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    COD4X : Loading Screen / INTEL

    selectStringTableEntryInDvar command was removed.
  2. T-Max

    cant load mysql plugin

    Relax, you can't compile mysql plugin for dev_newarch. There are no interface provided.
  3. T-Max


    I believe thats it. No bugs/feature requests for about 1 month so I believe its working without any issues. Usage examples available at github page.
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  5. T-Max

    text HUD elements

    I can't say how you can achieve that visibility in "replay" (aka "killcam") mode, but you definetely can and some of finalkillcam mode used that - in final killcam you can see overlay not exist in usual play.
  6. T-Max


    Oh, then you can use gsc "getVelocity". It retuns 3 dimensional array. To get speed, use square root from sum of squared components. Yea, speed is vector length.
  7. T-Max


    Why? Do you like to overfill GUI with useless information?
  8. T-Max

    .menu set dvar

    Menu stuff is client-only stuff. When you set dvar inside menu keep in mind you set local client dvar. Other way: When client connects set new userinfo dvar. Then, if you change dvar using menu, you will be able to get it on server. I forgot gsc command to get userinfo dvars, @fraggy can tell you what command is it. And yea, in this case this userinfo dvar used only as pipe from client to server and vice versa. You have to save real dvar value to stat or other non-volatile dvar because when you initially set dvar as userinfo - you have to send new value which overwrites player preference. And, you know, using stats is better - it's built-in functionality. Very nice for storing integer values but you can't hold user input string.
  9. T-Max

    string.split(' ')

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    I bet you disabling fall damage by changing fall damage height.
  12. Why it points to your repo, @dpj?
  13. T-Max


    if (sMeansOfDeath == "MOD_MELEE") return;
  14. T-Max


    FFS It's so hard to deny any damage with MOD_MELEE? Why there are so long discussion?
  15. T-Max

    mp_strike_2 release

    That's because UV coordinats are normalized. No matter what textures' sizes, (0, 0) is top-left point, (0.5, 0.5) is the center and (1, 1) is right-bottom point on each texture. You can increase amount of space for materials. @dpj can tell you how.
  16. T-Max


    Stop using !fov, maybe?
  17. T-Max

    Prevting use of bind

  18. T-Max


    bindlist is a client command. You can't fetch its result on a server. Use cg_weaponCycleDelay dvar.
  19. T-Max

    How to Turn Off few things?

    No idea, I didn't touched sources for about half a year.
  20. T-Max

    How to Turn Off few things?

    6 to 15 mb means some of std libs are linked statically which is correct for complex applications like games (So you can launch same exe on most workstations). That release is a mess made by some of git gui tools I had tested yesterday. I had reverted these commits so HEAD now correct. As @leiizko said, it should work like before, but without that spam. And you didn't mentioned you used new arch release!
  21. T-Max

    How to Turn Off few things?

    Yep, no more spamming for non-dev launch. Other dlls are plugins.
  22. T-Max

    How to Turn Off few things?

    Now you can download fixed binary from here: https://ci.appveyor.com/project/D4edalus/cod4x-server/build/artifacts
  23. T-Max

    How to Turn Off few things?

    It's called "mini console". Dvar "con_minicon". There are 3 mini console dvars in total.