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  1. i want you to shut up and read the last message ...feel dumb now huh?
  2. I'm here to tell how shit your CoD4X updates are and y'all keep updating and adding features we never asked for The problem was in your update bats, not my cracked games first I deleted steam.dll and steamapi64.dll in CoD4 folder open the game and it will now say cod4x_patchv2.ff is different delete it from the game's directory open the game and close it without attempting to auto update or join server click on uninstall.bat reinstall CoD4X through install.bat badaa bing badaa bong the game works again and i can join whatever server i want It's very clear the problem is in your update files CoD4X team, not my game or other cracked games I told you...the website i download games from is certified and trust worthy even more than your updates that we never asked for PLEASE: no more updates and stay still on this version of CoD4X, we don't want any more trouble with our game files, let the poor gamers have fun!!!
  3. IDK i am playing MW2 and Black Ops without any problems these days with same cracked games besides old COD games too like CoD 1 and its expansion CoD4 is full of kids anyway LOL and the servers are cancerous LOLOLOLOLOL bye CoD 4 and your crappy updates
  4. Your words are making sense at this part and I understand every thing now but you mentioned at the end that 19.0 has broken Steam authentication integration Why doesn't CoD4X team release a new update doesn't feature that steam thing since there are plenty and i mean PLENTY of people who are playing CoD 4 do pirate other games and they told me that the do so just like me? If they install Steam they are high likely to get banned from steam or something else might get worse....Ruining their downloaded games since many people wait ages to download these cracked games and we are not sure if they still have internet or not so if their games are gone they may not be able to redownload them again anytime soon, so why do we get banned or anti-piracy scanned our library of games if we can go back to the standard way of how CoD 4 was CoD 4 is a 2007 and it didn't really need steam at all, I don't understand why Steam is needed after this update if we never thought about it in all previous updates? I pirate videogames because I currently don't have money and I can't afford to buy games while I'm in having other responsibilities, I see the good game that I liked or admire its design and I whitelist its developers and whenever the chance come to buy the game I do It's enough to say I got CoD 4 bought legally and I never wanted to install steam for it please read all above to understand and thanks TenAte108
  5. You mean I have to download CoD 4 over the internet and patch it with CoD4X again instead of my legit legal copy of the game?
  6. I didn't do anything wrong at that period and I asked hundred times about the error before coming here and they told me it's only about Steam installation, it has nothing to do with cracked steam games and yes I do have cracked STEAM games I played CoD4X for two years now with same cracked games on my PC nothing new was downloaded before I update CoD4X and this error ony showed up after updating and that was said above. the game was perfect and everyone was happy playing the game without Steam running in the background, Is this a way to promote Steam or something LOL and i download my cracked games from certified website that never caused trouble to anyone's PC and I mentioned above that If i had the problem I knew how to solve it and I added the video link to show you how and that was a simple way to get rid of that Steam Authentication error screen My CoD 4 isn't cracked if you are asking and I got the game legit since 2011 with its DVD case and CD key on it
  7. I don't want to use Steam, and the game was working perfect without it so does that mean is it over? haven't they thought about people with weak PC's who can't run both the game and steam together????
  8. Hello there CoD4X team I play CoD 4 with CoD4X patch for 2 years now, After I finished highschool 3 weeks ago I hopped on CoD 4 and wanted to join my favorite server but I couldn't join because it says that there was a new update for Cod4X, Whatever I installed the update and relaunched my game and tried to join the server again... it didn't let me join the server giving me a stubborn error game message says STEAM AUTHENTICATION FAILED (2) but the game didn't crash or anything it was just a message then i dismissed the message and tried to join other 5 servers thinking it was a server problem but it turns out to be not and this problem appeared after u updated the CoD4X mod, it's been 3 weeks now with no CoD 4 :'( I was hoping for a new update or someone else let the team know about it but it appears that i am the only one here who faces this issue for straight up 3 weeks and more I tired to uninstall and reinstall the Cod4X mod but it didn't let me to do so because the uninstall.cmd doesn't do its thing it says the update folder is not in CoD 4 directory and i don't understand what it requires to do the uninstall process since uninstalling the mod and reinstalling it should have fixed the poblem and i tried it more than once before and even before this recent update on the mod and i got proof, I made this video for those who stumbled across this issue before the recent update https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBeULqicBc0 I don't understand why my method doesn't work as before, and why this update is not letting me join, a lot of people told me to install STEAM but I don't want to use steam since my game is retail version (DVD legit copy and patched to 1.7) and i have been playing multiplayer since 2011 so its clearly not my game's problem, i didn't mess with files or install any mod or did anything unusual, I was literally just trying to join a server like everyday but only this update cut all the fun i was going to have. please CoD4X team fix this issue, this is the funniest game i have on PC have a great day thanks