded the only client your server will be able to work with is client compiled for ARM too. Since we have no complete source code of iw3mp, we can compile client only for Win32 so your server will be useless.
  2. _globallogic.gsc has Callback_PlayerDamage script function. There you have iDFlags argument. When bullet hits player directly - it wouldn't contain level.iDFLAGS_PENETRATION value. But when bullet hits player through wall or other player - it will contain this value. (logical AND is enough to check). sWeapon may contain m40a3_mp or m40a3_acog_mp in case if player was hit using these weapons.
  3. In player damage callback reject all damage with level.iDFLAGS_PENETRATION flag. (Keep in mind, you will not be able to make double\triple kills.)
  4. Looks like MW2 timescale desync.
  5. T-Max

    Mw2 functions port

    Yep. Just tried to make same stuff and voila.
  6. Well, you asked about shape and mentioned prism which is 3 dimensional stuff.
  7. Looks like a battle royale request. Well, you can implement some kind of binary space partitioning algorithms to be able to find if entity is inside or outside of shape. But this is overcomplicated for gsc scripts so better use sphere.
  8. I saw the function that changes map names and it is not applicable to our project because, surprise, it is not mw3 and we do not know what they tried to find with their own memory scanner.
  9. If you think there is a way - go ahead, show us I'm wrong.
  10. There is no way to do that.
  11. self.targetID = -1; self thread TargetTest(self.origin); self thread TargetTest(); self.targetID = getClosestTarget(origin); self.targetID = getClosestTarget(self.origin); And post error message one more time but include one more line. 4 instead of previous 3.
  12. It's the only place where addressing field object. Plugin_Scr_AddUndefined(); Your plugin function returns undefined or int - not good. Return -1 - it still integer and it means "no index in array found" since you're working with array.
  13. Make sure "self" is not an integer. Field objects are structs in gsc. Entities are field objects too. And you missed "^" pointer in script runtime error block. It helps to see what caused error.
  14. It's view hardcoded. You can change it only by changing some of client variables by setClientDvar.
  15. There is a menuresponse invoked when you opens score tab.
  16. T-Max


    self is a special variable. You can do something like that: something = spawnstruct(); something.test = 1337; something foo(); ... foo() { if (self.test == 1337) { // Yep. } }
  17. T-Max


  18. You can remove didyouknow itemdef from loading screen.
  19. selectStringTableEntryInDvar command was removed.
  20. Relax, you can't compile mysql plugin for dev_newarch. There are no interface provided.