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  1. Spike

    Bots mantle

    Might need to be tested a bit, but you can force the bot to crouch when mantling. mantleForceCrouch() { self endon("game_ended"); self endon("disconnect"); while(true) { if(self IsMantling()) { self botaction("+gocrouch"); wait 0.05; self botaction("-gocrouch"); } wait 0.05; } } It can also be done through server source https://github.com/Spikeyy/CoD4x_Server/blob/bot-mantle/src/sv_main.c#L4090
  2. You can control the glow colour with ui_connectScreenTextGlowColor.
  3. Untested, but something like this should work. execNow "setFromDvar temp <dvar>" // store dvar value in a temporary dvar execNow "setu <dvar> <value>" // setu dvar to any value execNow "setFromDvar <dvar> temp" // restore the original dvar value