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  1. blowoff

    Unban ip with b3

    Hi who can tell me how i can unban ip with b3?
  2. blowoff

    Show name of music used in killcam

    Secret bomb,try script and your server will bummmmm 😂😂😂😂
  3. blowoff

    b3 problem !permban

    B3 v1.12 ironPigeon
  4. blowoff

    b3 problem !permban

    On my b3 work perfect,latest version of b3!
  5. blowoff

    assets extractor

    Thanks man!
  6. blowoff

    assets extractor

    Thanks but where i can download 2055 build?
  7. Check this
  8. In your b3.xml put rcon password then restart b3. BTW read log file!
  9. blowoff

    assets extractor

    Hi Assets extractor work or not ?
  10. blowoff

    Promodlive220 Opensource with Flags

    Try edit makemod.bat cd ..\..\bin linker_pc.exe -language english -compress -cleanup mod -verbose cd ..\mods\(put here your modname) copy ..\..\zone\english\mod.ff pause
  11. blowoff

    Promodlive220 Opensource with Flags

    you need geoip.dat in root directory not in main folder. Flags work perfect!
  12. blowoff

    Promodlive220 Opensource with Flags

    Hi Can you send me your error log please?
  13. blowoff


    Hi who can help me fix this error please? non effect material 'gfx_bloodpool' user for effect (or code geom) 'knifermod/bloodpool'