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  1. Everytime i set legacy to 1, the progress returns. As soon as i start cod 1.8 stats are reset. Tried what fraggy said. Even reinstalled the game, and did everything from the beginning. I really need help :'(
  2. Did this 4-5 times it resets the stats everytime I start the game
  3. Yes! I just tried that, progress is back(in 1.7). What do i do now? If i make it 1.8 it gets lost
  4. I lost my entire cod4 progress. I really want it back please suggest a way to get it back, or any level hack, please _/\_ I just want my level to be 55 again with all camouflage unlocked. Any way would do. I saw the solution in this link but I can't find this directory: P.s. - i use windows xp Thanks in Advance !