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  1. That worked fine Fraggy, what happened was it a back slash missing. 😂 Thanks Again
  2. By the way were is 20.2 fix my eyes are going around in circles 😉 Forget that it is auto update🤣
  3. Hi smiley Yes i agree m8 i will now try fraggy's 20.2 and will get back to let them know if it works Thankyou Fraggy
  4. That might have fixed other problems, but this is one that has been overlooked!
  5. The maps run fine when connecting to a server, i am talking about the dev side of things when i need to run local on my pc only via console, some how its lost its way and does not know were to find the iwi with the custom images.
  6. Hi I make maps for cod4. I am having the same problem as the chap in the first post, all custom textures are now white, and can't find loadscreen image, there was not a problem before 20.1 I was using 19.3 It happens with all custom map when you load from the console, it happens with all mods, even the basic radiant custom map mod.