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  1. we got a new update just press auto update in menu and it will fix this problem!
  2. Well i tryed to connect now 20 times still doesnt work with my 1.7 version, btw if i update to 1.8 my frame will drop... so i dont want to install this 1.8
  3. I never need this cod4x on any 1.8 server i allways pressed abort when the window come up and now it doesnt work...
  4. This never came before... before it was like a window show up and tells me if i want to download it takes few seconds if not press abort and it connects to server finish... Look screen now is this!
  5. dont work i tryed it on steam and cracked version both same problem...
  6. I dont know what to do, because i cant play like this on Deathrun u need constant fps and ye... PLS FIX THIS crap
  7. Before this update came i had vers. 1.7 if i connect (it told me i want to update?) and i press "abort" and it connected me and i had no problem but now, i need to manual download the update and i have big fps drops so wtf???
  8. Hello, since i update to 1.8 my cod4 got fps drops, before it was normal could reach up to 999 fps and also i can play all new games with high fps got an 1080ti so yeah.. how i can fix it ? I try reinstall update, restart computer, change some graphic settings nothing happens so i dont know anymore my game got destroyed by this update. Help me pls