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  1. I don't think this function works slow.
  2. Oh, I see webpage now. I guess Fraggy is now fixing things
  3. I think error message is kinda self-descriptive. Editing iw3mp.exe manually is not allowed.
  4. @world Never saw this actualy working.
  5. T-Max

    server setting

    Can be changed using: 1. Perk + dvar (don't remember, but it has perk_ prefix). 2. Weapon file. Maximum player sprint time is hardcoded on both client and server and can not be more than 16.384 sec.
  6. If you will change some asset count just keep in mind there are no guarantees that game can index extra assets. Quick example: usercmd_t uses just one byte to index current weapon. So, you can make 65536 weapons but game can track only first 256 (I omit other weapons restrictions) and probably will crash due to overflows.
  7. Well, I guess we will not fix mappers' mistakes. Just because it's theirs mistakes.
  8. Everything seems kinda innocent. Well, I'll use "distanceSquared" instead of "distance" whenever possible, sMeansOfDeath is not flag and contains only one MOD at a time so issubstr you can change to "==". Also, there is no "finishPlayerDamageWrapper" source code.
  9. Fastfiles are just a storage to get stuff loaded into RAM faster than reading files one by one from drive. Lower script usage or optimize Callback_PlayerDamage. Or get extremely fast CPU so it could handle scripts faster.
  10. Inappropriate server hardware/too much scripts?
  11. So you just pushed "Download zip". The archive is just files and not git repository. If you want to get proper build number, you have to clone repository and then build server. By cloning repo you will get .git directory too which is used by git command line tool to get count of revisions (yea, this is a build number).
  12. How you downloaded?