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  1. Result of resolving could be simply your old outdated IP. Anyway, server\client uses OS API to resolve domains into addresses.You can always try "nslookup" Windows cmd to get result of name resolving (I don't know command for *nix but google will help you.). My guess you have to punch your router to publish current IP address to ddns service.
  2. I guess this tutorial can be attached somewhere in FAQ...
  3. How to test if hudelem is custom? Are hudelems coded by IW in vanilla scripts custom?
  4. Enabling voting will make "callvote" console command available so you can start any voting game provides. The only way I know is to use "old vote" mode (another console command). In this mode, voting parameters will be passed using notify-waittill mechanism so you can track voting status using GSC. BTW, I have created issue so maybe someone will make changes in servers' code. https://github.com/callofduty4x/CoD4x_Server/issues/292
  5. Yes, you can do it with plain strings.
  6. Stop using "&" symbol and you're good to go.
  7. T-Max


    Legacy mode is just checking players guid using cdkey. It's not related to PB.
  8. T-Max


    CoD4X client uses techniques like "trampoline" which is injection into core game code. PB software bans this behaviour, so there are no PB available.
  9. I have answered in PM but here is one important knowledge about DDoS (DISTRIBUTED DoS): You can not protect yourself from DDoS. Only your provider can help you.
  10. I don't think this function works slow.
  11. Oh, I see webpage now. I guess Fraggy is now fixing things
  12. I think error message is kinda self-descriptive. Editing iw3mp.exe manually is not allowed.