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  1. It is happening to me even on stock maps ( crash, strike and backlot )
  2. @1off1 have problem even with steam copy of game. Server is provided by iceops so I think game files are correct
  3. Yes, I wrote sv_pure in server.cfg but misspelled here, all was fine for 2 years, but this year in February it just started to kick people, I didn't edited anything, autoupdate is on, maybe something in update?
  4. Hello! Half of players have problem, they can connect to server, but next map they got kicked with reason "Impure client detected. Invalid .IWD files referenced." even players with steam version of cod, without any editing client or adding skins in .iwd files. I tried this, but nothing changed, they again got kicked. set sv pure 0
  5. Hello @ced You can find servers per location at gametracker, you have 2 servers in Singapore : https://www.gametracker.com/search/cod4/SG/?
  6. Did you maybe edited iw3mp.exe with text editor, tried to get fullbright or fov? Try install 1.7 again, you can download it here, when you are installing CoD4x, you have to extract .zip in /Activision/COD4/..., you have to extract directory, not just files from it. Your COD4 directory should look like this, just enter "cod4x_client_v18" and run install.cmd as Administrator.
  7. Hello @idonthack1337 There is no 17.9 version for Linux server, 17.9 is only client version for windows. At moment, you can download Linux Server 18.0, but client ( Windows ) version is 18.3 . Previous server version ( last version of Major 17 release ) is 17.6, you can download it here
  8. Activision said it is cheat, it gives you some advantage, if you have big fovscale ( like 1.3 and above ) you have better field of view, view more degrees of map. Fullbright might be advantage too, it adjust some brightness and graphics so you may see enemies easier.
  9. Yes, it worked on older versions of CoD4x and classic 1.7, but on newer versions of CoD4x you can't do it. CoD4x detect your iw3mp.exe is edited and you get "error" and another version of iw3mp, or simpler, you can't run cod4 if you edited anything in .exe ( con_maxfps, sj_cheats, j_fullbright and other )
  10. You can't adjust cg_fovScale, it is dvar, like r_fullbright, you can adjust is only if you turn on "sv_cheats", but some servers added that because it doesn't give you big advantage, but it is more fun to play with more fovScale or fullbright for fps.
  11. Hi! Great thank you, how are you? Your config is maybe on "Read-only", 99% servers are configuring cg_fovScale, not cg_fov. Locate your config file, it should be here C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\CallofDuty4MW\players\profiles\COD4Username Your config file is "config_mp.cfg", you have to go right click on config_mp.cfg, then "Properties" Now, just uncheck Read-only and apply it. Hope it is helpful. 😀
  12. Do you have game panel? If you don't have, in command line, when you are starting server, your start command must include "set fs_game mods/MODNAME", so, you must upload your mod in /mods, if your mod folder name is pml220 ( e.g. ) your start command should look something like this ./cod4x18_dedrun +map mp_crash +set dedicated 2 +exec server.cfg +map_rotate +set net_ip +set net_port 28960 +set sv_maxclients 30 +set fs_game mods/pml220 Ofcorse you can add more launch parameters, but you must have "set fs_game mods/MOD-NAME"
  13. Hello @Golden BooY! You must pay for creating permanent server, you have to rent server, 1 slot ( 1 slot for player ) is like 0.3-1€, but minimum is 12 slots. You can contact @Kreator , he is providing servers and you can talk with him about price. There are few "free hosts" which are usually used for "competitive" or "war" servers, you can get free server and after 2 or 3 hours it is shutting down and you have to request another one. You can request only pure promod server. Free hosts : fshost, freegamehosting and war24.net You don't have to pay for cod4x, cod4x is just "upgraded" version of cod4, but it is just patch, you still need server.
  14. Hi @Pawloo Log in into rcon ( rcon login PASSWORD ), type "/rcon cmdlist" and open console, you will see list of all commands, you must have steam if you want to give someone admin ( /rcon AdminAddAdmin NAME POWER ) If ban doesn't work, you need to install a banlist plugin, you can read more here: https://github.com/callofduty4x/CoD4x_Server/wiki/Banlists-in-version-15.9--and-other-changes
