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  1. Kingwolf

    New CoD4x Game Server Provider IP

    Dont be confused. Thats just the cod4x website you were redirected doesnt mean anything. Just login and continue as usual
  2. When are you rolling this out for public? @dpj
  3. In recent days, whenever I turn on my pc, chrome starts like 6-7 tabs. 2 of these tabs consumes 20% CPU each, hence gobbling up performance. I tried turning off "run background processes" and hardware acceleration in advance settings, but nothing works. I have done a complete purge of chrome with a 3rd party app, but haven't bothered to use it again. So after 7 years of using chrome I have uninstalled it today and switched to edge. FEELSBADMAN.
  4. Kingwolf


    Buy a server , its the easiest way. 50 Euro? That's overkill man.
  5. Kingwolf

    How To Install GSC scirpts?

    The docs are pretty adequate imo. Could use some extra details and in-depth explanations, but adequate for the basics. Unless now we are catering to script kiddies who Ctrl+F in scripts to change the mod name and rename other things.
  6. Kingwolf

    CoD4 in it's current state

    "Before creation there must be redirection" --Confucius 2018
  7. Kingwolf

    b3 plugins

    Undercover is bugged.doesnt do anything
  8. Kingwolf

    CoD4 in it's current state

    @Theseus What mate?
  9. Kingwolf

    b3 plugins

    Yeah, i knew i saw something like that for b3,but wasnt sure.
  10. Kingwolf

    CoD4 in it's current state

    Haha just installed the blizzard app and reset my old password. Black ops 4 will be lit. If cod4x makes verified servers list, then the server owners would need to verify their servers in some form possibly by paying licenses and getting manually verified (as in the servers are really what they tell us). I suppose this could pay for dev of project. If matchmaking for players is to be implemented, it needs to bear server cost for the central authority and development on both server and client side. To make it like really low cost MM, peer to peer is the only way with like a central server so port forwarding stuff isnt issue like in later cods.
  11. Kingwolf

    CoD4 in it's current state

    I agree, the plug ,find a match, and play method is lacking for cod4 (for being an old game). That attracts the greatest players. But honestly implementing even simple matchmaking for JUST vanilla servers would require things like players making accounts to play, a central authority which hosts servers for MM. So just wait for Black ops 4.. its gonna be on with dedi community servers etc.
  12. Kingwolf

    b3 plugins

    @wkuzma Yeah true, but i think he meant for normal players and for b3 specifically. Not sure if something like that exists in public.
  13. Kingwolf

    b3 plugins

    yes there is. I think functionality is available in the default because b3 sends private messages to players. Now if you talking a private player to player, i think cod4x has that. Try pchat plugin :