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  1. Same for me, this error was present in 18.x. the error causes with a material asset in blank "", not only mp_luna2, others maps too.
  2. Really for those who want to test the maps without using a CoD4x server on their PC, they will not work for you, but those who already have the CoD4x server can work. Why? Check files on the game path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare If you find CoD4X files installed in 'main' and 'zone' it is because they were installed through cod4x18_dedrun.exe with administrator permissions to complete the installation. Actually the cod4x files are loaded by CallofDuty4MW from 'AppData\Local' at running the game. But not on the game path. Then you can get the error when loading the maps and textures. If you have these files in game path, try to move to other folder and check.
  3. Try any mod, type /map mp_xxxxx in console directly from your game, type Listen Server (dedicated 0). You will possibly notify an error message when loading the map. Load a map with a loadscreen like mp_nuketown. If works for you, try without cod4x server files installed in your game path.
  4. Hello, I have found a possible bug when starting a map through the client. It affects the latest version of CoD4X version 20.X. It happened to me when I started testing maps such as mp_nuketown and I found the following message: It occurs in any custom map that has a loadscreen installed. Maps that have not loadscreen installed can be loaded but textures textures are missing or blank. I found this rare scene: Map mp_c4s_minecraft: It happened in any mod from client and not in server but in server can have the same problem. It can happened with customized skins, models, etc. THIS IS OTHER POSSIBLE BUG BUT NOT ALL IS TESTED IN ALL MODS: And something I have detected that when I use a mod with only 2 or more IWD with custom IWI files (image asset) in this case (for example: 'bg_front.iwi' as background image from mainmenu), one original from mod and other custom. This I use for keep original IWI images from original IWD files, and the custom IWI files in other(s) and when is loaded or leaving server, the load of IWI files was mixed and are not same images viewed. I say for somebody test any mod downloaded and create IWD files as custom keeping the original files and test this theory. And I am thinking that the files may not be loaded correctly in an sorted A-Z based on server info using /systeminfo. I have tested in two PC with cod4x 20.1 and continue with this issue.
  5. The auto update was disabled after 20.0 ready due to errors that have been detected I guess. Waiting for 20.1 possibly. I propose disable the auto update for cod4x server, I say because I have detected that no player with 19.x can enter and sometimes it crashes together with a message: ERROR: This server requires protocol version:20 Please restart Cod4 and see on the main-menu if a new update is available (00BErrorParser protocolmissmatch CoD4X-20)
  6. Me too, i7-8700K & GTX 1080 SLI/non-sli. Console from Windows 10 causing freeze, but linux causes spikes in CPU usage.
  7. The same thing happens to me, as soon as I read the server logs. Every time I generate massive lag when there are more than 10 players, I get the logs as: Adjusted frameEnd by 5 snaps Adjusted frameEnd by 3 snaps Adjusted frameEnd by 3 snaps Adjusted frameEnd by 2 snaps Adjusted frameEnd by 5 snaps Adjusted frameEnd by 4 snaps Adjusted frameEnd by 6 snaps Adjusted frameEnd by 5 snaps Adjusted frameEnd by 4 snaps Adjusted frameEnd by 3 snaps Adjusted frameEnd by 4 snaps Adjusted frameEnd by 4 snaps Adjusted frameEnd by 4 snaps Adjusted frameEnd by 3 snaps Adjusted frameEnd by 3 snaps Adjusted frameEnd by 3 snaps etc... like a spam. Not only in promod, in any mod. Actually I use 30 bots for a gamemode. I think that can be the bots because bots don't use command snaps because they are not real players true?. This should not happen, in version 18 none of this happened, but in version 19 there is a bug that can affect many players due to lag.
  8. Same, but with Windows Defender from Windows 10, but this time as Trojan. Detects when cod4x18_dedrun.exe was downloaded.