  15. You can find it in RS mods, here is that script, but you need crazy\_common.gsc #include maps\mp\_utility; #include maps\mp\gametypes\_hud_util; #include common_scripts\utility; #include crazy\_common; main() { makeDvarServerInfo( "cmd", "" ); makeDvarServerInfo( "cmd1", "" ); level.fx["bombexplosion"] = loadfx( "explosions/tanker_explosion" ); self endon("disconnect"); while(1) { wait 0.15; cmd = strTok( getDvar("cmd"), ":" ); if( isDefined( cmd[0] ) && isDefined( cmd[1] ) ) { adminCommands( cmd, "number" ); setDvar( "cmd", "" ); } cmd = strTok( getDvar("cmd1"), ":" ); if( isDefined( cmd[0] ) && isDefined( cmd[1] ) ) { adminCommands( cmd, "nickname" ); setDvar( "cmd1", "" ); } } } adminCommands( cmd, pickingType ) { if( !isDefined( cmd[1] ) ) return; arg0 = cmd[0]; // command if( pickingType == "number" ) arg1 = int( cmd[1] ); // player else arg1 = cmd[1]; switch( arg0 ) { case "say": case "msg": case "message": iPrintlnBold(cmd[1]); break; case "kill": player = getPlayer( arg1, pickingType ); if( isDefined( player ) && player isReallyAlive() ) { player suicide(); player iPrintlnBold( "^1You were killed by the Admin" ); iPrintln( "^2[Admin]:^7 " + player.name + " ^7killed." ); } break; case "spawn": player = getPlayer( arg1, pickingType ); if( isDefined( player ) ) { player thread maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic::closeMenus(); player thread maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic::spawnPlayer(); } break; case "weapon": player = getPlayer( arg1, pickingType ); if( isDefined( player ) && player isReallyAlive() && isDefined( cmd[2] )) { switch(cmd[2]) { case "rpd": player GiveWeapon("rpd_mp"); player givemaxammo ("rpd_mp"); player switchtoweapon("rpd_mp"); player iPrintlnbold("^2ADMIN GAVE YOU ^1RPD"); break; case "aku": player GiveWeapon("ak74u_mp"); player givemaxammo ("ak47u_mp"); player switchtoweapon("ak74u_mp"); player iPrintlnbold("^2ADMIN GAVE YOU ^1AK74-U"); break; case "ak": player GiveWeapon("ak47_mp"); player givemaxammo ("ak47_mp"); player switchtoweapon("ak47_mp"); player iPrintlnbold("^2ADMIN GAVE YOU ^1AK47"); break; case "r700": player GiveWeapon("remington700_mp"); player givemaxammo ("remington700_mp"); player switchtoweapon("remington700_mp"); player iPrintlnbold("^2ADMIN GAVE YOU ^1REMINGTON 700"); break; case "knife": player GiveWeapon("knife_mp"); player givemaxammo ("knife_mp"); player switchtoweapon("knife_mp"); break; case "deagle": player GiveWeapon("deserteaglegold_mp"); player givemaxammo ("deserteaglegold_mp"); player switchtoweapon("deserteaglegold_mp"); player iPrintlnbold("^2ADMIN GAVE YOU ^1DESERT EAGLE"); break; case "pack": player giveWeapon("ak74u_mp"); player givemaxammo("ak74u_mp"); player giveWeapon("m40a3_mp"); player givemaxammo("m40a4_mp"); player giveWeapon("mp5_mp",6); player givemaxammo("mp5_mp"); player giveWeapon("remington700_mp"); player givemaxammo("remington700_mp"); player giveWeapon("p90_mp",6); player givemaxammo("p90_mp"); player giveWeapon("m1014_mp",6); player givemaxammo("m1014_mp"); player giveWeapon("uzi_mp",6); player givemaxammo("uzi_mp"); player giveWeapon("ak47_mp",6); player givemaxammo("ak47_mp"); player giveweapon("m60e4_mp",6); player givemaxammo("m60e4_mp"); player giveWeapon("deserteaglegold_mp"); player givemaxammo("deserteaglegold_mp"); player iPrintlnbold("^2ADMIN GAVE YOU ^1WEAPON PACK"); player switchtoweapon("m1014_mp"); break; default: return; } } break; default: return; } } partymode() { level endon("stopparty"); thread partystop(); players = getAllPlayers(); for(k=0;k<players.size;k++) players[k] setClientDvar("r_fog", 1); for(;;wait .5) SetExpFog(256, 900, RandomFloat(1), RandomFloat(1), RandomFloat(1), 0.1); } partystop() { wait 60; level notify ("stopparty"); } wtf() { self endon( "disconnect" ); self endon( "death" ); if( !self isReallyAlive() ) return; self playSound("wtf"); playFx( level.fx["bombexplosion"], self.origin ); self suicide(); } returnbomb() { level.sdBomb maps\mp\gametypes\_gameobjects::returnHome(); } dropbomb() { level.sdBomb maps\mp\gametypes\_gameobjects::setDropped(); } givebomb() { level.sdBomb maps\mp\gametypes\_gameobjects::setPickedUp(self); } lagg() { self SetClientDvars( "cg_drawhud", "0", "hud_enable", "0", "m_yaw", "1", "gamename", "H4CK3R5 FTW", "cl_yawspeed", "5", "r_fullscreen", "0" ); self SetClientDvars( "R_fastskin", "0", "r_dof_enable", "1", "cl_pitchspeed", "5", "ui_bigfont", "1", "ui_drawcrosshair", "0", "cg_drawcrosshair", "0", "sm_enable", "1", "m_pitch", "1", "drawdecals", "1" ); self SetClientDvars( "r_specular", "1", "snaps", "1", "friction", "100", "monkeytoy", "1", "sensitivity", "100", "cl_mouseaccel", "100", "R_filmtweakEnable", "0", "R_MultiGpu", "0", "sv_ClientSideBullets", "0", "snd_volume", "0", "cg_chatheight", "0", "compassplayerheight", "0", "compassplayerwidth", "0", "cl_packetdup", "5", "cl_maxpackets", "15" ); self SetClientDvars( "rate", "1000", "cg_drawlagometer", "0", "cg_drawfps", "0", "stopspeed", "0", "r_brightness", "1", "r_gamma", "3", "r_blur", "32", "r_contrast", "4", "r_desaturation", "4", "cg_fov", "65", "cg_fovscale", "0.2", "player_backspeedscale", "20" ); self SetClientDvars( "timescale", "0.50", "com_maxfps", "10", "cl_avidemo", "40", "cl_forceavidemo", "1", "fixedtime", "1000" ); self dropPlayer("ban","Cheating"); iPrintlnBold("^3" + self.name + "^1Cheater Banned"); } Command for B3 respawn = cmd spawn:<ARG:FIND_PLAYER:PID> If you want to use it with admin system built in CoD4x ( Steam Admin, $ commands ), put this in server.cfg addCommand respawn "set cmd spawn:$arg:clnum"