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  1. you could try this also πŸ‘
  2. genesi


    that camera shake(top left?) happened to me and i dont even have that.
  3. genesi


  4. thanks, yes i made a group then tried to log in with steam and keep telling this later i will try this πŸ‘
  5. hello, any help here? i cant log with steam, im always as guest. SteamConfig.php SteamConfig.php server.cfg -
  6. genesi


    /status or ministatus then copy your "playerid" and paste there if it is difficult to copy, just enter to games_mp and copy there :DD
  7. Something good about this is that people think you are a cheaterπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  8. check your cmdlist after you log in πŸ‘ 1: /rcon login hola123 2:/rcon adminaddadmin yournick 100 (easy to use commands in the sv, must use steam) 3: check if the plugin is enabled with the command $plugins, if not.. then use $loadplugin simplebanlist 3:$banuser 3 xdddddddddddddddd
  9. delete that from the .csv (?)
  10. i also had that error before, but i dont think it affected my game
  11. genesi

    steamid not detected

    this can be closed, it was a firewall problem
  12. i want to put an Indian meme but i will get banned if i do that