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  1. I must be incredibly dense...but first: I have 2 accounts on Steam, 1 for the game, and 1 for the server. Do I have to login from the game on the Server account? I tried the rcon commands in game in my client and it seems like it took them, but nothing happened. status did nothing. Thanks again. Like to read Sci-Fi? Let me know. Maxx Powr
  2. Tried that in server console: Bad command Tried it in game console with steam running in background. Does nothing except display it on the screen. Maxx Powr
  3. Thanks a lot. I'll give it a try. I do have Steam on in the background, so it should work. Maxx Powr
  4. Dumb it down for me doc. Do you enter these commands in console of the Windows client or the server console? If there is a link, please let me know. Thanks. Maxx
  5. Okly dokly. I tried just the rcontool.exe and it gave me an error message about a missing component, so i clicked on CodRcontool13.exe and it installed the program. Now when I click rcontool, it does sort of work. The connected test works, but it's looking for Punkbuster for ingame chat. Pretty sure cod4x says to disable punkbuster. Any suggestions? Thanks! Maxx Powr
  6. Thanks! It was me, my version of 7zip wouldn't open it. Thanks a lot. Maxx Powr
  7. Thanks! Tried to download and install the old version, but it says the archive won't open. RconTools13. Looking for an old version. Seems like there are other options out there. Try, try again. Thank you. Maxx Powr
  8. Thank you both! I like rcon because other people can manage the server. I won't always be available and it makes having other admins easier if they have the password. I'll try the old one first. I clicked the link for NeHo's Cod4xWebAdmin and I don't see it anywhere to download, but it's probably me. Thanks again for offering your help. Maxx Powr
  9. HackUsersRLosers


    Hi, sorry to be dense, but I would like to use Rcon to manage the server. Is there a specific version I need? I'm on a Windows platform. Also, I hate to post something that's already been asked and answered but I don't see a search feature in the Questions forum. Thanks! Maxx Powr
  10. Thank you for all the links. Very helpful. I'm still stumbling around. Hardest thing for me (so far) was getting the redirect to work. I found out it was the website I was using did not have the "mime" type set for cod4 files to download. It's working now... mostly. Occasionally get a server map mismatch which is weird since it IS the same map I downloaded. * I found deleting all references to the map on my client, clearing the game cache on Steam, AND THEN verifying the game files did the trick. It downloaded the map again. I'm probably doing something wrong somewhere, but what else is new. Many thanks.
  11. Hi, Just joined, and I wanted to thank you for making all of this. I can't believe this has been going on (behind my back.) I had a server when COD4 came out but it seemed everyone moved on, so I shut it down. Recently I put up a COD4x server (Maxx Powr's Crouch) server at the request of my MW3 friends. (Yes, I know many hate crouch. Bring on the hate, I'm used to it.) I've been playing on an MW3 crouch server for a few years now with people who have become friends, simply by shooting them in the face repeatedly. Who knew that was how you made friends. Granted, it's unorthodox but it works. I'm only learning and finally got the server to work, mostly. I don't understand mods and scripts, can't get anything to load without errors, but that's nothing new. At least the server is up. So, thanks for what must have taken years of work. Maxx Powr