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  1. Ahh yes, very dead. Anyway, I know for VSG anyway, we do it to enhance our knowledge in stuff that we normally wouldn't touch in our daily work lifes. The community is there too. As much as I hate some of our admins, we're such a good team and our servers are a nice place for everyone to chill out on. I prefer to have a handful of nice and kind players & admins than it to be rammed full where it's a toxic environment. This relationship also allows us to enhance their experience so they have a more customised experience than what you'd normally find on COD4. I don't see VSG going anywhere anytime soon.
  2. Adam

    linux server help

    Also, make sure you follow these instructions
  3. Make sure dynamic rotation is off if you want a static rotation
  4. We used to have this problem a lot back on older versions of 1.8x. Try using a server that's been updated recently. Can't recall what version we're on atm but 900 range seems about right.
  5. Odd. Had it within the Server CFG but added it to the start up paramaters and it worked a treat. Thanks for that. Cheeky edit - It was defined in the custom ruleset which was overriding the server.cfg. Makes sense now.
  6. Hey, So I tried to get all the relevant information into the title but I'll explain further. We are not new to B3 and have got it working for some years now. However, we are getting a new Promod server on the go. B3 is working, commands are going through, I'm being authed however, commands seem to be in a "queue" untill a new round starts in which case, all the commands will flood in. This only happens on our Promod server. I'm just trying to get an idea of what's causing that issue. I've had a look at the logs and nothing is obvious or screaming out at me as to what the problem is. Only real hint of anything is that the chat.log is showing all commands coming in all at once. Example of Chat.log 20-01-11 14:07:00 @2 [Adam] to ALL: !getss all 20-01-11 14:07:00 @2 [Adam] to ALL: !say 20-01-11 14:07:00 @2 [Adam] to ALL: !admins To be clear, this chat log is correct, however the commands were all done in 1 round over a seperate amount of time. So we'll say 1 minute = 3 commands whereas the log shows that I inputted all 3 commands at the exact same time, when the round starts again. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  7. Hey! Glad you play on our servers! On our FFA server, we do indeed have the Promod vision setting set as default when you join the server. You can turn that off by using !promod ingame. Feel free to join our discord server which you can find there where you can get a much swifter and direct response for your queries on our servers. Cheers, Adam.
  8. Hey, So we've had this CJ mod based on Semtex CJ mod for quite some time now and I want to get it to work. The problem is that the Admin system is very badly coded and I need some assistance into trying to figure out what is causing one error - Doing some research online shows that it's a pretty simple error but I can't get it to work, no matter what I try and do. Granted my knowledge of scripting is very very limited. I've attached both files below for anyone that could possibly point me in the right direction. Any help on this is much appreciated. Cheers, Adam. _cj_admins.gsx _codjumper.gsc
  9. We've had one instance of this. You can see the video here - We are on build 962 running NE 1.2.6
  10. Adam


    I thought after 12 years, we'd have finished this cat and mouse game...
  11. Adam

    q3config question

    Hey, Just a quick one hopefully. Would someone be able to enlighten me what exactly this is for and why does it decide to auto generate upon every restart? In an ideal world, I'd love just 1 config file but it seems no matter what I try, I have to put certain things in the q3config which seems to take priority. Cheers, Adam.
  12. Add a custom command to your B3 configs and insert some rcon commands. Something like this would be fine - \rcon g_gametype sd; wait 600; rcon map mp_crash
  13. VSG are having a few issues to say the least. The latest issue atm is the masterserver. Now, we've not changed IP since we've been alive and that's been A good couple of years ago [early 2017] so we're still running on the IP of We've been on a pretty old version of CODX untill very recently which explains all of the issues we're having. Now, in anticipation, I did get a token going for the master server and managed to set it up on Linux GSM. It was pointing to However, I forced it to read from CODX which now gives us II read up many a threads before posting this and there is no errors regarding the master server upon boot or in debug mode. This is the only relevant information that we get. There's no heartbeat error etc. Now, I've had this set up for nearly 24 hours and we're still not showing on the master server. The only server of ours that is is a test server which is currently offline. Is there something that I'm missing? We've clearly got it working before but it's not showing any of our new servers. We should have ports 28912, 10 & 19 on there but as of yet, are not showing. Again, if I may ask for you guidance, that would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Fellow VSG Admin here - I just want to chime in on some more info. On the rest of our servers, we are running 17.7.2. I've linked the files that we are using. The issue still occurs with these files even with / without New experience running / installed. COD4X Files - Includes:COD4X_dedrun,,,, Xbase_00.iwd Console log I'd like to say we appreciate any help with this because we've looked over pretty much everything that we know of and are just hitting our heads on brick walls at the moment. Thanks Adam, VSG Admin.
  15. Fair enough. If it's just one of them things, I suppose we'll just have to live with it. It's not very common anyway. Thanks for confirming though that it's an issue. Stops me going bananas thinking we've done something wrong.