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  1. It is indeed running promod_mode mr_12. Not edited ANY promod files. Have added +set sv_punkbuster 1 to get rid of the punk buster error spams. If i am using the default promod, i am aware there are checks in that, but the server runs error-less except when it magically crashes.
  2. Im just supposed to sit there waiting for the server to close? Nah fam.
  3. As the title says... annoying because it just crashes. Im using the stock pml220 from official website and the window just crashes. No recorded logs available in q3logs
  4. Ninja did make changes to Plugin functions, so yes they have changed but not aware in what ways.
  5. If you cant, then pay someone to do so.
  6. You need to write a cod4x C plugin to read the database. Then modify your scripts accordingly.
  8. Dont be confused. Thats just the cod4x website you were redirected doesnt mean anything. Just login and continue as usual
  9. In recent days, whenever I turn on my pc, chrome starts like 6-7 tabs. 2 of these tabs consumes 20% CPU each, hence gobbling up performance. I tried turning off "run background processes" and hardware acceleration in advance settings, but nothing works. I have done a complete purge of chrome with a 3rd party app, but haven't bothered to use it again. So after 7 years of using chrome I have uninstalled it today and switched to edge. FEELSBADMAN.
  10. Kingwolf


    Buy a server , its the easiest way. 50 Euro? That's overkill man.
  11. The docs are pretty adequate imo. Could use some extra details and in-depth explanations, but adequate for the basics. Unless now we are catering to script kiddies who Ctrl+F in scripts to change the mod name and rename other things.