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  1. Finally got it: just had to register the httpget.dll with loadplugin. 😁 Added loadplugin httpget.dll to mod cfg file and now i got the httpget and console output working ... and mass of waypoints. Took me some time to understand but result is great !
  2. Even if you want to play private game, you'll have to install a local server to be able to play Botwarfare. Just follow tutorial https://github.com/ineedbots/cod4x_bot_warfare#installation
  3. First things first, as pointed by ={FMJ}=Smiley , you need to install COD4x server https://github.com/D4edalus/CoD4x_Server and get it running.
  4. Does somebody found how to add waypoints? I tried: - to add waypoints manualy to _bot_utilisty.gsc but I could only add one map waypoints before hitting the size limit ( as pezbot the script crash if there's too much waypoint) - add the waypoints in _custom_map.gsc , ... same size limit and script crash 😥 I saw the httpget.dll and _bot_http.gsc, but it doesn't work on his own : what has to be done to activate? Or is there a way to copy waypoints manualy somewhere on the server, or using those csv waypoints? Beside that, those bots are greats ! Thanks.