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  1. Sure! I'll message you on Steam when I have time.
  2. I mean, the whole point of Steam Play is that this won't be needed any more. The game should be able to talk to Linux version of Steam through the compatibility layer. It works for other games anyways. @Fraggy, can we somehow help debug this? I really want to get this working and am not willing to reinstall the Windows version of Steam in Wine just for this one game, where others work fine through Steam Play. I'd like to help you out with this if possible.
  3. I already tried it yesterday. Conclusion: CoD4 works fine, CoD4X doesn't. I already reported it to one of the devs, but as of right now there isn't a solution for it yet. The following error message appears: Regular 1.7 doesn't actually get launched though, so the game is inplayable till you deinstall CoD4X again.
  4. I think you misunderstand me, I have no issue with those types of servers existing. I have a problem with not being able to easily find a server that doesn't change all that stuff. Just disabling the 3 frags grenades or grenade launchers is already quite good, but servers like that are hard to find. Honestly, fixing the mods filter would be the best solution imo. Obviously it's a lot of work, and I don't think the closed-source model of the CoD4X client is really helping this either, but are you sure it's not worth the trouble? It could bring back some serious crowd if it's promoted as such on communities like Reddit.
  5. That's the thing, I've yet to find an unmodded server. Honestly, point me to one. And like I said, no high xp or flashy effects either. They just don't exist. Kingwolf called it perfectly, it isn't "plug and play" any more. Obviously it would require work, but isn't CoD4X already some central authority? They host the master server, they could probably also host some account mechanism. I'd be willing to donate monthly to the project to keep those servers up if needed. But would "accounts" really be needed for some simple matchmaking? Current servers can be played without proper accounts, why would matchmaking need one? I'd just love some verified list of vanilla servers which some matchmaking system can choose from to put the player in. Or honestly, just get the "mod" filter working again, and maybe add a "custom map" filter and allow custom maps on vanilla servers while we're at it? I mean, I just use the CoD4X masterserver anyway, the server should know if it's modded or not (both with CoD4 mods or CoD4X plugins) and can report this to the client properly. I don't know, I'm just spitting ideas out now.
  6. So, some people might have noticed I've been gone for a while. I'm in a certain state with this game that I quit because the game simply isn't what I want (even though it definitely has the potential to be what I want it to be), after a few months come back and see if anything has changed from last time, see it hasn't, and then quit again after like a week. I love CoD4, I really do. But it's just impossible for me to have fun in this game any more, and right now I rather even play MW2 or MW3 (shocking I know). I like CoD mainly the vanilla way: regular (non-hardcore) game modes with normal amounts of players like 6v6 team deathmatch or domination. I don't need mods and flashy effects to have fun, or actually, I prefer it without them. And what is fun about 32 (or even 64!) man servers on maps that are made to be played in a maximum of 6v6, where you just die right after you spawn? In the past this was easy enough to find. Before CoD4X and the majority of server-side mods and hacks, you could just filter the server list to only show servers without mods, non-hardcore, etc. Nowadays the only options in the filter list that actually work properly are non-gameplay changing options like "view empty" or "dedicated only". You can set "Hardcore mode" to no if you want, but except for a few, most hardcore servers will still be shown. And the "mods" option is the biggest joke ever. I've yet to see any of the servers in the "mods=no" list actually having 0 mods. Yes, falling from the sky on joining is still a mod, yes spawn protection is still a mod, yes high xp is still a mod, yes flashy custom banners to promote the server is still a mod. Why is there no server at all that actually honours this option? I hear you say, "then why don't you just host your own server that does that?". Well, I tried, for a few months long even. I had 3 different servers, one for team deathmatch, one for free-for-all, one for domination. But, besides not standing out in the server list and thus not having a lot of people join, once people did join, 1 person leaving could cause the whole server to die out again because one person has such a massive impact in servers with such low amounts of people in it. But if it managed to do get a full game, people were having good fun and I had a blast of a time. Basically, there need to be a lot more servers that follow the "vanilla" rules for it to be actually playable and start gaining a steady amount of players. In the end I still consider CoD4 to be the best Call of Duty of all of them. Awesome gameplay, dedicated servers, mod support, custom map support. Yes I mentioned mod support here because even though right now I don't want to play them, I do like the option of having it. But at the same time these player-hosted dedicated servers are killing this game for me right now. I dare not to say it, but I would've loved it if this game had a matchmaking system with verified vanilla servers behind it. At least that way I would be sure I could just jump in a game and play it just the way Infinity Ward made it to be played. Am I the only one that thinks like this? I know CoD4 is probably still the most played CoD out of all of them (except maybe the newest in <insert current year here>), but the current player-base will eventually die out. You need new players to come in every once and while but I feel that right now, they'll just get burned out while searching for a proper vanilla match like on consoles or MW2 and higher. I'd love to hear your opinions about this. I know most of you don't mind the mods and stuff, but at the same time you must be able to see the problems I listed. /rant
  7. What gamemodes exactly are added... Why would we download a random script which only offers some gamemodes we might not like? We prefer to know what we'll get before we download stuff.
  8. PureTryOut

    FPS in wine

    Actually, in the case of DirectX9 it is not a wrapper, but a native implementation. I do believe you need to patch Wine for it, but including the Gallium Nine patches (which D4edalus mentioned) it is as native as can be. Same goes for any Vulkan or OpenGL games. But yeah it shouldn't give too much of a noticeable impact even if it did translate everything.
  9. PureTryOut

    FPS in wine

    Wine has basically no overhead, as it's just an implementation of the Windows libraries (not a wrapper or emulator). I get around this performance in Windows as well, but I'm fine with anything above 120 fps (since my main monitor is 120hz). Video drivers are not optimal no, but they should give ~90% performance compared to the Windows ones (using the open-source Mesa drivers, developed by the Linux community and AMD employees). Which, for Linux, is pretty darn good. Note that this is out of the box as well. Install any distro and you're done, no need to download drivers from a website. Anyway, the point was that I have no 60-fps lock clearly, so the problem is on his side.
  10. PureTryOut

    FPS in wine

    Interesting. After messing around first for 20 minutes due to the console not opening (like before, ugh annoying), I got my fps to show. It's always between ~150 and ~200, on a RX480 and i7-4790k. The problem seems to be on your side. I would indeed think v-sync outside of the game, maybe your compositor or graphic driver?
  11. @D4edalus it would be nice to have that url fixed though. It still links to the old forum.
  12. Funny how that happens, even though nothing has changed to the spawning system.
  13. PureTryOut

    Huge Problem

    Next time try to make the thread title a bit more descriptive. Closed the thread for you
  14. 16.1 is indeed the latest version, I guess the developers didn't update the download on the main page. Borderless window mode is enabled by setting the game to windowed mode ("/r_fullscreen 0" and "/vid_restart" in the console), and setting the resolution to your screen resolution. Except for the borderless window mode, you won't really notice a difference between the original and CoD4X. It includes an extra masterserver, which doesn't have most of the awful redirect servers and such. Furthermore it protects against servers stealing cd-keys, stops the game from restarting the renderer everytime you load a new map or mod, and some bug fixes.
  15. "UnderGround !infinity" folder? Please don't say you got it from this site. That's the wrong site, get it from this site instead. Then please follow the instructions in this to install.