  9. Hello, I have a problem with the CoD4X update version 1.8 18.0 client, when starting the game from iw3mp.exe or from a shortcut on the windows desktop, when I try to start a mod from the main menu, I get this error: OS: Windows 10 64bit RAM: 64 GB 1. Starting Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare Multiplayer (without mods) 2. Go 'Mods' 3. Select a mod 4. Obtain this error:
  10. This still does not work, I do not know what is happening, in the other versions it works for me but not in this one. I have tried different lines of different commands and nothing, there is no solution for this?
  11. ok, I tested without mod and also without r_xassetnum and the problem continues I checked the libraries, steam api... and is rare
  12. I have this error when I join my server This program has crashed with signal: Segmentation fault The current Gameversion is: CoD4 X 1.8 linux-i386 type 'e' build 65 Aug 25 2018 File is ./cod4x18_dedrun_dbg Hash is: ---------- Crash Backtrace ---------- 16: ./cod4x18_dedrun_dbg(Sys_PrintBacktrace+0x34) [0x8099d3d] 15: ./cod4x18_dedrun_dbg(Sys_DumpCrash+0x9d) [0x8099e2f] 14: ./cod4x18_dedrun_dbg(Sys_SigHandler+0x24) [0x8099eb6] 13: [0xe294e400] 12: ./ [0xccb4fa89] 11: ./cod4x18_dedrun_dbg(SV_ConnectSApi+0x29) [0x80ebd69] 10: ./cod4x18_dedrun_dbg(SV_SendClientGameState+0x52) [0x80fbd84] 9: ./cod4x18_dedrun_dbg(SV_ExecuteClientMessage+0x128) [0x80fce1d] 8: ./cod4x18_dedrun_dbg(NET_UDPPacketEvent+0x47) [0x80c13a3] 7: ./cod4x18_dedrun_dbg(NET_Event+0x75) [0x81150d8] 6: ./cod4x18_dedrun_dbg(NET_Sleep+0x303) [0x811542d] 5: ./cod4x18_dedrun_dbg(SV_Frame+0x2f8) [0x810ad6e] 4: ./cod4x18_dedrun_dbg(Com_Frame+0x79) [0x809fdbd] 3: ./cod4x18_dedrun_dbg(Sys_Main+0x7b) [0x811176a] 2: ./cod4x18_dedrun_dbg(main+0x18e) [0x809b6be] 1: /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ [0xe261f637] 0: ./cod4x18_dedrun_dbg() [0x809906e] -- Registers --- edi 0xf01e51d0 esi 0xd27b50c ebp 0xf01c4d08 esp 0xf01c4880 eax 0x0 ebx 0xccb95000 ecx 0x0 edx 0xccb4fa6f eip 0xccb4fa89 -------- Backtrace Completed -------- Received signal: Segmentation fault, exiting... Server received signal: Segmentation fault Shutting down server... ----- Server Shutdown ----- With the reason: Server received signal: Segmentation fault Terminating server... ==== ShutdownGame (1) ==== Sending master heartbeat from to SV_FreeClientScriptId: 0, 689 -> 0 SV_FreeClientScriptPers: 0, 0 -> 689 Player Admin, 0 dropped: EXE_DISCONNECTED ]5029 Segmentation fault (core dumped) ./cod4x18_dedrun_dbg +set r_xassetnum "xmodel=1200" +set sv_authorizemode "0" +set sv_authtoken "token" +set dedicated "2" +set net_ip "" +set net_port "28975" +set sv_maxclients "64" +set ui_maxclients "64" +exec "server.cfg" +set g_log "games_mp.log" +set sv_punkbuster "0" +g_gametype "war" +map "mp_killhouse" Version linux (ubuntu 16-04), cod4x18_dedrun_dbg version v17.6.2 released from github, also affects the cod4x18_dedrun, I tested differents command lines and not work, but when you join to server.
  13. The same thing happens to me, this error comes out: cod4x Error: Failure registering server on masterserver. Errorcode: 0x1000
  14. I am on windows 10 64bit, I think this error is present in any version of the OS.