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  1. So has anyone found any solution or is there going to be a fix released ??? Because i uninstalled the game completely even run the game without any background programs, also lowered my graphic quality to low still nothing same problem persists. My specs: Win 7 64 bit AMD Phenom II x6 8gb RAM Radeon HD 6850 1gb
  2. Hello i wanted to ask if someone else had the same problem as me, so today i joined a server and it asked me to update to codx 1.8 or something like that i clicked yes and when the process finished i joined the server just to realize that my fps could not get over 200 and the day before that i could normaly play with 250 lock but on the servers with the codx update it locks my fps to 200-203 and i have some sort of lagg i also changed my cfg and restarted the game even uninstalled the codx and installed it again nothing works can someone help me ?